Reader suggests NO to the $300,000 bathrooms

In bathrooms, big government, new jersey fiscal crisis, taxes on February 19, 2009 at 10:49 pm

Were it not for the big money items our leaders are embracing I would half buy into this position. However, as long as we are building multi millon dollar projects like the parking garage and spending $300,000 on bathrooms at public fields and hiring an assistant village manager (a new position added to the payroll) this whole proposal is nonsense in my mind. Let’s cut out the luxury spending first. If I was having trouble paying my mortgage I would not go out and buy a new BWM.

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  1. a pj, I never took a dump in a 3000,000 bathroom ,have any one else.

  2. You have to realize we have to keep the sports fanatics happy.

  3. Those that want the bathrooms at the field should pay. Those of us that don’t get to use the fields because they are in use 100% of the time for sporting events should not have to pay for them. Let them fundraise to pay the entire cost.

  4. Cue up the Lacrosse Dads to help us with our defecation issues !

  5. You know this stuff about “sports fanatics” is just plain non-sense. We used to have bathrooms but for some reason they were torn down before approval was granted to replace them. You can blame the VC and Village Mgr for that.

    As for facilities for those who use Veterans Field, come on, it is for all regardless of whether or not they are involved in sports activities. How about th folks who come to the band shell, or people jogging, biking or relaxing?

    The sports fanatics grow out of the field as their children move through the various sports programs. They are then replaced by younger families. It is not as though only one group of people will forever benefit from the instalation of permenent bathrooms.

  6. dig a hole-

  7. With all the money spent on sports programs here…one would expect some Ridgewood alumni to be world class athletes… can you name any?

  8. Use the library or facilities in City Hall

  9. does it come with caviar and a foot massage?

  10. use port-o-potty’s until you can get the budget under control.

  11. stop spending money you don’t have.

  12. In an emergency porto potties will do just fine. Now let’s move on to the next issue.

    We need to be realistic about spending.

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