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Hi PJ…. we have a monopoly cable company here who charges for internet service based on 10mb download 2mb upload ‘best effort’...the evening speeds are about 20% of what we pay for…. so now that we do have a choice of FIOS from Verizon or Optimum online from cablevision…ask the readers to do a SPEED check in the evening, after dinner, in order to compare results between the two services. Using http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ <http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/> click on the New York City server, and post the results. Upload and download. Then we can see who is getting the promised results for their money.

The speed checks before 3pm will be fine…after 3 the service declines to unnacceptable so please make sure the posters check after dinner! keep up the good work with the blog

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  1. Interesting post… I have cable Internet connection… without any problem.

    “Speed”? It’s not slow and it’s fine. Some other providers are Slow… Fast… and perhaps often half fast.

    Typical for Ridgewood.

  2. well i hate to knock cable vision ,unlike Verizon if you have an issue they actually try to fix it instead of just sending a bigger bill ….i have had some speed issues myself perhaps because of the way the cable delivers at three when the kds get home a lot more people sign on sucking up bandwidth

  3. 3:30 pm

    verizon fios

    Download Speed: 9879 kbps (1234.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 1849 kbps (231.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

  4. 3:46pm


    Download Speed: 8722kbps (1096 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 1866kbps (233.3KB/sec transfer rate)


  5. current speed cablevison 1040 down (Not the 10-15,000 expected) and 2035 up (2-3000 expect so that fine)
    Thanks for the post i’m calling to get it fixed

  6. try http://speedtest.net/ also.

    Do either Verizon or Cablevision offer a guarantee about download speeds?

  7. Last Result:
    Download Speed: 1517 kbps (189.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 2060 kbps (257.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
    optimum online.. 5pm

  8. Verizon Fios 5:55 p.m.
    Download speed: 19,773kbps(2471.6KB/sec transfer rate
    Upload: 4,632kbps (579 KB/sec transf)
    Fios internet,tv,phone.

  9. 6:08 pm d/l speed 7116 kbps
    u/l speed 1927 kbps

    My husband uses Verizon FIOS at his office, and was offline for 2 whole days with no one able to answer why and countless hours spent on the phone with customer service. I will stick with Optimum Online thank you very much. No problems and about 3 years into it.

  10. i doubt either ‘guarantees’..but I ‘think’ cablevision advertises 15/3mb …nobody notices speed ‘issues’ until webpages take longer than usual to load (sometimes its the host of the website)..a speed check will confirm that.

  11. i agree optimum has been very reliable. has a few speed issues this week and they assure me they are working on it. could just be this ‘node’.

  12. FIOS is the rock star in the room.
    You cant beat their Fibre Optics network for clarity and consistent speed.

    Keep optimum if you’d like but you don’t know what you are missing by not having FIOS.

  13. my prob is not with speed but service and lets face it verizon sucks there answer to everything is charge you more

  14. give us your FIOS speeds. and post the time so we can compare accurately. I am hopeful that optitmum is addresssing the speed issue..its double where it was a few days ago…not as High as earlier in the day but sufficient. 6:33PM speed:
    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 6973 kbps (871.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 2096 kbps (262 KB/sec transfer rate)

  15. i spoke too sooon: 708PM optonline:
    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 3555 kbps (444.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 2053 kbps (256.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 5199 kbps (649.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 2098 kbps (262.3 KB/sec transfer rate

  16. cablevision has advised me they acknowledge a speed issue with a particular node and will address it. KEY POINT HERE>..if you dont do a speed check and dont report a problem…they wont be aware of it and it wont get resolved. Much prefer to stay with the cable so im glad to hear they will fix it

  17. Re: “…lets face it verizon sucks there answer to everything is charge you more”

    Have you ever had FIOS / Verizon?

    My package pricing hasn’t changed.
    Even when it was up for renewal, a quick call gets the currently advertised discount rate.

    Now if I want to add services (faster internet, more movie/sports packages, etc, then my fees will go up (just like optimum).

    I have had optimum and was sick of living in the land of “my-charges-have creeped-up-another-few-dollars-every-6-months-even-though-I-made-no-changes-to-my-service” or my favorite is when optimum “rebundles” all of the packages and do not honor your current package and bump you up to the (higher cost) comparable package.

    And optimumn’s service had improved in the later years that I used them, for years the service stank. Calls to optimum were exercises in frustration.

    By contrast, the FIOS install techs were professional, courteous, did a great job and left no mess. Whenever I need to talk to someone at Verizon (FIOS has its own service number) I’ve been met with courtesy, KNOWLEDEGE and professionalism.

    Quite a pleasure.

    On a pure COST comparison, I think optimum edges out FIOS by a few bucks – but nothing significant. When you compare the service, the technology, the consistency and the quality, FIOS is well worth it even if it does cost a few dollars more in some cases.

  18. fios
    17,000kbps down
    5,000kbps up

    Having setup numerous small business networks, servers and being a certified apple consultant for years I doubt that anybody actually realizes the cost of a dedicated connection that delivers the promised bandwidth. There is a reason that T1,T3,OC3 any true business class service is astronomically more expensive then a cable or fios line, those providers guarantee a dedicated speed and uptime. Cable customers will share a allotted amount of bandwidth based on a certain area so if your neighbors kid is downloading dvd’s all night and a few houses down another person is using a lot of bandwidth, your bandwidth will suffer. If you are unhappy with that they have a business class service run to your house. After having fios for years I have found that the bandwidth drops a lot less even at peak hours unlike cable. I would also recommending using the website speedtest.net as it tracks your speed tests based off of ip and also gives you a ping time, which is a essential piece of info when testing your connection.

    To the other commenter who says cablevision says they had no idea that a node was experiencing issues is bs, they have network techs monitoring the whole grid 24/7.

    Also fios does bring a glass fibre line into your house unlike cablevision which has a fibre line run to a node in your neighborhood then coax cable out from there, which is the same technology that has been used for years, there is a limit to what they can pump down that cable. Also fios installs a battery backup with their service so if your power goes out you can still use your phones. Fios is amazing becuase they rewired my whole house which is 80yrs old for free and were here from 8am-8pm, I had issues for years with cablevisions service trying to rewire a tv in my house and they never got it right. Overall I would say if you can get fios get it because its a solid amazing technology and only getting better.

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