Mayor Hints He Won’t Seek Re-election In 2010

In David T Pfund, Graydon Pool, Ridgewood New Jersey, VC on January 29, 2009 at 5:57 pm

Mayor David T. Pfund dropped a bombshell during last night’s Village Council Work Session when he hinted that he would not seek re-election to the Village Council prior to the expiration of his current term in 2010.

The Mayor commented that he would not be serving on the Village Council in 2011, which is when the proposed $13.9 million “Graydon Water Park” would open if construction begins as proposed in August of 2010.

It is being reported that Mayor Pfund is supporting every major capital project currently under consideration by Council members, including:

The $2.9 million purchase of vacant property on West Saddle River Road for preservation as open space

An $18 million parking garage/retail complex on North Walnut Street

The $13.9 million “Graydon Water Park”

The Fly wonders if Mr. Pfund is supporting these expensive projects only because he won’t be around to deal with the mess that will surely follow if our economy continues to go down the tubes, and the Village has trouble paying off the interest on any municipal bonds sold to raise cash.

GigaGolf, Inc.

  1. What were the comments from the public or the VC on the pool project last night?

  2. and then there is his connection to Valley

  3. Why is he waiting so long to leave — sooner the better!!! And can he take Mancuso with him???

  4. Why would ANYBODY want to run for anything in this town? There’s no money in it — and unlike in many locales — no esteem or respect in it. I haven’t decided whether people in public office here are burdened with more than their share of public spirit or just a wider masochistic streak than is healthy.

  5. 443 its called the democratic process ,a process many seem to want to end…

  6. He’ll probably wind up in the county government.

  7. thank you, david… for leaving

  8. Wahoooooooooo!!

  9. Let’s have a farwell party for Pfund. Let’s have it after he leaves to celebrate that he is gone.

    He’s pulling a Jane Reilly – spend our money recklessly then leave.


  10. The problem is that too many residents have an attitude like that of 4:43. One should run for public office because he or she believes in public service not because one is looking for esteem, respect, or money.

  11. It’s not like he’s spending the money alone you morons. Your little friends KK and AZ are spending right along with him.

  12. spend spend spend like the world is going to blow up.hahahahahaha.i dont care iam moveing to the moon.

  13. 12:58 Was I speaking over your head? Coming forward for public service in this town seems to mean little more than volunteering to have your name dragged through the mud no matter what you do. The taking of any position, the making of any decision, results in smears, epithets, accusations of corruption, idiocy, and malpractice. And the reward is?

  14. I guess it is time to cash in on the Valley project

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