Readers says tickets @ Willard are "frivolous and unwarranted"

In Ridgewood Police on February 17, 2009 at 10:59 pm

Tough time with the plea?? You actually think this guy deserves to plea. The tickets are frivolous and unwarranted and they should and most likely be thrown out. I have it on good record that the officer in question is being “looked into” by the Bergen County Prosecutor as a result of a “good number” of complaints from his past, also parents not just from Willard but also Travel have stepped up in light of this blog.

Unfortunately it is a double edged sword when someone steps up to an abusive police officer, because they can be tagged as being disrespectful to the authorities, which by his posting and his responses in this blog, I do not get that he is like that. To me it seems he is doing what is right on a paternal, moral and ethical level. I hold no doubt that once this gentleman steps into Judge Sheridan’s courtroom it will be clear to see what type of person he is and if he’s there on behalf of his ego or what is best for our community.

I will note this; although questionable, it seems this this blog is doing exactly what he wants it to do. It is exposing the truth and/or placing doubt on the level of the people. He does state that he admits to doing wrong but that does not give the officer the right to be a jerk. It’s easy to see that this blog has gotten the attention of local police personnel, and if you feel you have the right to treat people poorly than maybe you should think twice. It’s not like this gentleman was committing a violent crime. He shows NO malice towards any other officers so why is it that you all seem to think he is?

He felt he was treated poorly and it now seems that he was not alone, so maybe we should all take a step back and look at both sides before casting judgment on anyone.

This officer is a reflection of the Village of Ridgewood, and he should be able to write tickets as he feels fit, as long as it has just cause and is done in a professional and non-degrading manner. As for the father, he parked in a no parking zone. He got a ticket but the officer thought he was going to be wise and write him up for a violation that holds a larger fine. That in itself speaks loud enough to the judge that this officer thinks he is always entitled to be the smarter one no matter what. I had sat on the “bench” for 23 years and there are ALWAYS tell-tale signs that expose someone in authority that is abusing the powers bestowed upon them. Being a police officer is not a position that holds any place for being revengeful no matter what is said. There is a aspect of “reasonable cause” and this gentleman who parked his car in front of a school after dismissal to unload something, and in my opinion, his justification leans more on the side of the officer being a little more aggressive than needed.

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  1. Actually, I don’t think that he deserves a plea, but that’s not my decision.

    Why does everyone get those “Drive 25” signs and little yellow people to slow down cars in their neighborhoods? Why do we want enforcement of pedestrian safety in the downtown shopping district? And when it is inconvenient, why don’t we (you) want traffic safety enforcement at out schools?

  2. AMEN!
    Well said!!!

  3. yeah the prosecuter is going to ‘go after’ some officer who does his job issueing parking tickets…choose to wager on that one? oh wait i forget u got a legit excuse ‘its for the kids’..haha you are SUCH A TOOL

  4. If one is to agree with the statement that: “I hold no doubt that once this gentleman steps into Judge Sheridan’s courtroom it will be clear to see what type of person he is and if he’s there on behalf of his ego or what is best for our community.” The “gentleman’s” mistake was to post on this blog or make any public statement until he brought his case before the Judge. If in fact the Judge found him to be not guilty the complaint would have far more creditability.

  5. in Ridgewood we have always had higher standards of conduct of our Village employees ,I know in recent years there has been slippage but now is the time to step up and restore or even raise the bar in both professional conduct and civic pride

  6. yes the officers behavior is totally unacceptable end of story ,ticketing is fine bad manners are NOT AT ALL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!

  7. You have nothing on record and this is in no way shape or form being “looked into” by the Bergen County Prosecutors office. Do you honestly think they have the time to deal with a cop who gave a parking ticket to a guy who parked in a no parking zone?? And enough with the words in quottes already!!! “looked into” “good number”, “bench” Here’s one for ya, “shut the hell up ya loser!!!”

  8. 12:24 – it easy to see you are a police officer. Isn’t there a Dunkin’ Donuts you need to be protecting? It’s the middle of the night isn’t that when the new batch of jelly filled glazed come out of the oven? The only good you’re doing is proving the point that you are disrespectful even to a judge. C’mon you guys are better than that!

  9. I love how this story as grown. Did the officer stick his gun in the poor little daddies face too. How about get the other side of the story before we pass judgement. Or does it not matter because Ridgewood moms are never never never rude. They are always sweet innocent defenseless little boys and girls, who can’t cross the street without looking both ways.

    GROW UP everyone. There are two sides to every and you guys are feeding this side.

  10. the cop will be talked to by the chief, the cop will not write tickets at the schools for some time, the judge will side with the cop, nothing will change.

  11. I guess that we can take all of the “No Parking or Standing” signs down now. If enforcement is not allowed then why ruin the landscape with unnecessary signs.

    What about the “Drug Free School Zone” signs. Do we want to get rid of that enforcement too? Yield to Pedestrians…..

    How about no parking except for big egos.

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