Ridgewood residents should simply "move"?

In NIMBY, stop valley on February 11, 2009 at 12:04 pm

It’s absolutely cruel and thoughtless of you to suggest that the hundreds of Ridgewood residents who oppose the ridiculously opulent, unnecessary and dangerous Valley expansion should simply “move” — just so you can have the convenience of a mammogram without having to drive for 7 minutes!!! My husband and I worked for nearly 20 years so that we could live here. We have been improving our house on our own, all of the spackling and painting, the plans and dreams — now we should “simply move”, in this volatile economy, just so you and your friends who don’t live nearby can have your colonoscopies — think of it! — within minutes!! And what a price to pay for convenience! Our children will be walking by demolition crews and huge cranes for the remainder of their lives in Ridgewood, so that you can, what, park your car? So that aging Ridgewood baby-boomers can have a built-in retirement community without having to downsize? In 2008 alone there were 3 fatal crane accidents in NY– our children will be walking by similar sites every single day, on their way to school, and to sports activities.

Oh, and the traffic. Let me just say, it’s become worse here than it is in New York City.

I want the best medical care available, just as everyone else does. All hospitals need to upgrade periodically, of course! [What we really need here is an expanded Emergency Room, that’s it.] But nothing changes the fact that Valley has simply run out of land. There is no shame in that! Just expand elsewhere. Find a place nearby that has room for state-of-the-art improvements, without wrecking the village. I have never heard one persuasive argument about why Valley “has” to expand here in Ridgewood, at the cost of ruining entire neighborhoods and turning our Village into a burgeoning urban blight.


  1. Part of the reason my parents moved to Ridgewood was easy access to Medical Care and the school system. We also decided to stay in Ridgewood when we married for the same reason- Our families have been here for 70+ years and watched the Village grow. We are within walking distance to Valley and the kids walk to school-We will survive the expansion-it is needed. To tell us that all it needs is a bigger Emergency room is ignorance on your part- build a bigger E.R. and then where do you put all the extra patients who are waiting for a room after being admitted for surgery, etc. ??? It is no fun waiting on a gurney for hours waiting to go to a room, scary for the little ones too. Just let them do it and get over it. If they were not delayed in it , they could be almost finished with the job—DID YOU EVER THINK ABOUT THAT!

  2. BRAVO 7:33!!!!!!!!

  3. Valley has reached the physical limits of the property they occupy. It’s time for them to realize this and expand elsewhere. They will never stop!

  4. Anonymous said…
    Valley has reached the physical limits of the property they occupy. It’s time for them to realize this and expand elsewhere. They will never stop!

    One would think that would be obvious. Do take a look at the physical limitations. Valley Hospital is smack in the middle of a residental area. It was intended to be a community hospital. They are attempting to expand outside what is reasonable for this community. The law of physics does apply to Valley Hospital despite the fact that they would like to convince us otherwise.

    Are we going to start expanding the roadways surrounding the hospital as well, or perhaps a huge ass parking garage to accomodate all the extra vehicular traffic would add to the ambience of the community. THINK ABOUT THAT!

  5. Valley has made the convincing argument (many times) that they don’t need more land. They need to make better use of the land that they have. It’s the 21st century. The days of simply expanding outward are long gone.

    To 7:04, don’t be ignorant — this is not about people wanting faster mammograms or colonoscopies. Why don’t you educate yourself a little on this project before you get all emotional? The hospital standards mandated by the state of New Jersey (and other states) and proven by research to improve patient outcomes (meaning, people get better faster and die less) specify certain size and types of patient rooms. Valley does not have those sizes/types of rooms, nor the space to simply create those rooms. They also don’t have the space to create the proper size operating rooms, to fit modern equipment. There are literally life-saving devices that cannot be used at Valley because the ceilings are too low!

    I’m willing to drive to Paramus or wherever for my mammogram or my colonoscopy (which is a good thing, since most of those outpatient services have already been moved out of the main Valley site and even more could move after the redesign), but I’m not willing to allow my loved ones to receive substandard care just because you don’t want some cranes and dust.

  6. Valley started out as a community hospital and now advertises out of state. If Valley can’t handle the patients that it currently has, why doesn’t it stop advertising for more patients? Why does Valley oppose the reopening of Pascack, which would relieve pressure on Valley?

    If Valley no longer wants to be a community hospital then it should seek out a new town/city that will embrace it. Residents like 7:33 and 7:53 need to think before falling for Valley’s propoganda.

  7. Valley doesn’t pay taxes, the residents of Ridgewood do.

    The residents should be able to have the upper hand because of this, instead they are treated like annoyances.

    Ridgewood taxes are more of a burden in this economic time.

    It’s about time we get something for them.

    And this Valley expansion is about Valley trying to be Hackensack. Do we really want a mini-Hackensack medical center in our town?

  8. I agree with Tracy. It is time to expand elsewhere. Over the last several years, I have been the primary caretaker for my elderly mother and have made numerous trips to Valley for tests, illnesses etc. When my mother could be seen at other locations I was thrilled because of easier access to the building. We used the Lucklow building for a multitude of services and it was so much easier to get my mother to her destination. Parking was never an issue and the building appears to be much less than full. I could be in and out in half the time. Driving time was little to no difference. I have felt for many years that Valley should be looking at more off sight facilities for many of its services. I agree with all the people who don’t want to see a bigger Valley footprint in an already congested area. We are a village not a city and having your services reachable in the surrounding area not just the Linwood/Van Dien location is a good thing. This post is from a person who has had a child at Valley and had a mother who had a good end of life experience with Valley Hospice at the Pine Rest facility.

  9. Valley wants to buy the beds from Pascack Valley!

    It may not want to use them today or tommorrow, but what is to stop them from using them after this “renewal” is in progress?

    What is going to stop Valley from continuing to expand under a “renewal” badge?

  10. If the Village had the physical space upon which to expand or if the hospital was in an area that wasn’t already so congested, you would hear no complaints from me about the expansion. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a high quality health care institution so near by. But between the homes, the schools and the hospital all being in the same confined area, the only feasible way to expand would be vertically and even then, there’s still the issue of what to do with the increase in traffic in and around that area.

    The Luckow Pavilion has a lot more property on which to expand. I’ve never seen their parking lot filled to capacity, nor have I encountered the kind of traffic situations I’ve seen lately on No. Van Dien. If the non-emergency services were relocated to that area, perhaps there wouldn’t be such an urgency to expand the main hospital.

  11. The expansion of VH is a never-ending quest. Someone should compile all of the applications VH has filed over the last 40 years seeking to expand–they would probably exceed the height of the tower they are currently seeking to erect.

    This business about needing to get larger to stay “state of the art” is a canard. VH has lost whatever good will and credibility they had in this Village.

  12. I am 7:33

    I am full aware of the phases having read up on the expansion- I am not ignorant.

    9:19 suggests they should go elsewhere–Do you have an available lot they could build on???-last I looked around there is nothing out there. I have looked at the phases and drawings of the new building layouts–My husband was just there for Pulmonary Embolisms and he almost died- Thanks to the EXCELLENT care and DIAGNOSTICS of the ER Doctor he is here today- his primary Dr ( not in Ridgewood- we did drive to the Doctors office first ) said he had pneumonia and was going to give him an antibiotic and rest- if one of these bllod clots had broke off he would have died as it traveled to his brain of heart. My youngest who is only 9 would have had to grow up with out his dad.

    10:27 suggest I am falling for Valleys propoganda- NOT. I am just being realistic-it needs to keep up with todays changing medical advancements. They used to use ether to put you under–thats changed! How many of you remember when the Emergency Entrance was on Linwood ave- may even have bben the main entrance but I just remember going with my younger brother ( now 48 ) with a fractured wrist.

    10:29 addresses Valley paying Taxes- not a bad suggestion-we all have to endure taxes and we all know they don’t decrease-only increase.

    10:53 I am aware that this would take several years to complete and always figure in more time due to changes and delays- If Valley was able to start this project when they first applied a few years would already be behind them –Right!!!

  13. 5:29 – How was your husband able to receive EXCELLENT care and DIAGNOSTICS in that antiquated building, which does not even have single patient rooms? Since you could not figure out that 10:27 was not suggesting but actually writing that you are falling for Valley’s propaganda, I will let you in on the fact that this is a sarcastic post.

  14. Dear 10:19,

    So you are saying that Valley is currently substandard? And still Valley manages to capture awards for excellence? Hmmm.

    I understand the need for modern equipment, state-mandated care, and for higher ceilings– and I certainly don’t want to die anytime soon. Has it occurred to you that Valley has run out of room for these amenities because, well, Valley has run out of room? You and Audrey Meyers have failed to convince me that these improvements need to be made in our residential neighborhood. Claiming that Valley will suddenly be substandard if they don’t is just plain propaganda, and it is disingenuous.

    A crane here and there, a little dust? No, I don’t get all emotional about that. Putting up with that for 10 years, day after day is another story. What you haven’t educated yourself about are the many hundreds of people whose daily quality of life will go down the tubes if Valley is permitted to continue unabated. We cannot enjoy healthy lives in an environment of noise and air pollution, cars and huge trucks and machinery, no sky. And yes, I DO get emotional when I am thinking about the safety of my children, who will have to walk by the site twice every day.

    We want to be healthy and well. Isn’t a hospital supposed to support that?

  15. I’m glad your husband is well, but confused by what his circumstances have to do with the expansion?

    A couple of years ago, my daughter contracted Salmonella. Our pediatrician instructed us to take her immediately to Valley for IV hydration. That was a 4:00 pm. This was not a busy evening, in fact, the staff was commenting on how “slow” they were. My child was screaming in pain and finally, in desperation, I called our pediatrician from the ER and inform them that if someone didn’t come in to care for my daughter immediately, I was taking her Hackensack Medical Center. The ER staff were more interested in the pizza they had order then they were in my child’s care. They finally started an IV and gave her pain medication at 11 p.m. and at midnight, they discharged her home, still in pain. She was never even offered a wheel chair.

    I e-mailed Audrey Meyers the moment I returned home to tell her of the deplorable care my child received. The next day one of her “representatives” called with a rude, dismissive attitude to tell me they would “look into it”. That was the last I heard.

    Valley Hospital is already overburdened by the closing of Pascack Valley. They have no room in their current situation to expand without adversely impacting on the community. They are fighting to keep Hackensack from reopening at the Pascack site, but are unable to keep up with the patient volume.

    The purpose of a “community” hospital is to serve the best interests of the community. Valley seems only interested in serving themselves.

  16. 10:19 Listen to yourself- “Why don’t you educate yourself” Your command of the language is truly in need of correction. Stop Valley.com

  17. 5:29 – you do not know much about healthcare. The treatment a patient receives is mainly due to the quality of the medical staff, their workload, training etc. and not dependant on the Hospital having a grand piano in the lobby!

  18. Linwood Ave and the surrounding side streets are choked with traffic. When Valley shifts let out traffic backs up from Paramus Rd. to N. Pleasant. When 17 South backs up (at least once a week) traffic exits to Glen and on to local side streets. Hundreds of vehicles make illegal right turns on to Walthery every day, and the police say they are too busy to enforce the law.

    Valley has outgrown its location and should expand elsewhere. There are plenty of empty corporate campuses in Paramus that would be a suitable location for a hospital.

  19. I can’t wait for you NIMBY’S to come crawling in for help!

  20. I”m 10:19 and I think I have a fine command of the English language…not sure to what you are referring?

    And, to 6:28, my kids are going to walk past Valley for several more years. I can see the hospital from my upstairs window. I still support Valley’s Renewal. We can read/hear the same facts and disagree. Oh well.

  21. Valley’s ambitions have outgrown the neighborhood. Traffic is already bad around the hospital. With all of the expected additional dat surgeries traffic will only get worse. 400 more parking spaces – how many cars will come and go in one day for those additional spaces.

    financial plan is to spend money to build. They have to pay for it some how. If it is not inpatient stays then it is in treating day patients.

  22. Lets all just AGREE TO DISAGREE and get on with the renewal program at Valley. The village has endured many changes some for the better and some questionable but time dies not stand still.

  23. To the person who insists upon using the detestable acronym “NIMBY”:

    Do you really think that opposition to Valley expansion is coming only from the “few” who live within sight of the hospital? Look around! Do your homework! Hundreds and hundreds of residents are vehemently opposed to Valley’s plans, the majority of whom do not live across the street…

  24. Lets all just AGREE TO DISAGREE and stop the expansion of Valley.

  25. Anonymous said…
    Go to Hackensack then- nobody is stopping you although looks preety stupid to go out of town when suffering a heart attack- precious time matters . I guess NIMBY should be changed to NIMT ( not in my town )

    I actually know a little bit about Cardiology. I managed a Cardiology practice for 12 years. I currently work for physician on staff at Valley Hospital.

    Valley Hospital used to repeatedly advertise having an outstanding cardiac surgical team. Did that change?

    If not, I think it would be stupid to assume that, unless Valley expands their facility, one would have to go to Hackensack in the event of a heart attack.

  26. The construction could be done by now ….

    No one wants to live with the construction or Valley Medical Center. There is still land available in Bergen County. Let them build somewhere else – perhaps closer to Rt 17 since they are advertising for patients from NY and NJ.

  27. There are plenty of empty strip malls on rt 17 that would be perfect for a medical center or “hotel style” like hospital. Perhaps the car dealer site by Barnes and Noble!

  28. If the Valley expansion doesn’t happen, our hospital will suddenly revert to the use of leeches and iron lungs. The fine doctors who currently work there will suddenly become butchers and quacks. We will all have to ride on our skateboards to Hackensack when we have our inevitable heart attacks and strokes! Suddenly there will be no place to turn.

    I guess we’ll all going to just die if that expansion doesn’t happen.

  29. Anonymous said…
    If the Valley expansion doesn’t happen, our hospital will suddenly revert to the use of leeches and iron lungs. The fine doctors who currently work there will suddenly become butchers and quacks. We will all have to ride on our skateboards to Hackensack when we have our inevitable heart attacks and strokes! Suddenly there will be no place to turn.

    I guess we’ll all going to just die if that expansion doesn’t happen.

    We might actually have to visit the local Witch for herbal remedies! :::Cringe:::

    By the way, they already do use “maggot therapy”, but that’s too disturbing to discuss before lunch.

  30. Are you comparing this to Bergen Pines! With the butchers and quacks

  31. 10:34am You have a very simplified understanding of the facts.
    Fact One: Valley is one of the most profitable hospitals in NJ. Even if they do not expand, it will remain profitable for many years. There is too much investment in the Ridgewood site for the hospital to move. It is more profitable for Valley to say even in the current configuration.

    Fact Two: The hospital does need to modernize to remain profitable in the long-term, but they have alternatives to the massive expansion out lined in the Renewal. The fact that Valley is making concessions proves this.

    Fact Three: Most Ridgewood residents who are opposed to the scale of the proposed expansion, also support the hospital’s need to modernize. All the statements coming out of Concerned Residents of Ridgewood (StopValley) state that they support the hospital’s need to modernize.

    Fact Four: The scale of what Valley is proposing in the Renewal is beyond any increase that anyone could have imagined when they bought their homes around the hospital. It is not fair to say the people should have anticipated this. Periodic modernization could be anticipated, but not a construction project on this scale. The Planning Board Chairman put it this way when he said, “this (proposal) is unprecedented in the history of the Village and needs to be considered carefully.”

    Fact Five: The Planning Board professionals have stated during hearing process that expanding the hospital WILL negatively impact the community – especially around the schools in the Eastern corner of the Village. This is real and cannot be ignored. People have a right to complain about their loss of quality of life and should expect remediation for what is going to be lost.

    Fact Six: The Doctors and Nurses who work in Valley are fine professional people. The problem that Valley has is that its Management has backed themselves into a corner because of the poor way they have handled the whole Renewal proposal. They seemed to think that providing brief newsletters with Audrey Meyer’s face on them would be enough to answer the critics. Instead people want the detailed facts and basic information like a scale model of what the new buildings will look like. It is time for them to engage directly with the community and hold public meetings to face their critics outside of the Planning Board process!

  32. I don’t live near Valley and I do not support the expansion. They have become too big and they are destroying our community. They would be better off if they just moved on to a large piece of property and they could build whatever they want. Sooner or later it will happen.

    The building projects will never stop. Remember the last “final” project?

  33. That makes sense, move Valley and a developer can build condo’s there or better yet slum lord haven . Still worried about your property values????

  34. Anonymous said…
    That makes sense, move Valley and a developer can build condo’s there or better yet slum lord haven . Still worried about your property values????

    5:30 PM

    Valley could give a ton of valid reasons for expanding. I don’t think anyone would be opposed to a State of the Art institution if there were room enough for the expansion to seem reasonable.

    Ridgewood goes to great lengths trying to preserve the character and integrity of the Village. You can’t expand on your own property without jumping through hoops and yet, they are considering allowing Valley Hospital to expand in a resident area with limited room for expansion. What’s wrong with this picture?

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