Another Idiot Law Advances:Bill to mandate removal of snow, ice advances

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Drivers, including truckers, would have to clean snow and ice from their vehicles before hitting the road, under a bill released by the Assembly Transportation Committee on Monday.

The committee unanimously released an amended bill over protests by trucking industry representatives that the proposed requirement is unsafe for truck drivers and relies on technology they say doesn’t exist here.

“There are still problems. This could be the last straw for some (small) trucking companies,” said Sam Cunningham of Spring Lake, who handles government relations for the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers.

Safety experts said ice and snow flying off the tops of tractor-trailers and other large trucks is a hazard.

“We know that people have been killed and people have suffered property damage,” said Pam Fischer, state Division of Traffic Highway Safety director.

In a poll of 1,000 drivers by AAA clubs of New Jersey, seven of 10 motorists support such a law, which would allow police to pull over vehicles being driven with ice and snow on them or flying off them, said David Weinstein, AAA spokesman.

“What we’re talking about is 2,000 pounds of ice when they leave it there (on the roof of an 18-wheeler),” said William Margaretta, New Jersey Safety Council executive director. He referred to a transportation study provided by trucking industry officials saying that is the weight of an inch of snow and ice on a 48-foot-long trailer.

Trucking industry officials said federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules prohibit drivers from climbing on the roof of a 13-foot-high tractor-trailer to clean off snow and ice.

Fischer said equipment to clear trucks of ice and snow exists in Canada, but local trucking officials said they know of no such equipment here.

  1. Michael Eastman, formerly of Gateway Road in Ridgewood, was killed several years ago on Route 17 in Paramus as a result of ice flying off of a truck into his windshield. Mike was survived by a wife and two children. His daughter, Nicole, is a teacher in the Ridgewood Public School system.

    This law is absolutely necessary, not idiotic.

  2. Not only should the big 18 wheelers have to clean ice/snow but ALL cars and SUV’s as well. There was flying ice and snow coming off many a car on Rte 80 after the last storm – It is very dangerous!

  3. and your so dumb you cant think for your self?

    sorry just another nj scam to give out tickets and make money

  4. just another stupid law for stupid people welcome to the “nice “‘ tyrany on NJ

  5. How and why is the law stupid? Do you know anyone that has been killed due to snow not being cleared off? Ignorance at it’s finest.

  6. i cant believe you are so irresponsible you want the goverment to run your life …move to cuba !

    and are you really that dumb you cant think for your self?

  7. 10:34 I cant wait to stop you for having snow on your car. šŸ™‚
    You are right, writing tickets makes money, but it makes money for good things too, like training EMT’s and supporting safe driving campaigns and teaching kids about traffic safety and to look both ways.

  8. sorry buddy i wipe my car off i dont need a idiot law to tell me to do so, like you ,I cant wait till they ticket your but into extinction..lol

  9. and whats this bull oabout the use of the ticket money it called graft cozine spends it on his speeding tickets lol

  10. yes i agree with 1139 a fool and his money are easily parted …..i guess the other posters dont have enough sence to wipe off there cars they need mommy to tell them to do it hehehehehehehhehe

  11. The problem isn’t with sedans and smaller vehicles, it is with trucks,vans and suvs. And yes we do need a law. Otherwise nothing will change and other people will be killed. I remember the incident one of the posters commented on. I was friendly with the wife. The accident devastated their family. Also, when did people listen to their ” mommies “? Every thing from seat belts, littering,etc. had to be put into law to effect change. Too bad, but that’s the way it is.

  12. how many people were run over in Ridgewood by cars from thatnksgiving to christmas ,I was unaware its was legal to do so ….silly people

  13. another sab story ,sorry i am sick of it grow up and run your own life i dont need a law to do the obvious and if you do you should nt be driving to begin with

  14. yesa and they are gonna use the money to save us from our selfs ..BS what about all the other money they get wghat are they doing with that oh yea 14 million on graydon,50 million on th train station ,,110 million on the parking garage ,9 million on the village hall NO THANK YOU


  15. 10:34 / 12:42 is your typical uneducated reactionary, thinking that the big bad government is out to get her…too funny!

    Meanwhile, the family of Mr Eastman are probably glad to see this law passed — better late than never.


  17. and so this law would have prevented the death ?

    I dont think so

  18. all these laws realy helped the women who got run over this fall

  19. The ice covered trucks are a hazard. Since they do not remove the snow/ice on their own we need a law. It is like mandating that people shovel their sidewalks.

  20. It is like mandating that people shovel their sidewalks.
    maybe next snow you remind some people of this lol

  21. with the terrible driving and people getting run over in town this is the bull you worry about ?

  22. I theory, it sounds OK. But in reality, how does a truckers do it? A truck’s roof is just a thin sheet of metal. You can’t walk on it. If it’s covered with ice/snow how do you propose it gets cleaned off? There are no facilities offering this service, the practicality of which would be more than perplexing. A few major trucking companies have a device that looks like a large guillotine that can be adjusted to the proper height where a trailer can be driven under it, scooping of snow but not ice. The area has to be cleared after each truck. Small trucking companies haven’t the finances or the space to incorporate this idea into their yard/parking area. We have many Canadian truckers coming through NJ out of the great northern snow belt covered with snow and ice. What are they to do? They’ll just have to avoid NJ, causing goods to be trans-shipped from areas outside of NJ thereby making the cost of goods to increase significantly. This proposal sounds good; looks good; and feels good to the politicians but it will be another nail in the coffin we call NJ.

  23. how many accidents have been caused by people weaving to avoid the snow? In addition to the fatal of our resident… we obviously need the law since the lazy ass inconsiderate drivers dont broom off their cars and trucks. how can anyone argue with a law that mandates common sense? unless you are an IDIOT.

  24. To 2:08: Yes, if the law would have been adhered to, it would have prevented the local death. His car was hit in the wind shield and shattered by a huge chunk of ice that hit him directly and killed him. The trucking companies will find a cost effective way to handle this situation and if we pay a higher cost for goods because of it then that is the real cost of those goods.

  25. it will be another nail in the coffin we call NJ

    & the ludicrous apocalyptic rhetoric continues…

  26. SO 1137 you mean if the law is adhered to there would not be any accidents?

    what about the people who got run over this year in Ridgewood I didn’t KNOW it was legal to run people down? …

    ps 801
    the driving sucks as dicused on this blog …around here and you havnt figured that out yet ?

  27. i am sorry for the gentlemen and his family but no amount of stupid laws is going to help ,people need to lear how to drive ! its so bad i dont even nkow why they bother with drunks ,its the everyday driving that scares me…

  28. 7:55 learn how to type.

  29. The law has nothing to do with good driving. Innocent people swerve to avoid the flying ice, endangering themselves and their passengers.

    Some people like to talk on phones while driving. Now there is a law to stop them.

  30. Yes, since they passed that law I haven’t seen one person using their cell phone.

  31. It is unbelievable that anyone would question this law. Even if only some of the drivers adhere to it, even if only some of the trucks get cleaned off, it could save one life. Michael Eastman’s death was horrific and sensless and completely preventable. And the driver whose truck shed the ice just kept on going down Route 17, probably completely oblivious that the “noise” he heard as the ice dislodged from his truck was a lethal weapon that was about to kill someone’s husband, father, son, brother, friend.

  32. You can get a ticket for speeding too. These laws are such a burden. HoHoHoHoHoHoHoHoHoHoHo

  33. Anyone driving behind a car/truck with ice/snow on it has the obligation to stay away from it. When has your own personal safety become someone else’s responsibility? I’m starting to think we should change the name of this State to Cocoon or Atlantis or the Garden of Eden or the Fountain of Youth. There is a naivete, no an arrogance, that we must live in a risk free environment. Was it Thomas More who named his book, Utopia? Well Utopia translated means “no place”.

  34. 7:53 –

    You don’t get this. Michael Eastman was not killed by ice from a truck that was in front of him travelling in the same direction. He was not tailgating a snow-covered truck. Here is what happened.

    He was driving northbound on Route 17. The ice dislodged from a truck that was travelling southbound. That ice sailed through the air with the forward velocity of the truck and headed straight into Mike’s windshield. Let’s say the truck was going 50 mph. And let’s say Mike was going 50 mph. The combined impact of the ice with Mike’s car was therefore 100mph, give or take.

    If the truck had been in front of him travelling in the same northbound direction the impact speed of the ice would actually have been much less.

    The truck was not in front of him. It was southbound when he was northbound. How dare you suggest that he had some responsibility. There is nothing Mike could have done.

  35. No one is talking about Mike except you.

  36. Whoever is talking about Mike makes it seem more urgent, putting an actual name on the law. Maybe it helps some of the morons understand why the law matters.

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