The proposed Valley expansion will happen over the course of at least 10 years,

In stop valley, Valley Hospital on February 11, 2009 at 4:00 pm

The proposed Valley expansion will happen over the course of at least 10 years, regardless of neighborhood opposition. Any expansion of this great magnitude takes years — in the planning stages alone, before ground is even broken (do you really think they “could be almost finished with the job” now? Ridiculous! Have you even read about Phase I, and Phase II? Have you read about the proposal at all?)

If you were up on the facts, 7:33, you would also know that the proposal does not include the addition of beds — in fact, there is talk now of reducing the amount of beds, while INCREASING the number of parking spaces by 400. What kind of sense does that make? Not every patient in the hospital is there as a result of an emergency. So, here’s one of many possible alternatives: build a great Emergency department, and build off-site facilities to house non-emergency cases. I certainly wouldn’t mind driving for two more minutes to get to an off-site Breast Center.

Valley has run out of space — it’s a simple matter of physics. The hospital needs to develop off-site facilities nearby, similar to the one near the Fashion Center. (Can anyone honestly say that a drive to the Fashion Center is inconvenient? And who says that a hospital has to be within walking distance to be state-of-the-art? If you are truly sick, you won’t be doing a lot of walking anyway!)

Valley needs to compromise significantly. Our excellent and convenient healthcare will not disappear as a result. But our suburban way of life here in Ridgewood WILL disappear if Valley is allowed to proceed without limit.


  1. The Valley Hospital and Englewood Hospital and Medical Center maneuver to block Hackensack University Medical Center’s proposed reopening of Pascack Valley Hospital in Westwood. Is this how they show concern for the community?


  2. So, here’s one of many possible alternatives: build a great Emergency department, and build off-site facilities to house non-emergency cases.

    +1 — I completely agree

    Valley is and has always been a great community hospital. Let’s keep it that way.

    Keep the services that are necessary for a community hospital (e.g., the ER) at the main campus, and move the specialty services to sites that are a short drive away.

    Seems like the proverbial win-win solution.

  3. I agree with the above posters. I think it is unconscionable that Valley is trying to stop HUMC from opening up PVH. I called yesterday to make an appt for a mammogram at Valley, and the EARLIEST appt was for a month from now! I would have no problem driving further so I wouldn’t have to wait a month.

  4. I read in the Record that Valley/Englewood support the PVH estate’s return to Bankruptcy Court – to force a new round of bidding on the Hospital License. They want the State Department of Health to sell it to the highest bidder…like a liquor license. The two objectors would then combine their resources to purchase the license and “extinguish it”.

    They will pay $35,000 for a study to advocate this position and then pay this study group an additional fee if the argument is successful.

    So these two, holier than thou, not- for -profits want to pool significant resources to purchase a license for a hospital they don’t want – in order to prevent any one else from ever servicing the residents here in the northeast corner of Bergen.

    No wonder patients have had such miserable experiences in these places; while the ER at HUMC North ranks close to 100% in patient satisfaction

    “The fish rots from the head”.

  5. 400 more spaces. Each of those spaces will support at least 5 cars per day. That is 2000 cars travelling into and out of Ridgewood each day, or 700,000 additional cars on Ridgewood streets every year.

  6. Day surgery is where the money is. They don’t need beds because they aren’t going to admit people.

  7. Yes, day surgery is where the money is. I had a biopsy at an “outpatient” facility last year, and to my shock the bill was more then $10k…(covered by insurance thankfully) I was there less than 4 hours……

  8. Saddly there have been more comments on the ticketing statement than there are on this one which is because the hospital problem does not hit the hip pocket, and does not appear to impact those who pick up children at Willard.

    I hope that people will open their eyes and see that the hospital problem will impact their pocket book because property values will drop because of the traffic problems and visual impact of larger roads and taller buildings combined with more thru traffic from non-residents picking up and dropping off day patients.

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