Rumors swirl that Republican Governor Candidate Steve Lonegan is ducking the Ridgewood Blog

In New Jersey Governors Race, Steve Lonegan on February 16, 2009 at 6:52 pm

Rumors continue to swirl that Candidate Steve Lonegan and or his staff continue to duck their interview with the Ridgewood blog ,the fly thinks its a natural fit ,but questions what could be the motive for avoiding the only free market local news blog with a conservative bent in the state of New Jersey .Is there pressure from some other politico’s to stay clear or is it the non favorable treatment some New Jersey “Republicans” have received on the Ridgewood blog? Why ignore a readership of 12000 plus per month .Yes I know Ridgewood has become more synonymous with the limousine liberal set than a bastion of conservatism but what gives Steve ?

Lonegan Supporter and fly for now ……..

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  1. Ridgewood is mini cooper liberal.

  2. Lonegan may be “ducking” the whole race/primary – he is reportedly in trouble over campaign matching funds he took formt he State fo Nj but was not entitled too. It turns out that if you are the paid by/worj for an “issues advocacy” group (like Lonegan’s “Americans for Prosperity”) then you can’t get matching funds from the State fo Nj unless you divulge who your donors are. Lonegan now says he isn’t/wasn’t a leader of “American’s For Prosperity” but some other like-sounding group that DOESN’T Have to divulge donors. Convenient.

    Lonegan may have to return the hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars he took from the state campaign-financing fund.


    The bad news is, even if he gives New Jersey back the hundreds of thousands of dollars he took, his “anti-tax-and-spend” message is going to be lost. He took what amounts to “candidate-welfare.” He should fire his campaign manager.

    Bye Bye Steve.

  3. Steve lonegan is a white al sharpton. big mouth, knows how to get the attention of the press. big bark no bite. im a lifelong republican and steve lonegan is a big mouth blow hard. he well never get the nomination.

  4. Who did you contact at Lonegan HQ? You should contact me for any media inquiry. Rick Shaftan 973-726-8114

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