Why does Valley Hospital really want single patient rooms?

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Why does Valley Hospital really want single patient rooms?

Valley Hospital’s pitch to the Planning Board about needing Single Patient rooms stresses privacy and infection control, but have you ever wondered if there might be some other motivation to spending $750+ million? The hospital would have to borrow a large part of the money and the bonds would need to be repaid?

According to two articles referenced below, the reason is purely economic. Single patient rooms are:

· cheaper to maintain

· allow higher fees to charged and so increase revenue

· SHORTER LENGTH OF STAY (ie more patient treated per year for the same number of beds)

The implications are obvious for Ridgewood. Part of Valley Hospital’s (unpublicized) strategy, is to increase revenue by increasing patent turnover and increasing fees. This means more car journey’s through Ridgewood streets by out-of-town patients and their visitors. These same roads are funded by the taxpayers of Ridgewood, through land and state taxes. Road maintenance, police coverage and fire Village services are not paid for by the Hospital who pays no taxes or taxes-in-lieu like other hospitals in the area.

Valley Hospital and the many companies, trusts and corporations that provide health related services that feed off the Hospital campus are planning to gain FINACIALLY from community’s loss in quality of life through increase traffic. Do not be a passive bystander and allow this to happen.


Trinity College Dublin

“International research shows that actually single beds are cheaper to run and more cost-effective for service provisions. For a fuller review of the evidence on the lower costs of providing services in single rooms see Hugodot and Normand (2007).The reasons for the lower costs of care include lower nursing costs, shorter lengths of stay…”


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

“…They calculated that an array of therapeutic design innovations, such as single-patient rooms and decentralized nursing stations, added almost $12 million in cost (about 6 percent) to the hospital reconstruction. However, the researchers also determined that the hospital would recoup these costs in as little as one year through operational savings and increased revenue.”


Martha Stewart for 1-800-Flowers.com

  1. Did you ever think that the Patients may be requesting private rooms over sharing a room with a complete stranger and their strange families. I know anytime I have been there I wanted to be alone to get better-

  2. I don’t think you get it, 7:29. Valley isn’t doing ANYTHING because of patient requests, or on behalf of the community. Valley is looking for business.

    Sure, private rooms are very nice. My insurance company won’t pay for one, however.

  3. Hmmm, I want to make a reservation for a single room at the top of the “wedding cake”, at any price!

  4. 7:29 When someone checks into Valley from PA and asks for a private room, how does help Ridgewood?

  5. My wife is a nurse. She had health crises that caused her to be in the hospital for a very scary week. It was a hospital in NC that has only single rooms.It was a huge step up in patient care and comfort from not-single rooms.
    Just because somthing cost less does not mean it does not benifit the consumer . . the anti Valley nonsense is getting old and tiring

  6. who would like to be in a room with some one they dont no,i dont do you.if you do you need some help real fast unless you like to be with nuty people and you need to bs with some one.

  7. 6:37 …then choose one of the existing single rooms in Valley, or travel to NY; but do not sacrifice the Village quality of life just so you can have a broad choice of rooms at Valley inside a huge box that towers over the neighborhood.

    I am so glad you have enough money to afford the thousands of extra dollars for a single room that are not covered by insurance or in the plans Valley does not accept.

  8. It’s not about single rooms for luxury or choosing a single room because that’s my personal preference…single rooms are proven to result in shorter stays, which has proven to mean patients recovering faster from illness/injury/surgery and lower mortality rates. If that ALSO means that Valley can “turnover” the rooms quicker and make more money, I say FINE. That’s what I call a win-win!

  9. 1:00 am
    Win-Win for whom? You miss fact that there is a 3rd player in your analysis: the Ridgewood community who has to endure the additional traffic that the hopital will generate! Not one cent of Valley’s addition income goes back to the Village council to support the additional infrastructure and the quality of life of the east side around BF and Travell goes DOWN. This is really a win-win-LOOSE for the Village.

  10. 1:00 – Except when you factor in Village residents, it becomes – win-win-lose.

  11. to all i like to be in a room by my self,and thats that.do i need to be next to some one that is farting all nite long.do i.

  12. So MOVE! Was Valley here when you moved in? Was there traffic back-ups then? This is life- With all the trains going through the area you can see the backups- take a ride through Glen Rock or Ramsey and the town is cut in half with a train backing things up- the traffice clears and so does it by valle when school gets out and shifts are over. Times have changed–We enjoyed going to the bowling alley in Ridgewood but that closed up- Many of you probably don't remember that but it was at the corner of Maple and Ridgewood ave ( Sealfons building) took away a great family entertainment–T&W ice cream closed and a huge office building is there now- no more walking across the street from the duck pond for ice cream with the kids. That building generates a ton of back up with all the offices in it. Traffic backs up from the high school all the way down to Paramus Road and the cut-through is Sommerville rd to Spring ave–Its life !


  13. Your comment just shows that even you are looking back to the good old days and wish it was safe and quiet like then. Let’s not let so many detramental changes continue to happen, in fact let us scale back and reverse some of these massive building projects.
    Stop Valley expansion!

  14. Between the condos on Paramus Road that will create a huge traffic jam, the Valley construction traffic jam and the Graydon Pool makeover, I want to move out of Ridgewood by next summer. It used to be a wonderful little town, but it is now changing rapidly for the worse.

  15. 12:34 PM Very insensitive.

    You sound like someone who is sitting on a pile of money. Most people do not have the option of moving. The whole hospital thing makes it impossible or we lose a large part of our capital. So you are really saying too bad, you are a sucker for believing the Hospital when they told the board of adjustment no more and Valley agreed. Our Village made the stand and many people made the largest financial decision of their lives on that based on trust. Trust in Valley and the Village. Don’t you think that we all have a responsibility to make Valley stick to their commitment – or (as I suspect) as it does not affect you, you just do not care – and will cross-the-street like the rabbi in the good Samarian?

  16. I am not sitting on a pile of money, house is on the East side of Tracks, close to Valley. Just looking at this with an open mind and being realistic. NOthing has ever been handed to me and I have worked very hard for what I have.

  17. 5:27pm Everyone else has worked hard as well and it would be a level playing field if the powerful didn’t change the rules.

  18. Why does Valley Hospital really want single patient rooms?”

    For the same reason that Willie Sutton said he robbed banks: “because that’s where the money is.”

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