Did anyone go, was there any public comments of opposition?”

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Yes, there were comments of opposition. After the presentation, comments were allowed, many supporters commented, and there were several non supporters that also spoke. Opposition showed much concern against the large project, some wanted to keep the pool as it is, several concerns regarding a bond if falls thru, may not work, and the tax implication on taxpayers, some comments about how one sided the respond form by the committee was on the village’s website and no question from the public for a ’yes’ or ’no’, the robo calls, no formal information was sent to the village residents, some want to have a formal vote, the numbers of needed memberships, would they hold up yearly, that would make it self funded, comments of being here several years and each year more large projects go thru causing increased taxes along with the BOE budgets increases on taxes. The mayor extended the time to allow for those who wished to comment, so everyone could get to speak. It was a well balanced amount of comments – pro and opposed.

Then the council members gave their comments. Some support the project. discussions will be ongoing, possibly for a need to meet in the middle of issues.
Guess its back to the drawing board for the pool committee.

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  1. This week’s Ridgewood News reported that more people spoke against the pool than in support of it.

  2. That’s because there was an agreement with Council to have the pool supporters wear stickers of support so that too much time wouldn’t be taken up with comments.

  3. The only numbers that really count are the 5,050 residents pledging over $757,500 dollars of “non-tax” revenue yearly.

    Add that to the next 20 or 30 years to a facility that is “self supporting” becomes more understandable.

    What is on the table is a design concept that will be more acceptable to those “paying” customers. Their interests will become part of the final design. That’s good marketing.

    The “Status Quo” is unacceptable and will not be supported by sufficient paying objectors.

    The shutting down of Graydon now can produce the savings of preparations costs and payroll costs that can be put in reserve for an improved facility that will be successful.

    Village Council, it’s your turn to take the appropriate action to move this project forward.

  4. The council is manipulating the public and the news, as always. Please Mr. Pfund, get outtatown.

  5. 3:30 AM The actual amount of paying badges was 4700. That gives an income of 705,000 dollars. Out of that income must come the operating cost of running the pool and the yearly bond payment of 500,000 dollars. Sounds like you are already coming up short.

    The design of this pool has many flaws. Go back to the drawing board, come up with a basic design, more swimming area and a lower price tag. Than maybe you won’t be fased with so much opposition.

    I believe the word is COMPROMISE.

    Oh and by the way, 3:30 am, don’t lose sleep over the fact that you didn’t get the pool you wanted. Remember there are people in this town who are working one day a week without pay or risk being laid off. NOw that is something to lose sleep over.

  6. “The current pool us unacceptable” – to you maybe. The poolies forget that not everyone is unhappy and the town does not need a $14 million bond right now.

    We all need to separate our wants from needs. Clear water is not clean water and cement is not safer than sand. If parents supervised their children more, Graydon would be perfectly safe. They confuse lifeguards with babysitters. I never had a problem when my 4 kids were young, but then, I always knew that my children’s safety was my responsibility.

  7. Respectfully, it is the responsibity of a municipal pool provider is for their guests….the Village cannot thrust that off on to the parents.

    That is the Law.. Life guards are the life line to swimmers safety… that is their responsibility.

    That murky water makes their job most difficult and their personal safety is also at risk.

  8. Some thoughts on this project:
    1. A survey designed only to gather approval for the new pool was approved by the council and posted on the village website. The information was then interpreted by the Pool Project. Anyone who has ever taken a statistics class knows data should be compiled by an outside source.

    2. Regardless of what is being said now it is fairly obvious that the Village gave permission for the Pool Project to use the school email and phone system to gather “support for the Ridgewood Pool Project.”

    3. This project involves taking on an enormous amount of debt in a time when the village has a serious budget shortage. Layoffs are a real possibility. Besides what those layoffs will mean for the overall safety and upkeep of the town, think what it might mean for the Fourth of July celebration, Ridgewood Run, etc.

    Proponents of the project, including the council, hope and assume the opposition will lose momentum and fade away. If you do not like how this project has been handled so far do something about it! Continue to attend meetings to voice opinions, write the Ridgewood News, and insist this project be put to a town wide vote. That is the only way the people will actually get to speak!

  9. Pfund should resign now. Don’t wait for the next election.

  10. We will layoff staff in the schools but we are willing to build an amusement park? Priorities people!

  11. The council has not demonstrated sound fiduciary responsibility in the past. This is over the top. Pfun Park?

    When we fall short of the money mark we can sell season’s passes on the internet. Maybe we can bundle in some restaurant coupons.

  12. This would be a great publis works project. We can open it up to Bergen County.

  13. 5:36

    I really worry about your children at any pool, ocean, lake etc., if you think that the “lifeguards are the lifeline to the swimmers safety…that is THEIR responsibility” Lifeguards are watching hundreds of people at once. They can stop rough housing and rule breaking, but they are not necessarily going to see one child in trouble (especially in a crowded pool). It is the PARENTS responsibility to never take their eyes of their children. The lifeguards are there for you if you need them, but you as their parent are they’re fist lifeline.

    For the safey of your children, stay away from Graydon or any other body of water.

  14. “Respectfully, it is the responsibity of a municipal pool provider is for their guests….the Village cannot thrust that off on to the parents”

    Are you kidding? All those years that I watched my kids at Graydon for nothing.

    The town would never accept that responsibility. They want the parents to be responsible for their own children.

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