2009 Village Budget Deficit Reduced to $421K – Parking Meter Rates May Increase

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Village Manager James Ten Hoeve reported during Wednesday’s Village Council Work Session that a $421K deficit currently exists in the 2009 Village Operating Budget. The deficit had reached almost $600K, but was reduced through budget cuts and controlled spending.

Mr. Ten Hoeve indicated that Village unions have rejected his proposal to forgo their 2009 negotiated salary increases. However, despite this setback, he feels the Village may be able to balance the budget without “furloughing” employees.

Two ideas discussed as possible sources of revenue were: 1) increasing parking meter rates and changing the time period in which metered rates are in effect; and, 2) eliminating medical benefits for part time Village of Ridgewood employees.

The only potential cut in municipal services mentioned during Wednesday evening’s meeting was a reduction in, or elimination of, rear yard refuse pick up.

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  1. eliminate rearyard pickup?? If i wanted to live in waldwick i would have bought a house there. find a better way to get your financial house in order.

  2. When I lived in Franklin Lakes I put my garbage at the curb and I have no problem doing it here in Ridgewood. I don’t consider it to be a real issue.

  3. Oh great, eliminate rear yard garbage pick up, another part of Ridgewood’s charm gone at the hands of the heathens at Village Hall.

    I can’t wait to see all the cans curb side to be left there all day and night, day in and out day.

    My neighbor used to leave his cans out and would simply take his garbage to the curb everyday where his cans permanently resided. Very charming indeed.

    And not once did the village enforce its policy limiting the times cans could be left curb side.

  4. You think we might be able to put TenHoeve out on the curb…..


  6. Now let me see… people move to Ridgewood because the town has backyard trash pick up…charged by taxes to pay for the service. We still bring “stuff” to the curb now don’t we?

    All the Realtors will love that as an incentive to move here… Perhaps a paid one yearly membershiip to the old Graydon mud-hole might work. I don’t think so.

    Now a paid one year membership by the Real Estate Broker, Closing attorney and Banks to a new an improved Community Aquatic complex might do better.

    Yes, a little of the old “welcome wagon” promotions we used to have would be a better marketing strategy.

    I thought it was the schools, and the town’s excellent community and recreation and health programs we have. Not the “politcal party” they belonged to or who is marketing the Village, the Police and Fire departments? Maybe.

  7. 10;42. Move back to franklin lakes. after 40 years here in town I get tired of hearing newbies with their suggestions that destroy this town. The lazy people here cannot bother to bring their recylables containers in for 2 days after a pickup..and i have no intention of looking at their garbage cans twice a week. Easy to cut the fat in the budget. start with the school budget and quit pissing away money for soccer fields, farms, property on rt17 and a waterpark at graydon. I do not know a single neighbor, friend or acquaintance who visits that mudhole.

  8. Part time workers get medical benefits? Where do I apply?

  9. How about 2x weekly pickup in warmer months, one time in fall and winter. Still rear yard.
    And also, I thought a parttime employee of the town chimed in here and said he does NOT get health benefits. What gives?
    OH, and before yall badmouth teachers again, if they do not work fulltime, they get NO benefits. End of story. That is how it has been for ever since I can remember.

  10. it will not happen.do you think that they are going to put cans on the crub,yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  11. we need to put a cap on the pay for police .are you nuts,this is not new york city.way over paid for what they do.in the citys they make half of what they make in rw.what they see in a day they dont see in a week.what a joke.

  12. do we need full time fire workers to yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,hello.

  13. It’s a quality of life issue people.

    Often it’s the littlest things that make the biggest difference between enjoy and annoy.

  14. 3:29pm you sound like trailer trash

  15. only one or so.but thats about to end.and its about time.

  16. Rear yard pick up costs no more than curb side. It is a service we have been paying for. And it should be continued.

  17. We don’t like garbage cans sitting at the curb ALL day – It IS Unsightly!

    However, in the winter with the snow and ice as a courtesy, we Do bring the can either to the front drive or at the curb – so the workmen don’t risk a fall on the snow and ice. Its a simple courtesy.

  18. If you take away rear yard pick up, I will come down to your office and picket Mr. Ten Hoeve.

  19. Lazy Lazy Lazy people. If I’m hearing this correctly, you would rather get rid of firefighters and keep rear yard pickup?? Hope your house doesn’t catch fire. it sure would suck to wait 8-10 minutes for the first fire truck.

  20. In response to 3:29 PM who said – “Move back to franklin lakes. after 40 years here in town I get tired of hearing newbies with their suggestions that destroy this town.”
    Having only lived in Ridgewood for 26 years this “newbie” simply states that I think if cuts are necessary this is a reasonable luxury to address.
    I do agree with you that spending money for soccer fields, farms, property on Rt. 17 and a waterpark are also cuts which should be looked at first. Not to mention the parking garage and $300,000 public bathrooms.
    While issues have been raised on the school budget (which I voted against) and public safety, the plain and simple fact is that when push comes to shove the last area that the public at large will accept cuts in are education and public safety.

  21. want to save some money? disband the sanitation dept and put our rearyard pickup out to bid by a private contractor. The rates have dropped dramatically since the mob was forced out.. Ridgewood bought the trucks in response to a strike by our then ‘contractor’ in 1969. The costs of employees and all these trucks has to be astronomical. Bid it two ways. 1. contractor with their own equipment and 2. contractor using town-owned trucks (until they eventually wear out). then rebid #1. A major uncontrolled cost to the town is medical benefits for employees. They should be given the choice of a basic “HMO”, and be required to contribute 50% of that…or be allowed to pick a better plan if THEY pay. Its unreasonable to expect taxpayers to eat the cost of these increasing medical premiums (especially when those of us paying the taxes do not have a plan as good as our workers do!)

  22. 8:33

    Why would you come down to my office and picket Mr. Ten Hoeve? He doesn’t work here.

  23. 8:26 AM the “your office” is Ten Hoeve’s office at Village Hall. The statement was directed at him. How did you not get this?

  24. 1:42 –

    Do you set up other things or is your expertise just confined to setting up straw men?


  26. We have no problem with bringing our trash to the curb. Yeah, the rear yard pick up was convenient, but we always found that our gates were left open. I’d rather haul my trash (I said trash) to the curb, then to have my dogs getting lost.

    Just for the record, I am one of those heathens that adds to the charm that is Ridgewood 🙂

  27. trash hauling prices have come down dramatically over the past 15 years with the growth of national trash companies like WMI and BF….Mob may still be in the bizz…but the new competition has in fact driven down prices…

  28. 1:40, perhaps if you stopped typing in all caps your posts would be read. And if you could read, you would have understood that the major garbage haulers are on the NYSE (ny stock exchange..ever heard of it? The mob was forced out via consent decrees years ago and sold their businesses to the public corporations. You cant put a ‘cap’ on pay in NJ…the unions run the state and ‘binding arbitration’ is always in favor of the union members. And all of this crap about curbside pickup saving jobs..what a bunch of BS… the town will look like a dump,and nothing will be saved. Haul your recyclables down to glen ave if you want to save or make that once a month. I guess firing our janitors made a real dent in the school budget? wake up

  29. I moved here 3 years ago from Oakland. Part of the ambience is NOT having to look at garbage cans all over the street. In oakland the racoons are as large as a dog thanks to all the food left out by neighbors in unsecured cans. Don’t be fooled, curbside pcikup is unhealthy, unsightly, and attracts raccoons, rodents and other wildlife.

  30. to mr or miss 7.48am and 5.24pm.what is all this about the mob.how come you are so hooked on the mob talk, and unions and refuse pick up.you are a wont a be,or you sound like a cop.what is it.o my god, you need to do some furloughing to your village that you love.i love ridgewood its a great town.i hope we all can keep it that way.thanks love mr ridgewood.

  31. I LIKE YOU 615. YES


  33. wow yea hello ok bs

  34. Police salaries must be capped as well as getting rid of medical benefits for part time employees. The police have it made in a town like Ridgewood. They would still work here for half the pay.

  35. yup.

    Let’s do everything we can to make Ridgewood just like every other town.

    ain’t nothin’ special here.

    The little things add up people.

  36. When the town began their own trash collection, the business district was cut out and had to pay for their own outside collector. There was no reduction to their taxes at that time. But that’s OK because nobody moves to Ridgewood because of the downtown.
    Now, Ridgewood wants to raise parking meters once again. Again, nobody is concerned with our downtown. Customers can go anyplace else and not deal with the stupid meters. Get real…All 36 of the prior posts are too concerned with getting their lazy a** out of the lazyboy to take the can to the curb.

  37. Good article in the Bergen Record today about Police salaries…. 16% raises in some towns???? I never knew! It was very enlightening.

  38. commercial users in every town pays for their own waste pickup. why wouldnt downtown ridgewood. IF the town picked up the trash for downtown stores, then they would be obligated to do the same for business on broad st, rt 17, etc etc

  39. i told you all about the cops pay.it must stop now.a cops can you say furloughing.well you better.

  40. come on council worker,I new you had something up you sleve.Iam on you like flys on dog doo,yea,I know what your up to.

  41. Hey..become a cop and you can make that kind of money also!! You picked you line of work..now deal with it!!!

  42. I hope we don’t have to put our cans to the curb. I took a ride through other towns yesterday and today and cans are at the curb in Glen Rock, Fairlawn, Waldwick, Allendale,and Ramsey and it looks terrible. All you need is a good wind to blow them all around!

    To cut costs maybe we could do once a week for the cans in the colder months and twice a week over the summer. Our bulk pickups could be once a month for each side too.

    It’s just a thought.

  43. yea i see cans all over the place it looks like shit.wake up they have the money.stop buying homes in town and you will have the money.you dont have the man power to do all the work,but thats ok to by more junk.just great .and know you are saying you may need to lay off workers in town.this town is going to look like hackensak.and i just moved out from that to this .my be i will move back.

  44. come on show us all the tax paying people of rw,the money must be some place.

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