This pool project supporter showed up prepared

In Graydon Pool, Ridgewood New Jersey, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on January 29, 2009 at 8:37 pm

Pool project council meeting – No decision made, discussions will be on going. This pool project supporter showed up prepared, did she think that Village Hall would flood?


  1. I suspect the duck made more sense than anyone!!! Why a duck, whya no chicken??

  2. Want to move things faster?
    Announce the closing down of Graydon now!

    The high pledged numbers of memberships will be confirmed if the New Pool Project got underway.

    Substantial costs for the 2009 pool preparation for the season can be saved now!

    Deceptive day-camp enrollment funds require a pool membership and most kids are being charged even if they prefer not to swim in the questionable pool waters.

    Extremely low expected memberships for 2009 would justify moving the Pool Project forward now.

  3. Did anyone go, was there any public comments of opposition?

  4. 5:23 PM said: “Want to move things faster?Announce the closing down of Graydon now! “

    Welcome to the New Ridgewood’s newbee’s way of mentality – speak with an iron fist. Threaten drastic action to get what you want.

    The we want it NoW crowd! the ‘0’ Zero $ down, ‘0’$ we don’t have to pay crowd, the we want More, Bigger, Better, More Prestigious crowd! Out with the antiquated.

    Campaign a ‘one sided’ approach with a ‘Petition’ using the Village website with No democratic choices of yes or no – only a dictated “I agree this project will be self-funding not causing a tax impact”. Flood the VC with support emails.

    Telling supporters to “prove” strong support to the VC by “packing” the village hall. Yes, all the young mommies with little kids packed the room. cute.

    Quess what – Reality – this show of force don’t fly in Ridgewood. Things don’t happen overnight. Newbies demands for all they want, will learn what it’s about – will learn to compromise for whats feasible, practical and sensible and what can be afforded. Namely -The Budget and for All taxpayers.

    Bonds are not guarantees. The village presently now cannot pay the interest on its current bonds. The budget is in debt. The newbies should back up the pool bond in writing, so that They’ll pay it in case the “membership” numbers don’t generate the money for it.

    Saying “The high pledged numbers of memberships will be confirmed if the New Pool Project got underway”..(sounds like ‘Madoff’ promises).
    The pledged numbers of memberships Should Be CONFIRMED and COMMITTEED TO ‘BEFORE’ moving the project up, not “if”.

    This committee is based on saying membership numbers will be high to prove the pool to be self-funded. Prove it – put up the pledges and back them $.

    Ridgewood doesn’t need another Bond they can’t meet or pay, and thus stickin it to all taxpayers.

  5. The pool numbers do not add up and they will stick all taxpayers with the cost of running an amusement park. Do you really think that things will be safer? Clear water does not make for a safe environment. The injuries from the cement pool and slides will more than make up for the sandy bottom.

  6. Things would move faster if anonymous shut up and moves to Glen Rock or Paramus or whenever this pool nirvana happens to be.

  7. oh dear…7:25 is sharing another one of her Stalinist-Leninist-utopian nightmares again

  8. I definitely will be purchasing 5 badges for my family to enjoy Graydon during 2009. Thank goodness we will not be seeing 5:23 there!

  9. The expense on the pool is OUTRAGEOUS. It is open for what, two months and change? All that money for a few weeks of use? Has anyone heard that we are in tough financial times and money needs to be saved for essentials? I guess our WEALTHY westside Mayor could not care less that some of us are worrying about our taxes, our jobs. Come on, this is not the time for this project. SHELVE IT!!!!!!!!

  10. Hey, if nothing is done/changed, then Ridgewood is stuck with a pool with very few members, and the money to keep up the current facility is not cheap either.

    On this issue, Ridgewood is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Something should be done so more people don’t drown or get sick. But nobody seems to know how to pay for it.

  11. Based upon the exceptional track record of Graydon since its opening, there is a pretty good chance that no one is going to drown again for a long time. Sorry to dash the hopes of 12:01.

  12. You can take Graydon and shove it.

    …. down the sewer..

  13. If you hate Graydon then join another pool. An above ground pool is also inexpensive. I do not want to pay for your summer fantasy.

  14. fill it in an make another soccer field for biff and buffie

  15. 6:29 PM “Did anyone go, was there any public comments of opposition?”

    Yes, there were comments of opposition. After the presentation, comments were allowed, many supporters commented, and there were several non supporters that also spoke. Opposition showed much concern against the large project, some wanted to keep the pool as it is, several concerns regarding a bond if falls thru, may not work, and the tax implication on taxpayers, some comments about how one sided the respond form by the committee was on the village’s website and no question from the public for a ’yes’ or ’no’, the robo calls, no formal information was sent to the village residents, some want to have a formal vote, the numbers of needed memberships, would they hold up yearly, that would make it self funded, comments of being here several years and each year more large projects go thru causing increased taxes along with the BOE budgets increases on taxes. The mayor extended the time to allow for those who wished to comment, so everyone could get to speak. It was a well balanced amount of comments – pro and opposed.
    Then the council members gave their comments. Some support the project. discussions will be ongoing, possibly for a need to meet in the middle of issues.
    Guess its back to the drawing board for the pool committee.

  16. Why can’t we spend a large amount to clean up Graydon. Then put a in ground pool on the property with a cost of lets say one million for both projects.

    Let’s remember clear water pools have lot of maintenance and are not any safer than sandy bottoms.

    Non swimmers are not allowed in deep water and they must inforce the buddy system and be told to notify the life guards immediately if there is a problem.

    Parents must watch children of all ages at all times, they are not the responsible of the lifeguards only.

  17. A: The YMCA/YWCA has two perfectly good pools year round-a better bargain for the ultrafussy.
    B: There is now a great deal of space for leisurely swimming.
    C: Do the geese know that it will now be an upscale pool & unconsoleably return back to the duck pond?
    D: Will it turn into an eyesore as the Pease Library surely will once those SUV's are parked on Pease's Cliff.

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