The last renovation at RHS initially included a swimming pool

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The last renovation at RHS initially included a swimming pool. The vocal minority yelled and screamed that it was a waste of money and the BOE caved in and withdrew the concept upon the first bond issue being defeated saving $400,000. (estimated cost of the pool at that time by the Architects.) Now we’re looking at $13.9 million because we don’t have a pool for our Health and Phys Ed Departments and we have a person who is very involved in the Ridgewood Swim Team Programs helping to shape the project. (Which I have no problem with) The swim people have made no secret of their wants/needs for a year around indoor swim facility. To think that eventually the lap pool proposed for Graydon will remain “open” would be ignorant. If you think the proposal looks like Wally World now, just wait until the plexiglass bubble gets built over the top of the lap pool.


  1. The vocal minority yelled and screamed that it was a waste of money

    “Same as it ever was” — Talking Heads

  2. Yep, it appears that’s what could happen – applying the old saying, how to get two birds in the bush with one stone. Deceptive practice. Also known as a Trojan horse. Take a look at the names on the committees steering committee – anyone similar to the field turf project?

    What’s unethical about this, from what I’ve heard, is the plan to use the adult Olympic size lap pool M-F 9-5 is for the H.S. swim team, so that pool would not be available to the adult community public residents and non residents during that time. What’s the sense? The community summer use time is 3 months.

    Yes, there are taxpayers very concerned about this project and the scope of the design and use, for a Very Good Reason, $13.9 Million and the debt that could fall on the taxpayers for many years to come. How did a projected $2 Million turn into $13.9 Million? Taxpayers do not want anymore increased taxes. Stop rampant spending and sugar coated projects. Save Graydon!

  3. 10:59
    Speaking up and or showing up at the VC meeting on the 28th is essential for stopping this project from going any further.

  4. So, where is all this money going to come from Lucy?

  5. I think that this issue should be voted on. When the school budget failed several years ago, the board broke it up into three pieces to be voted upon a second time. The smallest part of the proposal (Around $3 million) included the pool and was defeated.

    I want to vote on this. Let’s put it up for a vote. The council should not be counted on to make the decision. The project as I see it right now looks ridiculous, and the dome is not even in the picture. Come back with something realistic and nice looking (not Dorney Park) and maybe it will pass.

  6. graydon as it stands is a failing facility. declining attendance for the past 8 years. residents don’t want to use it. It is easy to criticize, but what is your plan? what have you done about graydon over the past few years as you did (or did not) notice the declining attendence? Stand up and present an option, establish a well thought out plan that individuals are interested in and are willing to do something about. Present your idea for public comment and critique, have some facts behind what you present. Dialogue is welcome, individuals can agree to disagree as long as the discussion is constructive. As for me, I believe that this town needs to look to the future and build a modern facility that will bring both young and old to a great new pool! The new pool will be what graydon USED TO BE.

  7. these new people in town are smoking something. whats next? indoor hockey rink? indoor tennis court? tell your stinkn brat to go get a JOB after school

  8. “graydon as it stands is a failing facility. declining attendance for the past 8 years. residents don’t want to use it. It is easy to criticize, but what is your plan?”

    Who said that we need to do anything? There is no emergency.And there is no money.

    In many projects that need approval the planners “go big”. If there is resistance they can modify the plan to make it more acceptable. I’m waiting for plan E.

  9. The most aredent proponents are those with children on the swim team. Their kids will graduate and the rest of us will be stuck with paying for their self-centernedness.

  10. Could we not just come up with some way to keep the water clean? Complaint after complaint is about the fact that the water is dirty and kids get sick. No one complains about the size or layout otherwise, do they?

    Is there trully nothing that can be done to keep the water clean?

  11. What about just building some regular pools? Perhaps a simple adult pool and a kiddie pool would work? The argument that there would be less swimming area doesn’t really hold water as a large percentage of the existing lake isn’t used for swimming. The places for which residents are abandoning Graydon (SRV, Indian Trails, etc.) don’t have any fancy waterpark-like features. What people really want is a place to escape the heat that has clean water.

  12. I have a plan.

    Leave Graydo exactly as it is with one improvement.

    Which is a outflow filter. This filter will remove chlorine from the water before it is discharged in Hohokus Brook.

    That way, more chlorine can be used to help keep the water cleaner.

    By the way, I actually like Graydon the way it is and attend ofter (15 times at least last season).

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