Pool Project Enthusiasts Pledge 5,050 Memberships-$757,500 Yearly

In Graydon Pool, Ridgewood New Jersey, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on January 31, 2009 at 8:58 pm
Probably the most enthusiastic Village Council Meeting seen in many years. But, the most important piece of information was that the New Pool Project Enthusiasts easily out numbered those against the project. That numbered easily counted by the announced “confirmed” numbers of New Pledged Memberships of 5,050 and likely more.

That many would easily translate up to $757,500 annually …. The announcement was met with thunderous applause, even from some Coucilmen, and a sprinkling of jeers from the dishearted. Reality was beginning to sink in… “There will be a new and improved Ridgewood Pool” and the Village Council must not drag its feet and delay it any further. The initial bonding asked for to move the process forward can be secured with confidence that the first $757,500 could be held in an escrow account and released as needed and recommended by legal counsel and auditor. This or other similar process will assure the Village that the early bonding committed to will be secured.

There will be some modifications to the final design recommendation but, that can’t be achieved unless the process begins now. Will it take some hard work?… Of course it will, but when it is a worthwhile endeavor “It Can Be Done” Become a part of it.

From: Dom Nizza

  1. The problem with the 5,050 (actually 4700, the other 350 badges were for seniors, who don’t pay) “pledges” for pool memberships is that no one actually paid for their badges, so what are you actually putting into an escrow accout? If you really want to demonstrate your commitment, pay for your badges now. for a pool that probably won’t be open until 2013.


    Instead of positively worthless pledges, let’s start collecting checks.

    Ask anyone who wants “in” to put some skin into the game by mailing in check for a 2-year membership.

    Let’s see how many people cough up the dough Dom.

  3. If the Ridgewood Pool Project supporters truly believe that the $13.9 million water park will pay for itself via memberships, I suggest they form a corporation, get funding from a bank, then arrange to lease the property from VOR for $1 per year.

    Put your money where your mouths are ladies and gentlemen!

  4. This was to have been a Restoration, not a Rebuild

    Restore = To bring back to or put back into a former or original state: renew, revive

    Rebuild =To remodel or make extensive changes, To build again reconstruct remodel

    It was communicated if this is to work, has possibilities thru making compromises with modifications to the proposal, would be needed. Show the public what modifications can be done first, compromise is needed to bring the project into more favorable light with costs. Ask the public what changes they would like to see. Give the public a choice question and answer for input.

    The proposals appearance is spread out and too busy, a safety point. Costs $14 Million needs cutting. Do we need all that which was presented? 4 pools? 3 large rentable portable gazebos structures? The lazy river? The Jacuzzi sprays? Why have the leisure pool area in with the slides and play area? There’ll be no place for adults who just want to dip relax. New locker rooms with showers (why)? Why rebuild a new bath/changing house building – when it could be updated and save costs (better yet, wear your swimsuit with a cover-up to and from the pool, you live right here in town- it’s a public Community pool not a Country Club). Lets get back to basics.

    As far as you’re saying project enthusiasts easily out numbered those against the project, – how could they not? This was one-sided Campaign. Supporters were told to ‘pack’ the room, so many residents who attempted to show up at town hall, found the parking lot full with SUVs, same on the street in front, some did wind up parking in the King’s lot. The hall only had standing room left or in the doorways (nothing new happens other times), alternative was on main floor room set up with a screen but poor audio and people left.

    The last time someone said action was needed ‘now’ was Bush.

  5. The Ridgewood News and others who attended did not witness that event. That is great spin. Reaity is something else.

    If you have the backers, why don’t you form your own swim club and leave the town alone? With your own club you can do whatever you want, leave us out of it.

  6. I need numbers. 5,050 families?

    How much will the per family charge bring in? How many years do you anticipate this number of families?

    How much is the interest on the bond?

    What are the annual costs – maintenance, insurance, staff etc..

    How many families are members of graydon now?

    What are the current annual costs – maintenance, insurance, staff etc..

    Why is this so “inexpensive” compared to the current pool? How can new construction be cheaper than the current installaion?

  7. Pool people – get a season’s pass to Great Adventure for $99.

  8. Of the ‘confirmed pledges’ how many are Ridgewood residents?

    How many were those that entered total badges ‘0’. Can you confirm that?

    Can you confirm solid pledges for 30 years? The term of the bond. Never mind two year pledges, this is long term.

    If at any time membership levels drop, how do you anticipate to pay the annual bond cost projected approximately at $500,000.yrly? If not, as such, default on the bond loan, causing the burden to fall on the taxpayers resulting with increased taxes.

    Actual calculated figures, rates are needed to be given, known, before any serious consideration can be given.

    you’re welcome,
    a 50yr Ridgewood Taxpayer

  9. This is a huge waste of money by people who think that everything new is better.

    Ridgewood used to have charm. Now the newbies want to trade our little pond in for a water theme park.

    These are the same type of folks who want to turf every field in town, install spy cameras downtown, sell off Pease Library and build a 20 foot high retaining wall which blocks its view from all, and least but not last destroying our Christmas Tree lighting tradition by moving the tree and then… adding insult to injury, decorating it with garbage.

    Gee, I wish these folks, when they decide to leave their Upper West Side haunts in Manhattan, would just move to Montclair and leave us alone here in Ridgewood.

  10. nobody I know goes to graydon. they all have summer homes. i suggest PREselling these committments instead of some phoney website that prob got clicked 100 times by the same ppl…’madoff pool’


    Have there been any discussions about Graydon being in the flood plain?? What would happen to our water park when mother nature brings on another Tropical Storm or Noreaster that floods the area.

    Will the pool people be out there with sandbags along with the village hall workers???

  12. And one other question 8:47…how do they propose to keep the geese out of the new and improved Graydon?

  13. The pool committee would make Madison Ave. proud. This is the biggest piece flummoxing I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately they were addressing politicians who have their hands on our and our children’s money (of course, most of the “committee people” will be moving out of town soon.). I like the idea of prepayment of badges. This would, as someone said, put skin in the game. I’d like to see a prepayment of 5 years, not one.

  14. Those who pledged should put up the money in advance. I don’t want them to change their mind and leave me with the costs.

  15. Why not just call the pool rebuild a “stimulus package.” That way, all the Obama voters and sympathizers will vote for it, no matter its efficacy or soundness.

  16. Can’t the Lacrosse Dads help us with the funding…?

  17. The proposed plan for Graydon looks ridiculous and cheap….lets just make the water cleaner and keep the charm of the pool

  18. The “Lacrosse Dads” (Sports Groups in town) put their money on the line and in writing, guaranteeing the Village that the cost of the Maple Park renovation as well as principal and debt service would be paid without any cost to the Village. 5,000 “pledges” does not get me comfortable that there will not be substantial cost to the taxpayers of Ridgewood over the next 20 to 30 years with the proposed changes to Graydon.

  19. 12:36….reLAX…..

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