Village Council Not Yet Ready For Swim In $13.9 Million Pool

In Graydon Pool, Ridgewood New Jersey, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on February 5, 2009 at 11:45 am

Village Council members told Ridgewood Pool Project co-chairpersons Melinda Cronk and Jane Morales on Wednesday evening that they were not yet ready to move forward with further planning work for the proposed $13.9 million makeover of Graydon Pool.

Citing the receipt of communications from many taxpayers who opposed a “radical” redesign of Graydon, and their own concerns regarding the suggested method of financing the estimated $13.9 million project, Council members asked Cronk and Morales to continue meeting with residents and bring back more comments and ideas at a future date.

Councilwoman Anne Zusy specifically directed the Pool Project leaders to ensure that any future solicitations for resident input be as unbiased as possible.

The highlight of discussions between Council members, Ms. Cronk, and Ms. Morales came when Ms. Cronk publicly stated that she was “absolutely surprised” that anyone had concerns about the conceptual proposal she’d presented to Council members just one week prior.

Hello Melinda, and welcome back to planet Earth!

The Body Shop

  1. Careful now… “you still can’t teach a ‘dead horse’ how to swim”.
    and that includes Council members.

    The real motivation would be for the DEP to “Shut Graydon Down Now”…It is a high risk facility.

    “What is the legal status of the suit against the Village and its employees” for the drowning last July? and

    Has our hired safety training expert (not a pool facility expert) in the case told the council to settle that matter quickly. and

    Can a copy of the Village Council answer to the complaint by the plaintiff be made available? and

    Would an almost zero registrations for the 2009 Graydon Pool be the needed motivation to “move forward” for the Council to get off its butt? Any modification planned will require a committment to “Shut Graydon Down Now” by the DEP.
    ..its still a cesspool…what are you going to do about?

  2. 8:22 – Don’t get too excited because Graydon will open for 2009. There are still many residents who enjoy Graydon and will purchase badges. Not everyone falls for your propaganda that Graydon is a cesspool.

  3. 8:22

    I plan on joining Graydon this summer and attending frequently.

    Like I did last year.

    You can plan on my registration.

  4. If you’re going to call someone out, get your quotes right. “Ms. Cronk” said that she was surprised that people were using terms like “theme park” or “Dorney Park” when referring to the Pool Project. In countless meetings with Council members and residents, the Pool Project repeatedly stated that the drawing was in no way a final plan. It was a concept drawing. They, like everyone else, want a facility that suits Ridgewood. To be honest, I would have used stronger language than “surprised”.

    The only definitive conclusion the Pool Project made, after 2.5 years and countless hours of work trying to bring people back to Graydon, was that something needs to be done.

    Ms. Cronk, Ms. Morales (and all of the other people giving of themselves to help Ridgewood) deserve better.

    “welcome back to planet Earth!” Nice.


  6. 10:35 I don’t plan on your registration to pay for the cost of opening up Graydon 2009.. and

    To require day-campers “that don’t want to use the pond” to be charge for it is very deceptive. and

    Fudging those day camp registration numbers gives a false count of membership. Perhaps, they should get a refund. and

    The ship is sinking, the ship is sinking… don’t throw in a lead life preserver… the swimmers won’t be able to find it in that dirty water…. it will take about 45 minutes…Qualified lifeguards (named in the drowning lawsuit).. still reluctant to work there and will be seeking a different summer job. I wouldn’t blame them.

    Are we having fun yet oh mighty “sun worshipers”?

  7. Thank You – Village Council for your careful assessment and considerations!

    Pfund, Mancuso, Killion and Zusy, all agreed appropriately and responded with the best interests of the public in mind,representing the residents.
    (Clap, Clap!!)

  8. I have lived here for 40 years. Not a single neighbor, friend, or any of their families uses that swamp. I would be curious WHO the actual people are that use that place. We used to be able to tell who swam there when I was in RHS because the blond girls had greenish hair…grosssss

  9. Keep it up with the cesspool talk 8:22.

    That way it will be less crowded when I am lying in the sun and swimming with my kids this summer in Graydon’s clean refreshing waters.


  10. 12:49 PM ‘The only definitive conclusion the Pool Project made, after 2.5 years and countless hours of work trying to bring people back to Graydon, was that something needs to be done.’ ‘It was a concept drawing.’

    Back to square one. Get a crying towel, then get on with it. Was the $14.Million Figure a concept figure also? Get real.

  11. Something needs to be done with Graydon. It is losing money now.
    Just close it down!

  12. Graydon is our prized organic swimming hole. Membership will rise on its own because the financial tsunami has opened many families’ eyes to what is important in life. Membership at an exclusive swim club is not required for self validation any more.

  13. Doug Cronk
    “The pool project repeatedly stated that the drawing was in no way a final plan. It was a concept drawing.”

    So how would the final plan been different? And how different would it be? Why did you spend so much time and money on the “concept drawing” if the “real plan” was going to look so different than what was presented. I realize that the drawing wasn’t to scale, but it still was a pool design that lacked sufficient swimming space for EVERYONE.

    The number one thing that Ridgewood residents wanted to see in the “new pool” was sand and spaciousness. Those were the 1st two things to go. (Yes there was a sand box for the kiddies far from the water). I realize that you can’t have sand in a cement pool, but you could still have sufficient space.

    If the “conceptual” design mimicked Graydon as far as what Graydon offers in space, you probably wouldn’t have met with such resistance. A fenced in kiddie pool (forget the tot splash pad)a diving pool (forget the tube slides) Two 4 ft pools for the 6-10crowd. A lap pool for the swim team and finally an olymipic size pool for young adults and adults to enjoy freely. Oh, don’t forget to scratch the lazy river and bubble bench seating!!

    There’s your design. Do you want me to join your committee??

  14. just another case of the spend the most money possible …if it cost enough wll do it ,my fear with the VC is that they may think it didnt cost enough

  15. step 1: install an outflow filter to remove the chlorinated water pumped into hohokus brook

    step2: now we can add lot’s more chlorine to the water.

    step3: enjoy swimming this summer in cleaner water.

    step 4: argue about the next thing some special interest group wants to waste the taxpayer’s money on.

    step 5: take a refreshing dip at Graydon to relax.

    step 6: go to to step 4.

  16. 3:33PM
    I have lived here for nearly 60 years, and spent many summers at Graydon. Those of us whose parents couldn’t afford to join the RCC always went to Graydon. My blond hair NEVER turned green, it just got blonder and blonder from the sunny days at the pool. My blond children also spent many years swimming at Graydon, and in recent years they were counselors at the daycamp. No green hair there, either!!

  17. Doug Cronk:

    “If you’re going to call someone out, get your quotes right. “Ms. Cronk” said that she was surprised that people were using terms like “theme park” or “Dorney Park” when referring to the Pool Project.”

    Hey Doug: Your wife, MRS. Cronk, also said she was surprised that people were concerned about the proposal in general. This was subsequent to her comment about the use of terms such as “water park” and “Dorney Park.” So we have it straight Doug; go to the video if you want to check.

  18. 3:33 – Have you lived in the garden apartments for the entire 40 years?

  19. tell you what, folks. i’ll be glad to chat with any of you- if you stop posting anonymously. (or, if you must, write as if you aren’t. the anonymous tag seems to bring out the nasty in some people.) but here’s a couple of comments about the above:

    6:04- crying towel. mature. no wonder people hesitate to get involved. And with regard to the $14 million- are you saying you’d support improvements if they cost $10 million? 8? and, “getting real”, do you really think people want the improvements to be expensive? what kind of sense does that make?

    6:26- agree that people are a little germ crazy. i’m a big “5 second rule” guy, myself. that doesn’t mean i wouldn’t enjoy a clear swimming facility with my kids.

    7:25- i honestly hope you’re right. getting people back to Graydon would be great news. i’d love to see that place mobbed this summer. unfortunately, i don’t see it happening without a major change.

    8:40- i’m sure they would have welcomed your involvement in the committee. (it’s not my committee.) know what? my initial wish was for Graydon to look exactly the way it does now, but with clear water, no geese, better restrooms/lockers and upgrades for the disabled. Unfortunately, according to the DEP and every expert contacted, that is impossible. Sounds like you have some great ideas. so you think it needs to be improved, too?

    9:00- if Graydon loses money now and an improved facility would bring people back and pay for itself, doesn’t that make sense?

    have a good night, friends.

  20. I think that “if” the pool cost could be held to “just” $14M (by contractual requirements, and a town council that doesn’t then ‘relax’ the timelines and budgets for their Democrat-connected contractor-donors) “then” the project should be done.

    Ridgewood is a premier town, and deserves a premier aquatic facility. Go Maroons!

  21. Technology exists to effectively process raw sewage, to the extent it can be safely discharged into local brooks and streams.

    I can’t believe the same technology could not be deployed to process the water at Graydon.

    Has someone looked into this?

    Mr. Rutishauser, any comment?

  22. Fifty year resident and agree with 931 and 933 — just clean the thing up — its a great pool as it is — large shallow and deep ends, lanes for lap swimming, fenced off kiddie area, sand, grass and even fast food!!!

    We all stopped going when the Canadian geese moved to town. Kill off the damn geese (or at least send them back to their own country) and people will return, especially in this economy.

  23. “Concept drawings” are also being used by Valley Hospital to promote their “Expansion”.

    Some people just live in dreams and have no sense of economy of money or scale.

  24. Dear Mr. Cronk, I think a lot of people in the middle on this issue would like to see an olympic size adult and diving pool [must pass a swim test to use} and a kiddie pool. Many people do not like the idea of so many areas and nothing over 3 1/2 feet to swim in. It seems if we had a standard size adult pool, real swimming could take place and possibly could be used by the swim team in the early morning. Another worry is the increased water security[ life guards ]that will be needed in this new configuration. And since, the whole facility will actually be smaller in size, how will it accommodate a much larger population if that should be the case? We understand the desire for clean water swimming and we’d like it to be nicely landscaped and yes, if it came in at a cost a few million dollars less, that would be a posiitve.

  25. Councilman Paul Aronsohn has it right as posted in the Ridgewood News.. “Pool ‘must be renovated now'” and more importantly:

    “From a health and safety perspective, the case is compelling. The water is unsafe,due to its lack of cleanliness and its lack of clarity”… and perhaps, now…

    The DEP can now step in with that admission by a Village Official and “issue an order to shut Graydon Down Now”. It makes the case for the plaintiff in current litigation drowning… more complelling. Come on DEP help us out here.

  26. I’m new to Ridgewood this past Summer. My family and I went to Graydon numerous times. While we all liked the “natural” atmosphere, I did think the water seemed kind of gross. I took at face value the assurances that the water was chlorinated and safe. However, we are thinking about joining the pool at Hillsdale this Summer instead. It might sway our opinions and plans if we could find some objective, science-based analysis of the quality of the water at Graydon on a hot mid-August day.

  27. 11:56 – Your “logic” is backwards. You should look to an objective, science-based analysis to determine if the water is unsafe. Residents have been swimming at Graydon for decades without getting sick. The comments of a few vocal, paranoid people that Graydon is a cesspool does not make it true. Good luck in whatever decision you make.

  28. yes $14 million was quite a concept

  29. what shocks me is that none of you even thought that people may think $14 million is a lot of money?

    I need to hang out you guys more often lol

  30. this thing was looked at like another crazy pick the highest price tag you could find concept….

  31. I think it is outrageous and irresponsible for Aronsohn to declare Graydon unclean. The water is tested weekly by an outside agency called Garden State Labs. It is tested for many things including fecal matter. If the water was unhealthy, Garden State Labs would report Graydon to The Health department and Graydon would be shut down. The findings by Garden State Labs are posted in the lifeguard office each week. Someone in his position should know better than to publically make such inaccurate statements.

    I don’t think the DEP is interested in peoples’ opinions, just facts.

  32. Why should Mr. Aronsohn or any of the waterpark fanatics let facts get in their way?

  33. 9;33pm..sounds like you got alzheimers..if you missed the green hair i sure hope you dont drive

  34. nice try 10:04. I stand by my post. Not a single friend, neighbor, or family member belongs to or visits that swamp. And in case you are interested, I live in a detached single family home, on the west side, when I am not at my beach house in the summer, or either my ski house or Florida house in the winter. Why am I starting to think that this vocal ‘block’ of the 14 million dollar water park is the Hawes/travell group? Go splash around in the Duck Pond and save us from your rant.

  35. Pond Liner…
    Was the possibility of installing a Pond Liner, explored as an option? since Graydon is a pond, with a bottom of soil and earthen clay – lake and pond liners for industrial and residential,available in all sizes and also custom sizes, used in private ponds, pools, lakes, golf clubs ponds. Strength, durability, finished result is clean bottom, and clear water. Makes common sense :0) gee. Also Note: Competitive pricing. check it out: link..


  36. My kids got coxsackie virus at Graydon. It ruined our summer a couple of years ago as they were sick for weeks. I love geese, ducks and any wildlife for that matter. However to see them swimming near the children and their feces in or near the water is a bit disconcerting to say the least. More importantly with small children it is indeed comforting to be able to see them in the water. A cement bottomed olympic sized pool should be installed. I think many families here in town would come back to Graydon if that were the case. It would be a beautiful addition to our great town.

  37. as usual it is a very small VOCAL minority (well organized) that wants us to believe that this outdoor pisshole is some sort of magnet for the town.. just fill in the swamp and give the newbies another soccer field (that would be the ONLY additional field I would be in favor of since it removes the liability of running a pool/water hole/swamp

  38. My kids got coxsackie virus at Graydon.

    Maybe it wasn’t from Graydon.

    Maybe we should kill the geese.

    Maybe they should wash more often.

    BTW, here’s a head start on the complaint comment you’ll be writing the year after the cement bottomed Olympic sized pool is installed:

    “My kids got red-eye at Graydon. It ruined our summer a couple of years ago as they were sick for weeks…”

    Or perhaps:

    “My kids got a bad reaction to the chlorine and chemicals put in the pool at Graydon. It ruined our summer a couple of years ago as they were miserable for weeks…”

    Or perhaps:

    …well, you get the picture…

    Nothing’s perfect, quit deluding yourself and stop chasing the greener grass. Deal with life’s problems and enjoy life’s pleasures and stop yer whinin’.

  39. The question is not whether we need to spend 13 million for a new pool, but whether we need a pool at all!

  40. 6:19 is living in his fantasies. We know who you are. Go check your couch for change, buy yourself a Slurpie, and relax. Graydon is no worse than your turtle pool that you let sit around all summer.

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