Pool ‘must’ be renovated now’ By Councilman Paul Aronsohn

In Graydon Pool, Jim Ten Hoeve, Paul Aronsohn, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on February 6, 2009 at 8:36 pm

Pool ‘must’ be renovated now’ By Councilman Paul Aronsohn

Graydon must be renovated, and it must be renovated now. From an economic perspective, the case is compelling. Membership is declining, and according to Village Manager Jim Ten Hoeve, it currently costs Village taxpayers over $100,000 per year to maintain.

From a health and safety perspective, the case is compelling: The water is unsafe, due to its lack of cleanliness and its lack of clarity. And from an overall community perspective the case is compelling. The current pool is largely inaccessible to Village residents with mobility limitations-residents who use wheelchairs, who use canes, or who just have trouble walking in sand or getting in and out of water.

Fortunately, the Ridgewood Pool Project- a group of residents that has devoted over two years to studying the issue – has offered us an available way forward. It may not be perfect – nothing ever is – but it provides a means by which to address each of these issues and to restore Graydon to its rightful place as the center of our community.

the Ridgewood blog asks just one small question : Where are we getting the $14 MILLION ?

  1. Paul seems to forget no one reads the ridegwood news anymore

  2. yes everything sounds great till we get to he cash

  3. hey is joe ferriero gonna be the new pool chair ?


    You know, we’ve been cutting back, putting off household projects, until the economy gets better.

    Why does the town not get it’s the economy, stupid?

    Why not close Graydon and save the taxpayers money?

    Paul is making the assumption that Graydon usage is down because of the water, but maybe it’s down because folks go to the shore, mountains or have nice swimming pools in their own yards?

  5. no one reads the ridegwood news anymore

    Apparently, The Fly does

  6. SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for speaking up Paul, even if only in the Ridgewood News (a weekly) perhaps,they could have a Sunday or Daily Web page that might help too.

    The Local Blogs and even the New Community E-News Exchange add to readership….. that is the communication of today. The day of the two-cent postage for a letter are over. Get the News out.

    Keep on topic… explaining the best you can…

    There will be a meeting of the Gruntles and Disgruntles at the next Village Council meeting…be quick however, to grab your three minute “bite of the apple” as the Mayor reminds us often, and check the mike to see if it’s working.

  8. He’s an itinerant politician. What does he care about costs? They all just spend other people’s money anyway. The sky’s the limit!

  9. A pool is a great idea for Ridgewood. It is the price tag and the design that is offensive. In a time of economic crisis who needs to pay for a $14 million dollar pool. A nicer, simplier design would serve the community well.

  10. Actually, I have never considered Graydon to be the “center of our community.” My kids liked it for awhile, until it became uncool, and my wife and I seemed to gravitate to backyards of friends or our own small plot more often than not to relax on Saturday afternoon or Sunday. I think it’s nice, and it would be a real plus if we could have a decent place to swim if we so choose. But, let’s face it, a relative minority of residents could actually consider themselves to be heavy users.

    The place where I really felt a sense of community was on that evening in early December when the Village tree was lit and the holiday season began.

    Not to pick a scab here, but Arohnson and his comrades on the VC certainly f–ed up that tradition of community. As a result, I don’t trust his perceptions on many subjects.


  12. hey 635 put your money where you mouth is an pony up for a bunch of prepaid memberships …..like I know you will lol !!!!!!!!!!

  13. 426 the whole comment from Paul was lifted from Dom’s news letter …the “fly” had nothing to do with this one .

  14. Dom’s News Letter has a readership well over a 500 circulation. All done with his 1939 Underwood Typewriter… not too bad for a 87 year old long time Ridgewood resident.

    He has seen Commissioners and now Council members come and go over the years … the good ones and some really “bad” ones.

    He invites you to send photos and story topics to be shared… to domnizza@netzero.com oh yes, they must be signed … you can’t hide… your identity. Becareful however, he has powerful partners in the cyber-world of communication information… Give it a try…

    Oh yes, posted by the old man… Dom Nizza..

  15. There were many readers of Dom’s Newsletter… and nothing wrong in “lifting” a portion of it.

    In all fairness, you should have listed the entire Newsletter…with more comments… In addition, there were specific recommendations on “how to proceed” with the “pool project”…that dealth with seeking a “Request for a Proposal” (small, medium and large) alternatives from “professional designers” and finance professionals …

    You see, I read his stuff and understand what he his trying to accomplish for Village.

  16. 801 you should read this blog more its all been covered ,Dom is more of a promoter on this issue , and frankly the idea you could spend 2.5 years on this and no one ,I mean no one associated with the project noticed that $14 million may be perceived to be a lot of money to say the least proves the agenda is to create another pork project to reward friends and families of the VC and other connected nj politicos

  17. So our councilman lifts his letter from a 80 year old supporter’s newsletter, not bothering to write his own opinion.

    Meanwhile, in the same RW News issue, the rest of the council rightly express caution and concern, therefore contradicting him.

    Then the article said he missed the meeting!!!

    This guy is a dope. The rest of the council seems to be moving prudently.

  18. Free marketeers should love this proposal in that — unlike the Schedler property, the garage, or most anything else the VC does — this would involve little, if any, taxpayer money. The $14 million tab would be paid for through membership dues using private — not public — money.

    Let’s move forward with a new pool.

  19. a paul what are you thinking of,we are in bad time now.and we dont have the workers to keep this place up.

  20. Yeah, yeah, the renovation of Graydon is a great idea. Spending this kind of money now is ill advised and blatantly irresponsible.

    If there are those out there that are in support of the project and have managed to be uneffected at all by the economic crisis, maybe they should provide the money for the renovation.

    The unemployment rate is at 7.6% and Ridgewood is spending 13 million to renovate the pool.

    Sheesh, and they call me crazy!

  21. Dom –

    How does one subscribe to your newsletter?

  22. the Ridgewood blog asks just one small question : Where are we getting the $14 MILLION ?

    To paraphrase Robert F. Kennedy: Some men see things as they are and ask “Why?” Paul Aronsohn dreams things that never were and asks, “Why not?”

    Why can’t we have a great aquatic facility for our great Village?

    Only small minds get hung up on a price tag. Dare to dream.

  23. Are you seriously comparing Paul Aronsohn to Robert F. Kennedy?

    I guess desperate times call for desparate measures.

  24. hey ted dont think you should be anywhere near water lol !!!

  25. yes 709 that’s in VERY bad taste

  26. give the guy an inch now he’s JFK tell me when to stop laughing

  27. 709 deam all you want I am not paying for it

  28. If Aronsohn hears that typewriter sales are down he will want to fund designing a new model. Just maybe pool memberships are down because Ridgewood clears out in the summer. Ask anyone at the YMCA.

  29. yes i had a dream once too that I would sail into the village hall and kidnap a fare maiden ….

  30. yes 709 that is really pathetic

  31. A new pool right now would be irresponsible.

  32. He had better hire a new PR person. His own attempts at remaking himself are disasterous.

  33. Ask not what your Village can do for you; ask what you can do for your Village.

    What you can do is support the Village’s aquatic facility plan.

    We can find the money and resources to do this, just as we found the money and resources to send a man to the moon in 1969.

    Dare to dream.

  34. Arohnson is a Democrat. This is Bergen County. Arohnson is “for” the municipal pool because the town council will control the development – picking out contractors, bonding agents, lawyers, etc. Each vendor then becomes a patron of Paul Arohnson. The architects, lawyers, contractors, etc, become his mini-mill of patronage.

    This also explains why Arohnson is against the Valley expansion/parking garage: because the town council doesn’t get to pick vendors, steer contracts, hiring bonding agents, etc., on that project.

    Hate to say “I told you so but this is what happens when we elect Democrat operatives (Arohnson was McGreevey’s former press secretary) into our town council.

  35. Only small minds get hung up by price.

    That is the dumbest statement I have ever heard in my entire life…

    Yea, because money is nothing right? We are only running a deficit of triple digits, facing layoffs, cuts in services, town in its worst state disrepair in its entire history and best of all, now public safety could be cut also.

    Forget a police car or fire truck, i know when I call 911 i know the pool people will come help me out.

    I know when my garbage is over flowing; the pool people will come to my back yard and pick it up for me.

    I trust the pool people.

    The pure fact that people were actually serious about that pool concept was proof that were nothing but meat with eyes. What a shame.

    Lets ruin our bond rating even more while we are at it, this way is 20 years we won’t be able to borrow anything! Let’s get into such bad fiscal shape that the state takes control of our budget! That would be great; my property value would love that.

    Ridgewood people know the value of a dollar. That’s what I love about this town.

  36. Graydon is still a “dead horse”…you can’t use it anymore ..don’t try to.

    Recommendations on varied designs and financing have been offered and a procedures to follow have been made.

    It will be financially self sustaining and a great asset to the Village for many years to come.

    Perhaps, the DEP will step in now and Shut Graydon Down Now… that’s a political solution that should satisfy everyone.

  37. 3:58 – Why would the DEP step in and shut Graydon down when there are no significant violations of the law?

  38. The Village is operating Graydon under a grand-father clause option only.

    Doing so … makes it a high risk facility that can’t meet the update legal State requirements of an aquatic pond facility…

    Any improvement small or large would require they meet that standard. The present condition contributed to the dealth of the July victim.

    Untold numbers of infections not reported because “cultures” not requested by their doctors..(but that know how they occurred) … culture findings then have to be reported and filed with the State authorities under law.

    Anything else?

  39. 7:13 – Yes, you confirmed that there is no violation of law. Therefore, any comment that the DEP should step in and shut Graydon down is foolish.

  40. Interesting conversation.

  41. we are in a deep recession, possibly going into a depression, DO NOT spend any of the taxpayers money on this pool or any other luxury.

  42. Put what to a vote? There is no proposal made yet… You need that by a qualified Design Architect and a financial estimate and confirmation that tax payer funds are not needed…

    The best evidence at this point is the supportive pledged 5,050 memberships. The Village must ask for Proposal … otherwise you are still dead in the water.

    Save the usual 2009 and 2010 Graydon preparations and apply it to Engineering and appropriate planning acceptable by professionals.

    Interest is high now and submissions of other design modifications are being made… that is healthy … the new pool will look great and the community will feel that they have participated. It will be fine.

  43. I think all of the folks who think the pond water is safe should be required to take home 5 gallons per week to consume for their families. If they can make it through the month they get a free pass for the season

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