Garrett Statement on Obama Meeting

In Scott Garrett, Stimulus Plan on January 30, 2009 at 6:54 pm

Washington, Jan 27 –

Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) released the following statement regarding President Obama’s meeting with House Republicans today:

“I thank President Obama for his efforts to reach out to Republicans in the conversation about how best to stimulate our economy. The discussion centered on many Republican-offered suggestions, such as tax cuts for small businesses. While he did not embrace any of the ideas offered, I look forward to additional opportunities to share our pro-growth ideas with the president so we can work together to find a solution to the current economic crisis.

“My main concern with this bill is that some Members of Congress are seeking this opportunity to institute major spending projects that are not at all stimulative. We will stimulate the economy by allowing American businesses to grow and create jobs, and allowing American taxpayers to keep more of their money in their wallets.

“The proposed plan on which we will begin debate today includes $200 million to re-sod the National Mall, $600 million for Federal vehicles and $1.3 billion to upgrade the IT systems for various State and Federal agencies. Now, some of the projects listed in this bill are certainly worthy of government funding, but let’s not masquerade these projects as a stimulus. Stimulus is not an excuse to expand government programs. Stimulus means the economy will grow. Stimulus means people will be employed. Stimulus means we empower taxpayers, rather than burden future generations of Americans with unbridled debt.”

Scott Garrett

  1. When there is no family income reducing taxes is hollow comfort. How many monthe can people go without work before they loose their homes? Garrett does not know what it is like to live in fear of bankruptcy, retirement savings half of what they were once were. I do not have gov’t healthcare or pension to fall back on. We need work from the bottom up. I can’t wait for business to pick up.

  2. Right again,Scotty!

  3. Keep him honest Scott!

  4. 6:39pm

    So are you going to get a job sodding the mall? Climbling on a wind turbine? Installing solar panels?

    Reducing taxes will give those who are working more disposable income and corporations more money to spend on employees.

    This bill is mostly pork and Garrett and replublicans made the right call.

  5. Democrats will look at a cow and call it a pig. Aren’t we tired of this sort of thing. Will they ever give it up?

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