Valley Hospital served citation for an unsafe sidewalk.

In stop valley, Valley Hospital on February 10, 2009 at 3:32 am

The fly has learned that Ridgewood Police served a citation on Valley Hospital on Thursday for not clearing the sidewalk in front of the property it owns at 506 Linwood Ave. This was one week after the snow fall and by then the snow had turned into hard ice. The Fly also understands that on the same night as the hospital received the citation, Audrey Myers and Megan Frazer told the members of the Federated HSA that they should trust the hospital to look after their school children’s safety during their proposed hospital expansion!

Neighbors of the hospital, told the Fly that they had the contacted the Hospital’s “Construction Hotline” (managed by Megan Fraser ) six days earlier warning of the unsafe sidewalk and yet the snow was not removed? The attached picture is of the sidewalk taken 3 days after the police issued the citation showing dangerous icy conditions and 9 days after the snow fall. This sidewalk is used by BF, Travell and RHS children as they walk to and from school each day.

The fly asks, if the hospital cannot organize one contactor and quickly resolve a safety issue that involves children walking to school, how can it expect the community to believe it when it says that it can be trusted to look after the Village’s safety during a large scale building project lasting 6 years?

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  1. That’s hilarious…Audrey is arrogance personified.

  2. Many of the sidewalks in the area were not cleaned of snow and ice properly. I don’t believe it was a case of simple neglect, but that the sequence and nature of the storms made it difficult for some residents to care for their walkways properly. The residents however, don’t have the luxury of calling a “construction hotline”.

    Ice and snow not withstanding, the area surrounding Valley Hospital is becoming more dangerous by the sheer volume of the traffic flow in that area. I can’t imagine it improving during the expansion.

    Let’s not open another acute care facility in Bergen County that will be able to alleviate some of the volume, benefit patients and provide us with a safer community. That would be a bad thing.

  3. if the village issued summons of a significant dollar amount to all the lazy bums who neglect to shovel their sidewalks it would solve the budget deficit in town. The town has computers. you get ONE warning, then a money ticket. Raise the fines. Also, how about a fine and some enforcement for the never ending stream of solicitors knocking on my door and stuffing my mailbox with menus for chinese food from places too cheap to buy a stamp

  4. Twice this past week I have driven south on N. Van Dien passing the hospital during school hours. The line of traffic to turn into the entrance was backed up to the light on Linwood. The traffic heading south was backed up to BFMS. It was atrocious, I couldn’t imagine this street during construction or after their proposal for the huge expansion.

  5. My son walks home from BFMS along this side of the street (it’s where they are crossed by the crossing guard). He slipped and hurt himself last week somewhere along Linwood near Van Dien. I took him to Valley to x-ray his wrist. I wonder if he hurt himself in front of this house. Wouldn’t that be ironic? Wonder if they’ll pick up the tab?

  6. I agree 8:09. I often travel on No. Van Dien during that time. The traffic turning into Valley Hospital often blocks traffic in both directions. Recently, I’ve seen drivers being forced to turn around because the area in front of the hospital is at an impass. And that’s just the hospital traffic without factoring in the usual volume generated when parents are picking their children up from BF. Now add major construction in the same area.

    I see detours, lots and lots of detours in our futures.

  7. There is no excuse for residents and especially the hospital not clearing ice and snow from a sidewalk. All you need is a $10 bag of -20 degree magnesium chloride or calcium chloride ice melter, throw it down, and be done with it. Put some down before it snows and you may not need to shovel at all.

  8. It is indicative of how VH views the surrounding community. Rather than spend the money to maintain their sidewalks they would rather pay PR firms and lobbyists, not to mention full page ads in glossy magazines and direct mailings.

  9. We got through the last expansion/upgrade of the Hospital and you will get through the next God willing that it gets approved. Where do all you negative people go for medical care- We are very fortunate to have access so close. NIMBY- then move!

    As for the sidewalk not being done-that was a very heavy ice storm-lots of rain that froze, I am still chipping away at mine- Hope RPD ticketed many more violators–VALLEY was not the only one-Try walking down Prospect st–you can’t unless you walk in the Road-

  10. 1:03 – People have many choices to go for medical care around here. You chicken littles make it seem like Valley is the only place in the area for medical care. If you want some of the best medical care in the world, you can be in NYC in no time. Just remember Valley promised that the last expansion would be its last. Perhaps your memory is lapsing and you are hoping for an Alzheimer’s wing at Valley.

  11. Valley is a business and should be held just as accountable for people’s safety as any other business in the Ridgewood downtown. They need to clear the sidewalks of their business of snow and ice and as landlords make sure all their properties are cared for. They should behave even better than the average business or homeowner because they are so big.

  12. When exactly was the last expansion? We’ve lived here for 15 years and unless we completely missed it, I don’t recall a major expansion during that time.

    Since we’ve moved here however, we haven’t missed the increase in the congestion in and around the Village. If the number of pedestrian accidents aren’t an indication that we’re having a hard time staying out of each other’s way, I don’t know what is.

    The Village may have survived the last expansion, but I guarantee there are a lot more people living and working here now than there was then.

    I hope we survive the next expansion. I would hate to think of the alternative!

  13. Those Icy sidewalks don’t seem conducive to one’s health.

    Image is everything, and so is safety. Especially for a hospital.

  14. Valley’s hot line is a joke. If you have ever called it, they are very solicitous but never admit that they have done wrong.

    This is just another instance of them believing that rules are not made for them. No business in the central business district would have gotten away with this and neither should Valley.

  15. Dear Ms. 12:44 pm,

    It’s absolutely cruel and thoughtless of you to suggest that the hundreds of Ridgewood residents who oppose the ridiculously opulent, unnecessary and dangerous Valley expansion should simply “move” — just so you can have the convenience of a mammogram without having to drive for 7 minutes!!! My husband and I worked for nearly 20 years so that we could live here. We have been improving our house on our own, all of the spackling and painting, the plans and dreams — now we should “simply move”, in this volatile economy, just so you and your friends who don’t live nearby can have your colonoscopies — think of it! — within minutes!! And what a price to pay for convenience! Our children will be walking by demolition crews and huge cranes for the remainder of their lives in Ridgewood, so that you can, what, park your car? So that aging Ridgewood baby-boomers can have a built-in retirement community without having to downsize? In 2008 alone there were 3 fatal crane accidents in NY– our children will be walking by similar sites every single day, on their way to school, and to sports activities.

    Oh, and the traffic. Let me just say, it’s become worse here than it is in New York City.

    I want the best medical care available, just as everyone else does. All hospitals need to upgrade periodically, of course! [What we really need here is an expanded Emergency Room, that’s it.] But nothing changes the fact that Valley has simply run out of land. There is no shame in that! Just expand elsewhere. Find a place nearby that has room for state-of-the-art improvements, without wrecking the village. I have never heard one persuasive argument about why Valley “has” to expand here in Ridgewood, at the cost of ruining entire neighborhoods and turning our Village into a burgeoning urban blight.

  16. lack of snow removal is a key issue it shows want a bad neighbor Valley is …

  17. no they are smart some one falls more bizz for them .yea it will be a law suit

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