Mr Common Sense thinks the pool project is just more " pay to play:"

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Arohnson is a Democrat. This is Bergen County. Arohnson is “for” the municipal pool because the town council will control the development – picking out contractors, bonding agents, lawyers, etc. Each vendor then becomes a patron of Paul Arohnson. The architects, lawyers, contractors, etc, become his mini-mill of patronage.

This also explains why Arohnson is against the Valley expansion/parking garage: because the town council doesn’t get to pick vendors, steer contracts, hiring bonding agents, etc., on that project.

Hate to say “I told you so but this is what happens when we elect Democrat operatives (Arohnson was McGreevey’s former press secretary) into our town council.

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  1. Then he will follow McGreeveys lead. double spending, and the town will be in a financial mess as he exits

  2. Kasparian, the ghost, is in charge now. Never mind that big hand stuck up his back.

  3. I believe the term Mr. “Common Sence” was looking for is “common SENSE”. And, I am not sure he has much of it. I am a Republican and I disagree with Arohnson on a number of issues. But, I don’t buy into the logic (or illogic) that this post has laid out. I am far more concerned about the path that Keith Killion and Anne Zusy are leading us down. We will regret ever having elected these two.

  4. Oh.. Now it is political agenda again?

    Get lost Graydon !!! Graydon’s status is a health and safety issue..

    Who is going to fix it? “The do nothing” individuals of the past…???

    Get real… a change is coming.

  5. You can’t speculate about a person’s motives and character and then carry on as if your guess is correct. You string together a lot of unrelated items and form a conclusion.

    You made up the part about Arohnson’s motivation and stated it as fact. When you make something up it is called a fabrication – and I am being generous in my choice of words.

  6. I am for the pool project, but am also an adult, with an adult-sized brain, and can comprehend the political motivations of our political leaders in supporting this project.

    I think the fact that a child died in the pool, and couldn’t be found for 20 minutes due to the murky water, militates for either shutting Graydon down or vastly improving the facility. I also think there are a number of aquatic models (see: Canada) that would work (mixture of indoor and outdoor facilities).

  7. yes 744 I am still amazed how many people in this state still don’t get it ,everything in new jersey is about political payoffs to supporters and NOTHING else .I hate to see our Village come to this ,but $9 million for the village hall, $300K for bathrooms, $14 million for a pool just to name a few and one can come to no other conclusion ,unless your just looking to get over …

  8. 817 the guy stuck up and lied for Mc Greevey enough said about character

  9. yes 817 it depends what “is” is ?

  10. The pool is not dangerous. Non swimmers in deep water is going to be trouble anyplace. They are even known to die in clear water. Are we afraid to learn from what happened last summer? Graydon needs to change the way that the pool is supervised and how they respond in an emergency. Learn from your mistakes. Clear water will not remove Graydon’s responsibility for safety.

    People get hit, and killed, by cars in Ridgewood and we have not installed pedestrian overpasses. Life is risky.

  11. Your “common sense” is not fact. Don’t make things up about a person and state your best guess (about someone that you don’t know) and state it as fact.

    BTW – I think that Ahronson went out on a limb in support of the pool with his Ridgewood News editorial. He was doing well till he got swept up in the pool tsunami. Look at the economy. You can’t start this type of project now. I don’t care what some people want. We can’t afford it. Haven’t you ever told that to your children?

  12. I think they need Mr. Common Sense up in Canada. Maybe he can convince the geese to stay home.

  13. With the agenda coming out of Washington – the Geese are home.

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