there outa be a law …….

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in theory, it sounds OK. But in reality, how does a truckers do it? A truck’s roof is just a thin sheet of metal. You can’t walk on it. If it’s covered with ice/snow how do you propose it gets cleaned off? There are no facilities offering this service, the practicality of which would be more than perplexing. A few major trucking companies have a device that looks like a large guillotine that can be adjusted to the proper height where a trailer can be driven under it, scooping of snow but not ice. The area has to be cleared after each truck. Small trucking companies haven’t the finances or the space to incorporate this idea into their yard/parking area. We have many Canadian truckers coming through NJ out of the great northern snow belt covered with snow and ice. What are they to do? They’ll just have to avoid NJ, causing goods to be trans-shipped from areas outside of NJ thereby making the cost of goods to increase significantly. This proposal sounds good; looks good; and feels good to the politicians but it will be another nail in the coffin we call NJ.

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  1. how about something similiar to a car wash where the truck goes through and hot water gets rid of the snow and ice..??

  2. There is a ‘staging area’ where the thruway meets RT17 where the truckers leave ‘dollies’ so they can haul double trailers. Simply put one of those ‘scrapers’ there… as the above poster suggested..it can have hot water… and..the device will be self supporting since they trucker can pay for it each usage..perhaps with an EZ-pass. The flying ice must stop. Any excuse that trucks would avoid NJ is LAME.

  3. one great opportunity for this horrible economy…

  4. They are a hazard for other drivers and they don’t own the road.

    They can figure something out if they want to. The carwash idea was good. Airlines deice planes. Sorry about the dilema but my safety is worth it.

    Time to think outside the truck.

  5. What about truckers inside NJ? Are they to start their day going to these truck washes? And I'm sure that no community would contest this siting idea. They wouldn't even let Pilot update their facility on rte. 17 in Mahwah never mind having miles of backed up trucks waiting in line to get washed. I've noticed that no one has addressed the costs involved in this washing idea.
    Businesses have moved out of NJ in droves because the vocal minority doesn't want a manufacturing plant in their town. They don't want truck traffic or construction noise. The population of this state keeps shrinking because no one can find a job here. It's a government job or nothing. Our kids can't afford to live here. Our parents are forced out of state to retire when they would rather be around family. If we keep allowing the politicians to pass these suburban fantasy laws we will really be going under faster and faster. A state that offers only housing and government jobs cannot survive. We've become a state that has residents making >$100K per capita and those making nothing. The middle class, our youths and senior citizens are forced elsewhere.

  6. “a trucks roof is just a thin piece a metal.”

    so it can hold a ton of ice and snow but not the weight of one man. ur an idiot…

  7. If I am carrying a liece of lumber in my vehicle, and it extends past my bumper, I am required to tie a red “flag” on the end. It is all about safety, and it is all OK.

  8. Have you all forgotten that it was a Ridgewood man (husband and father) who was KILLED several years ago by ice flying off a truck and crashing through his windshield? It’s a great law, long overdue.

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