Some Village Workers to Be Laid Off?

In new jersey fiscal crisis on January 29, 2009 at 5:56 pm

It is being reported that union leaders representing Ridgewood police, fire, public works, and Village Hall employees were formally advised that layoffs would begin today, Thursday, January 29, 2009, if their respective memberships did not agree to pay cuts and other concessions.

It is also being reported that the Village plans to cut some municipal services, including a reduction in the solid waste pickup schedule, within the coming 2-3 weeks.

These measures are being taken in response to a reported $600K shortfall in operating income vs. projected budget.

As we get more details, we will pass them along.


  1. how about the teachers union?? immune from the financial crisis?

  2. “how about the teachers union?? immune from the financial crisis?”

    Wasn’t there a post several weeks back indicating that Dr. Fishbein spoke about laying off a large number of non-tenured teachers?

  3. Sounds crazy to me. But the town will spend on Graydon Water Park, something that will devote more traffic and accidents to an already congested area; and lets add that to the 18 mill parking garage with retail, and add more traffic and accidents so basically when there is a life threatening issue be it fire, personal or someone needs a professional, it will be all that more difficult to get there in addition to the fact that these departments will have less manpower to do their jobs. What will happen when everyone is busy on different calls and can’t get away to attend the next one. I guess the Village wants to make everyone’s lives more difficult. HOW about forgetting all of this unnecessary spending on bs and wait until the economy comes out from underneath itself!

  4. I feel for the employees and their families and certainly don’t welcome the loss of services — but we have a great deal of waste at the top of each department. We’ve let those at the top run amok too long. And I suppose TenHoeve is still looking for an assistant to help him stay awake during those long winter days??

  5. All of you who think the teachers union is immune- look for teacher layoffs, larger class sizes, reduction in extra curricular clubs and activities, and the list goes on. What hurts teachers hurts kids and hurts parents.

  6. THE VILLAGE HAS A $600k SHORT FALL AND WANTS TO REDUCE SERVICES PROVIDED TO RESIDENTS! THEN THEY ANNOUNCE THIS: “It was announced during Wednesday evening’s Village Council Work Session that Council members have chosen Onyx Equities, LLC of Woodbridge, NJ as project developer of the proposed $18 million parking garage/retail complex on North Walnut Street.” DO THEY TAKE THE AVERAGE VOR RESIDENT TO BE A COMPLETE IDIOT!

  7. any cuts=across the board. If the FD, PD and others feel the pinch so will the teachers. If the teachers union CARED about more than milking the taxpayers, they would pay a portion of their health care..as the other employees do.. the gravy train is OVER. Private industry is feeling the pinch and so too will the unions who don’t get back to reality.

  8. So let’s just keep adding to our debt service. It seems like a wise thing to do. A government on credit cards. Boy, what a mess.

  9. 6:30- We DO pay a portion of our healthcare here in Ridgewood. Get the facts first, post second.

  10. Hello, two different budgets. $600K shortfall in the Village budget does not mean a shortfall in the BOE budget.

  11. hey 958,, how about YOU tell us what YOU pay for your top shelf health benefits….the ones that your thug union leaders threatened to STRIKE OVER?? teachers dont contribute as the other unionized employees do. FACT POSTED


  13. I am 9:58…. where did I talk about striking? I am confused.
    And YES, we do contribute to our health plans. Some other districts do not, we do. Why do I need to tell you how much? Do you share personal info on this blog? I am telling you in no uncertain terms that I do contribute. Now you want to argue about how much? Come on now. First people say we do not pitch in, now we do not pitch in enough.
    And, 12:05, there IS indeed a shortfall in the BOE budget. Spending has been frozen for the remainer of this school year, cuts will be made for next. Shortfalls all around.

  14. You want to cut a lot from the budget right away. Stop giving health care to every councilperson and other elected and appointed part time staff. They work about two hours a week for the town and get health benefits for life. Does Jane Reilly really deserve health coverage from us?

  15. i guess you folks have a short memory. the last time there was contract negotiation with the teachers, they threatened to go on strike over the ‘ridiculous’ proposal for them to contribute to their health plan as the other village employees do. Their union tactics worked by pressuring the parents by REFUSING to write letters of recommendation for RHS seniors applyin to college. “NOT MY YOB MAN”..’not in my contract’.. well i for one did not forget. THE BOE caved in and the teachers got what they want. As far as YOU paying 4:09…im talkin about the monthly premium..not a five dollar COPAY. and to 1;38 .,.if you never saw a teacher’s strike in NJ then you are hopeless. Either way..the town needs to make the teachers contribute towards the cost of their health plan..the BEST plan available..AND downgrade them to an HMO just like the residents who pay taxes have to live with.

  16. I work for the town, I do yard waste and leves,i only make 12.50 and no health plan. so we all dont make a lot of money .

  17. 5:38, they even resent paying the $5 copay…time to come into the real world the rest of us live in!

  18. i think the town should provide a basic HMO to the workers, especially those who make 12.50 per hour like 10:35AM.. and if the workers want the preferred provider ‘cadillac’ plan..they can pay the differnece themselves. all good things come to an end..the teachers union milked the town for long enough..they should be thankful they have a job in this economic environment… and get real before they lose it all (LIKE the united auto workers union did)

  19. * Wrong again on the amount of my copay

    * Wrong again, on the idea of my not making a monthly contribution to my premium. It gets deducted right from my check.

    I wish people would not be so bitter about the benefits that teachers have access to. We have high responsibility for mediocre salary. In my mind, the hours, the benefits and the satisfaction I get from working with students all made it a worthwhile career choice. Is there anything wrong with that? You obviously did not choose teaching as a profession. I will not hold that against you, if you give me the same courtesy. Now, can we discuss something productive?

  20. to 5:11,,, mediocre salary? $100,000 a year (9 MONTH year) to teach volleyball> give me a break.. and your benefits are a public record so how about enlightening us the amount 'deducted' from your 'mediocre' pay? and for what PLAN? A single payer with bluecross blueshield would expect to pay almost $2000 a month for a single..$4000 a month for a family.. so put up or shut up

  21. The hostility toward teachers on this blog is shameful.

  22. I’m a teacher too, and I make 50K, not the 100K referenced above. I don’t know where some of the kooks get their ideas that every teacher makes 100K!

  23. typical union tactics calling people names when they state what is a public record. teachers here are overpaid and underworked. make sure you leave work by 330 so you can get home to watch oprah..then you have all summer to sit on your ass doing nothing. and if you dont like it, im sure one of the thousands of underpaid NYC teachers facing a layoff would like your job. the students test results prove you are simply mediocre and Ridgewood is no longer the envy of the other towns. its a real shame to see lackluster teachers bitching while our students dont live up to expectations due to their mediocre instruction. the facts speak. cannot be disputed no matter what kind of union spin your leader tries with the press.

  24. 6:30- you are a very bitter person with obvious issues you are obviously not happy with your choice of profession (maybe you don’t have one??)
    If you have children I suggest you move to a town with lower taxes and homeschool them

  25. 8;49, the last person who has any right to an opinion is the one on the receiving end of my money. your ‘gravy train’ ride will be over soon. say goodbye to milking the residents who WERE willing to pay for results. the results ? Ramsey and others have better schools so your PRODUCT=STUDENTS= a direct result of AVERAGE teachers being overpaid. the pay should be results based…and since the results are BELOW what is expected…the right thing to do is replace the teacher (oh i forgot we have UAW rules =tenure for seniority instead of excellence)..OR cut the benefits.. big mouths like you help us ‘rally’ the troops so keep posting blabbermouth. I’ll save your posts for the next contract negotations..and dont forget to leave school by 330p so you dont feel overworked before your winter ‘break’..

  26. 8:49- good luck I am afraid you need more to do with your time

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