Reader takes issue with ,"center of the community" comment

In Graydon Pool, Paul Aronsohn, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on February 7, 2009 at 3:06 am

Actually, I have never considered Graydon to be the “center of our community.” My kids liked it for awhile, until it became uncool, and my wife and I seemed to gravitate to backyards of friends or our own small plot more often than not to relax on Saturday afternoon or Sunday. I think it’s nice, and it would be a real plus if we could have a decent place to swim if we so choose. But, let’s face it, a relative minority of residents could actually consider themselves to be heavy users.

The place where I really felt a sense of community was on that evening in early December when the Village tree was lit and the holiday season began.

Not to pick a scab here, but Arohnson and his comrades on the VC certainly f–ed up that tradition of community. As a result, I don’t trust his perceptions on many subjects.


  1. For some people, Gradon is the center of their community, but not the majority. It is like saying that Valley Hospital is the center of the community – it is not!

  2. I feel the same way you do and many others to.they are all bull shiters,they are going to f—k up this town.

  3. It is a small amount of residents that use the ‘pool’. as such, they feel the need to be very opinionated and tell the rest of us what is good for the village. they are a ‘vocal minority’ here. very few residents use that place

  4. Will Graydon be on the agenda at another VC meeting? If so, when? I didn’t see anything on the Village website.

  5. clean the snow up like ramsey

  6. Even when my children were young and we went to Graydon I never considered it the center of the community.

    Somerville School seems like my center. It is a very supportive community and the social activities for adults and children kept us together. As we move to BF and the HS we stil have strong bonds that began at school.

  7. The tennis courts on Pleasant are in disrepair I’ll support Graydon if they add $1-2mil. to the bond fund to repair the courts.

  8. Not to pick a scab here, but Arohnson and his comrades on the VC certainly f–ed up that tradition of community.

    Sorry that you had a bad holiday, but it is so over.

    Now that it's February, it's time you move on & get friggin' life already.

  9. 1247 if they cant even get a Christmas tree right than how can you even think they can handle the graydon renovation …and next year we are gonna take down your menorah ,lets see how you feel

  10. Here is some real planning.. my neighbor still had his xmas lights up… and I saw him replacing all the bulbs to green ones…

    Now they will be ready for St. Patricks Day….

    Or should we just have Red and Blue for the political agenda people? When not sure what to do… just blame it on the economy … that is great the do nothing road to take…

  11. Good point – why stop with the pool? The tennis courts can use an update. Maybe add bathrooms and a dressing room and snack stand. It could become the center of my community.

    And we could use some nice outdoor basketball courts.

  12. and next year we are gonna take down your menorah ,lets see how you feel

    Sorry to ruin your plans for a “Ridgewood Kristallnacht”, but I’m not Jewish. So you’ll have to resolve your seething anger some other way.


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