I think that over the years Graydon has been a great resource for Ridgewood and I would like to see it once again regain that status.

In Graydon Pool, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on February 2, 2009 at 5:22 pm

I have fond memories of Gaydon growing up, it was the place my grandfather took me to learn to swim before i could even read or write .As a teen it used to be a fun place to hang around in the summer cool off and watch the girls.

So this is what I think and this is what I think should be done.

1) If there really is all this interest, as thy say money talks so lets sell pre-paid memberships 1,2 and 3 years out maybe 5 with volume and time being rewarded with a bit of a discount. This would make long term financing easier and allow us to have a more sensible feel for our budget.
2) I hate to say it but NO FREEBIES to anyone, sorry seniors .Once it starts everyone is always entitled to everything except paying for it.
3) On that note I would agree to a discount for seniors ,a discount for town workers and volunteers and of coarse family discounts.
4) Non Ridgewood resident members should pay more no exemptions, sorry teachers.

These are some of my fears:

1) The Villages inability to budget and forecast as well as manage large projects.
2) Increased traffic on Linwood.
3) Another white elephant.
4) Increase Village expenses, such as traffic control, crime and emergencies services.
5) What about flooding?
6) Graydon is only a few blocks from Valley Hospital and the Village needs to face the fact that a successful upgrade will lead to a significant increase in traffic.

Even though a pool upgrade is long over due it seems to us that a $14 million dollar price tag is a little steep. I would hope that some of the more “Action Park” like elements could be toned down to a more tasteful style better fitting the image of this community. Flooding and traffic concerns must also be addressed. I think that over the years Graydon has been a great resource for Ridgewood and I would like to see it once again regain that status.

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Editor and Chief
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  1. For once I agree with most of your comments. Right now the plan is too “action Park”. Any money should be used to update existing facilities, like new locker rooms and better water purification systems. By the way, my kids have never been sick in the summer and they swim in Graydon Pool. Stop the yellow journalism.

  2. “I do have fond memories of Gaydon growing up”

    Hello?!? Freudian slip!


  3. Details for an improved Graydon can be found… and have been researched … and what is needed to move the planning process forward.

    There will be compromise …. of course… Village residents will spend their recration dollars elsewhere … if Graydon is not improved here… NOW!

    The Status Quo is unacceptable…

    The Village Council must proceed for a redesign based on the challenges and majority requests to spend those recreation dollars here. Graydon is dead in the water.
    Thanks James…

  4. Make it a referendum for the Village residents to vote on and we’ll see how much of a “majority” exists.

    If you want to “spend your recreation dollars here” then pay for your badges up front. Architects, construction contractors, bond payments etc. need to be paid long before your badge dollars start “rolling” in in 2011.

  5. What do you mean by sorry teachers? I am not aware of any teachers having reduced fees at Graydon. Is this so?

  6. 457 I dont think thats what pj ment if it applies to you you would know it

  7. A referendum… that’s interesting.

    What would the wording be…who would prepare it? Is it just the equivalent of a resolution to do something, if they feel like it? It’s not binding.

    If the Council needs one… then let them prepare it and indicate what they need to move forward on the project legaly.

    It might work….the disgruntles and the disgruntles will continue at Council meetings and talk, talk, talk…. and still nothing would be done.

    Shutting the Damn Pool Down Now.. will get the action needed.

  8. Put it on the ballot. I want a real say in what goes on. If the majority do not want it, the council would be fools to go ahead with it – unless some members are not planning to seek office again. O wait, there is someone who likes to spend and isn’t running again (thank God)

  9. 5:26 PM

    Why can’t this be on the ballot like a school budget vote. Don’t make it sound so difficult. And if it gets voted down will you stop bothering us with your summer recreation wants?

    I do not think that Graydon must be closed. If you wanted a cement pool why didn’t you propose something like the Glen Rock pool? It serves the community and does not look like a tacky water park. It would probably be much cheaper to build. Leave out the oversized umbrellas.

  10. “Graydon must be closed down”… it cannot exist in its present state and high risk condition… period.

    Discussions on design have been on going with professional designers, engineers and community marketing consultants… all paid for by concerned citizens of the Pool Project Committee…

    There have been pledged financial commitments for a modernization of Graydon if the design included the bulk of those advised improvements.

    Some elements may be modified if special interest groups would provide some added funds for those additions… but, all that is a “separate fund raising element” of the entire project.

    First… on the list… Graydon must be shut down NOW… no additional wasted tax-payer’s monies should be spent on the annual preparations … it’s a dead horse, stop trying to revive it… it’s over.

  11. Great post 9:47, when you discover you are riding a “dead horse”, the best strategy is to get off and find a live and better one.

    However, in business we often try other stratgies with dead horses:
    1. Say things like, “This is the way we have always ridden this horse”.

    2. Change riders.

    3. Declaring that “No horse is too dead to beat”.

    4. Declare the horse is “better, faster and cheaper” dead.

    5. Promote the dead hourse to a supervisory position.

    Maybe you have some of your own?

  12. Does this qualify as a business decision too?

    “Putting your head in the sand” to hide from the problem.

    Hey, finally this is fun. How about…
    “Come hell or high water” I won’t change my mind”… this dead horse just needs a tune up job.

    Oh, there are more…

  13. I used to swim at Graydon during my high school years. What the hell happened to the water? Now, (at least 2 years ago when I last went)the water feels like being in a toxic bath.

    Does anyone know what happened to the water over this period?

    Are we just unable to do whatever it was we did to keep it clean? It simply can’t be the fowl or geese, could it?

    PS: I have to agree with PJ. We just can’t have Disney Ridgewood.

  14. The pool committee was not charged with shoving their wish list down the throats of the residents/taxpayers. Just because you came up with a design that you like does not mean that we must run with it.

    Since this is a town project and in the interest of public disclosure, who pledged the money? Will this person pay half the cost or all of the cost? How much will the pool cost the Village after your private financing comes through?

  15. I have an idea…

    The water at Graydon could be much cleaner (like in the old days) if the village were allowed to add more chlorine to it (like it did in the old days).

    But since the pool outflow goes directly into Hohokus Brook, the village is required by DEP regulations to restrict the chlorine levels (far below that of a regular pool).

    The solution would be to use an outflow filter to remove the chlorine before discharging into the brook.

    If the issue really is over the water, then this would be a simple, cost effective solution far cheaper than the one on the table now.

    At the very least, the village should get an estimate on the cost of this approach, so the residents can choose between the options vs. all or nothing…

  16. Sorry… no can do… any change must meet latest NJ standard and sand bottom pools are not permitted. Period…. don’t you understand that yet!

    The pool must be shut down…all this research has been done while in close communication with the DEP and their legal guidance.

    Their professional recommenation is that a new pool should be done… sand bottom pools can’t not achieve a satisfactory clear turbity… it gets stired up and you can’t see bottom. It’s dangerous especially in depths over two feet.

  17. 9:47 AM said .. “pledged financial commitments for a modernization of Graydon “IF” the design included the “BULK” those advised improvements. “SOME” elements may be modified if special interest groups would provide some added funds for those additions… but, all that is a “separate fund raising element” of the entire project.

    The magnitude of this marketing idea for an amusement type aquatic pool park proposal is too enormous and unpractical, both in monetary, $13.9 Million and Physical concept. Ridgewood is a conservative and utilitarian village, and continues to maintain that concept and way of life. Graydon Pool is a Village owned public pool, not a private country club.

    Keep Graydon Pool Park green and natural. Use common sense upgrades with pool filters, practical updates to the locker changing areas, add some modern play equipment and rest or gathering picnic areas, will improve it. This can be done way far less than the proposed $13.9 Million Debt Bond that the village doesn’t need. The taxpayers need much accountability on this project. Consideration of all budgetary matters need be reviewed, and figures, estimates, calculated before a final decision can be made.

    Location of Graydon pool is in a flood zone. It cannot be made into a cement pool, or pools, nature takes over when natural pressure of underground water table is high. Consults with the NJDEP will shed light on that fact. FLOODS – have you people forgotten what happened to that entire area along the Ho-Ho-Kus brook in September 1999 when Hurricane Floyd hit the area?? It was devastating,flooded out completely, everything got ruined. Do you think man made built lazy rivers, equipment, pool areas, not become damaged, washed up and ruined?

    For those paying “pledges” and special interest groups (usually sports groups) to demonstrate how things can be done thru dictating that money can buy what Ridgewood should do,, I say Shove It! The public doesn’t need to be bullied around and told to jump thru hoops by a small group of the tax paying population. For cryin-out loud, get back to basics for the good of All. There are more important priorities that the town has challenging them and needs attention. There are more important priorities in life. If you can’t use common sense, then leave Graydon alone.

  18. 1:26 — Once again, it’s a CONCEPT from a consultant, not a design that anyone is trying to shove down anyone’s throat. If architect gets hired, that’s when design process begins. Stop accusing hard working volunteers of making up some personal wish list.

    3:26 — Village looked at that and discharging to sewer system instead of brook. No go from DEP.

  19. 3:26PM

    That’s actually a good idea. They could overload it with Cholrine again, like they used to, without killing the fish.

    And we wouldn’t be saddled with more debt.

  20. “…Ridgewood is a conservative and utilitarian village…”

    Where is this place? It’s not here.

  21. I can’t wait to start taking the family to Graydon this summer. There is no way the Village will prevent it from opening up this year.

  22. 7:37
    Let me get this straight — the DEP objects to chlorine being dischared into the sewer system? Why?

  23. Dear pool people,

    Why didn’t the architectural rendering you used begin with a $13 million concept? That’s just stupid. If you want people to get on board, you should have made that initial proposal much, much more modest, like, say $4-5 million or less.

    That $13 million is a killer. And it makes us not trust you to stay within any budget that gets approved, if one does.

    Where was your common sense?

  24. 3:26PM,

    You are the voice of reason.

    Chlorinate the pool properly and use a filtration system to remove it when being discharged into the HoHoKus Brook.

    Simple really. Almost too simple for the VC or “we want a blue pool” crowd.

    I would love to swim in the pond again like I did when I was a kid.

  25. As a pool owner, I don’t understand why the water is discharged into the brook at all. The rate of evaporation for most pools requires water to be added (not discharged). At the end of the season, the chlorine would disipate within one week to levels that could be discharged into the brook. It is my understanding that the pool is constantly being filled with fresh water from the underground wells, and excess being dumped into the brook with very little filtration at all, while the rest of us are on water restriction.

  26. “…Ridgewood is a conservative and utilitarian village…”

    Where is this place? It’s not here.

    Thank God.

  27. 6:40 –

    C’mon… you don’t believe in God.

  28. Dictionary .com –
    Utilitarian -adjective
    pertaining to or consisting in utility
    having regard to utility or usefulness rather than beauty, ornamentation, etc

    Utilitarian Approach -“Greatest good for greatest number”

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