Reader says,"Sounds like Mr Aronsohn is taking the right position. "

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$18 million dollars – for a parking garage and retail stores? Have you walked down Ridgewood ave east or west, or franklin ave, or broad street? Vacant stores are popping up everywhere. The drive thru coffe shop is gone. The new storefront on franklin where the car dealer was is still empty.
WAMU on Ridgewood is going to be empty w/in days(merging with Glenn Rock Branch, Chase doesnt need 3 branches in one town). Several other store fronts stand vacant as well. So lets build more space and pretend the rent from the stores will help pay for the behemoth above it. I am not sure, but it sure seems like the economy in the US is in trouble. It might come to a surprise to many, but Ridgewood IS feeling the effects, even if many dont want to beleive it, with $250,000 playground drives, $13.9m pools and more more vacant retail space. There are over 30 homes in foreclosure status for sale in Ridgewood. Sounds like Mr Aronsohn is taking the right position.

Paradysz Matera

  1. A deceptive post…

    We can do better than this phony thread…

    Enough junk..

  2. deceptive?!?!?!?!!? i guess that means you have NOT walked thru town lately. or are wearing the rose your rose colored glasses.

  3. deceptive?!?!?!?!!? ….118 your nose is brown

  4. I personally found the new Coldwell Banker that opened on Franklin Avenue an interesting addition given that we’re in the midst of a housing slump.

  5. Sounds like Aronsohn is starting to earn his keep!

  6. Sounds like Aronsohn is trying to become a Republican. Maybe he thinks this tact might jump start that dead politcal “career” of his.

  7. Aronsohn probably wrote the post. No better PR person than oneself. It’s affordable too.

  8. The parking garage/retail complex is for the LONG TERM prosperity of Ridgewood’s commercial district. Talking about this store or that bank being close right now is stupid, near-sighted thinking by scared nincompoops.

    People should get their heads out of their you-know-what and support the project for the good of Ridgewood.

  9. That’s not a new Coldwell Banker…they moved from Maple Ave.

  10. Aronsohn is not against the parking garage.

    He is just against the parking garage RIGHT NOW.

    From his own website:

    Parking Garage

    The parking problem in the business district is notorious. Too many cars. Too few spaces. And the situation will likely get worse with the planned renovation to the train station, which is scheduled to start next year.

    For years, consideration has been given to the construction of a parking garage, and there are a handful of proposals on hand in the Village Manager’s office. All would alleviate some of the parking problems. All would provide additional retail space. But all would also have the potential to negatively impact the flow of traffic and temporarily exacerbate any additional parking problems caused by the train station renovation.

    As a temporary measure, I would therefore suggest merely developing the designated location – on the corner of Franklin Avenue and North Walnut Street – into an expanded parking lot alongside the adjacent lot already in operation.

    This would save money… save time… and would alleviate at least some of the parking problem in the very near term. If necessary, the development of an above ground parking facility could be revisited in a few years – after the train station project is completed.

    Simply stated, it would be wrong to overwhelm the downtown with two major construction projects happening simultaneously.


  11. Did you know that the current Walnut Street parking lot was obtained through eminant domain in 1971 because they wanted to build a parking garage, but it was always too expensive. It could have been paid off long ago. And what was the parking lot before it was condemned… a parking lot which the town rented. What an improvement!

  12. 113 the answer is YES

  13. Since 1971, the Village has managed without the parking garage as past administrations have determined that the cost is not justified. There has been no material detriment to the development of the DBD. We don’t need any more white elephant public projects in Ridgewood.

  14. I agree with Aronson on this issue. We don’t know yet whether the US (and Ridgewood) is heading into a DEPRESSION. Why constrain Ridgewood’s financial flexibility with a large amount of debt when the village may be facing serious budget issues over the next few years. We should be postponing this and other non-essential projects, such as artificial turf palying fields, until we can get a better sense of how bad the economy is going to get. In the meantime, I like the idea of having a ground-level parking lot at the location in question. That will add a fairly large number of parking spaces.

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