NJ Coalition to Improve State Math Standards is Making Progress

In math wars on February 7, 2009 at 2:51 am


February 6, 2009-The New Jersey Coalition for World Class Math (http://njworldclassmath.webs.com), an organization of concerned citizens who seek to improve New Jersey’s K-12 math standards, announces its progress report. The Coalition has established a dialogue among research mathematicians, educational advisors, parents, and the New Jersey Department of Education. Their objective is to have new math standards which are on par with those of states ranked higher than ours: California, Massachusetts and Indiana. According to the Coalition, the new math standards must be internationally benchmarked against countries that outperform the U.S. on international math tests, such as Singapore,Japan, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Finland.

“This coalition unites New Jersey citizens who wish to ensure that every child in our state receives a world class math education,” said Amy Flax, a co-founder of the Coalition.

Coalition co-founder Jill Gladstone adds, “In order to achieve this goal, our state math standards need to be written with rigor, focus, coherence, and clarity. As in those states ranked higher than N.J., the process must include research mathematicians and other similar experts outside of New Jersey who have experience writing highly ranked, successful math standards.”

The TIMSS (Trends in Mathematics and Science Study) and the National Math Panel’s March 2008 Final Report underpin the Coalition’s goal. Both studies raise serious concerns about the status of our nation’s K-12 math education. It is critical that the NJ DOE heed the National Math Panel’s findings to ensure that our children will be able to compete in the global economy.

Progress is underway as the NJ DOE has acknowledged some of the Coalition’s recommendations. The most recent draft of the revised math standards (http://www.nj.gov/education/aps/cccs/2009/math/index.html) includes references to the National Math Panel’s key findings and other states and countries which the Coalition proposed as models of success.
The NJDOE asked the Coalition to help distribute the latest draft so that the NJDOE can receive feedback from as many NJ stakeholders and outside mathematicians as possible.

The Coalition is pleased that the NJ DOE is putting forth greater attention to the math standards and its revision process. Input will continue to be sought from the Coalition’s panel of advisors and their feedback will b e provided to the NJ DOE.

For more information contact:

Westfield: Amy Flax 908-233-7898 amyflax@gmail.com
Bridgewater: Jill Gladstone 908-575-9288 JillzGlad@aol.com
Ridgewood: Sarah-Kate Maskin 201-251-9068 sktalks2u@aol.com

  1. You go ladies. And make it snappy!!! Real math, less costly to the tax payer, kids have a real shot at their futures’, country benefits in the long run, Moms and Dads have sh*t eatin’ grins.

    Come in Regina. Regina are you there?
    Yet more static….


  2. Regina… LOL

    The lady is hopelessly mired in her politically correct opinions of math pedagogy.

    As Mr. Hutton is so fond of saying, “the train has left the station” and we find Ms. Botsworth standing on the platform dumbfounded as it passes her by.

    Let’s just hope our BOE and new super are not silly enough to continue to believe in her failed judgment.

  3. Good for us that we joined Bridgewater, Westfield, Oakland, Wayne and many other towns that are rebelling against bad math.

    We all knew this was bigger than Ridgewood.

    Ironic that Ridgewood wants to set the standard, but the one person who is meeting with the state to set a standard is not on the BOE or employed by the district.

    Yep, we know what we are doing on that math panel.

  4. OK- weighing in here. 2 kids at RHS, now it’s 2 out of 2 that needed tutoring to keep up with the real math taught up there. $75 a pop. Not happy. Can’t we align our math programs?

  5. Get rid of CMP 2!!!!!!

  6. I heard Wayne who had hundreds of people sign a petition to get rid of everyday math and is doing just that…. getting rid of everyday math and cmp2!!! Their Board and Superintendent actually care what their consumers think. Lucky them!

  7. …meanwhile RPS’ Math Planning Team is paying fuzzy-math ideologues to help them choose a K-5 program. Regina, you better start thinking of new excuses if your team chooses fuzzy math for K-5 while the NJ Dept. of Ed. rejects it.

  8. 9:36

    That’s because Wayne is a working class kinda town. They don’t have their heads up their asses and believe that every jerk-off with a pseudo doctorate is walking on water.

    What’s more, they are not as “polite” and don’t give a rat’s ass about what’s in fashion. The only thing they care about is the education their children are getting.

    We are way to polite with the fools who run our town. A little more blue collar sensibilities would serve us well.

  9. Bravo 1pm!!!

  10. Gee,

    It seems that the NJDOE can find the National Math Panel report. How come Ridgewood’s administrators and its BOE can’t?

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