More complaints about emails from BF parents list?

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While they are doing the robo call investigation they should check why the email address [BF ridge]bfridge@ridgewood.k12.nj.us sent out emails to all BF parents from the school parent’s email list. Who gave this person the right! Isn’t this against the law? Who has access to this this email address in the BOE? The email was signed by Melinda Cronk & Jane Morales. Someone in the BOE should loose their job over this breach of public trust and privacy.

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  1. There has to be an official and public investigation of this otherwise it will be just another coverup of misbehavior in Ridgewood.

  2. I got that message too and wondered about this. But the schools send out all sorts of informational community flyers via the e-mail system so I did not pay too much attention. Normally, it’s not groups lobbying for something. Does telling someone to go the the website, look at the presentation and input truthful info constitute lobbying? Maybe coersion? I don’t know. Could the pool message be the same as in informational community flyer. I wasn’t told to input my data one way or the other that I can recall.

  3. Clearly, disciplinary action must be administered regarding this matter.

    The person, or persons, responsible for authorizing use of BOE technology for purposes of influencing Village Council members to approve the $13.9 million pool project should be dealt with appropriately.

    All eyes are on the Council.

  4. There is nothing wrong with communicationg like this in today’s cyber world…e-mail contact addresses are available on every BOE enployee … it’s not a secret.

    Many are Village Residents and can or cannot forward any “mail” they receive.

    I forward, any mail of interest I believe appropriate and has a bonfide name of the original author. It’s not against the law… If you don’t want to read it… don’t … you can block any e-mail from any sender you want.

    However, don’t complain when you hear “nobody tells us what’s happening”… That is know as “freedom of speech”…and trying to stop it is “against the law”.

  5. I thought the BOE was concerned with education not swimming.

  6. Swimming is part of the physical education program… haven’t you heard?

    That includes Health and safety Education too…

    That’s basic math… ask your kids.. and catch up.

  7. What is the big deal. I get junk mail and junk e-mails all the time. Our e-mail addresses are not a state secret! You don’t want the message delete it! Anyone can go to the tax office and get the name and mailing address of every property owner in Ridgewood and send us a letter. If you are that upset by it change your e-mail adderess and don’t provide it to the school!

  8. 541 here comes the BOE spin machine…it is ILLEGAL to misuse emergency numbers ! END OF STORY

  9. yes 541 next time i need something done around my hose i will pull the fire alarm …no big deal right?

  10. Does anyone know if the email complied with the CAN SPAM Act?

  11. “There is nothing wrong with communicationg like this in today’s cyber world…e-mail contact addresses are available on every BOE enployee … “

    Yes there is, there is a paragraph in the front of every school phone book about the privacy of the parents. It is unethical to use that list for a polictical mailing.

    Actually, it is illegal for anyone to use that list for a political agenda since the schools and HSAs are nonprofit organizations.

    I understand why the Graydon people did it, they want the young parents with kids rather than the older folks who don’t want their property taxes to go up.

    However, it was unethical and possibly illegal.

  12. There was an “alleged” child abduction and we get an email, but we get a robo call about the renovation of Graydon?

  13. I can’t block the Ridgewood email address from my computer because I need to receive legitimate correspondence from the schools regarding my children’s education and emergencies.

    I think that the use of the email system for the pool project is unconscionable.

    The system should only be used for OFFICIAL and SCHOOL RELATED business.

  14. A violation of the DO NOT CALL list?

  15. 550, I don’t quite understand what law you think they are breaking…

  16. should parents think twice about giving an emergency number to the schools? perhaps so

  17. What is this illegal thing i keep seeing. Wheres the link to the law?

  18. 12:45 – I don’t have a link to a “law” but I have what’s written on the front page of the BF directory.

    “This directory is published solely for the informational and social convenience of Benjamin Franklin Middle School families.

    No one, including but not limited to members of the BFMS Home and School Association and any employee or representative of the school system, is permitted to give information in this document to any person or organization which solicits or is engaged in any outside commercial, charitable, political or partisan purpose. No one may use the information in this document for personal gain. The names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of families in this directory should be treated as private and confidential.

    This directory includes all registered students, except those who wished to be deleted and informed the Committee by the deadline for printing. Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the information included.”

  19. There were robo calls for both (child abduction and pool renovation)

  20. 7:48 pm – I have kids in elementary and middle schools. I received NO call about the false child abduction and I normally recieve emergency notifications from the school district on both my home and cell phones.

    I did get the pool renovation call on my home phone but not my cell phone.

    Rather odd. Go figure.

  21. 7:48 – I did not receive a robo call about the “child abduction” but I did about the pool renovation. Which begs the question – why? What’s wrong with the system that only SOME people get SOME calls. The only times I get robo calls (other than about Graydon) are when my child is absent from the HS, when the HS wants to make a general announcement to the students or a snowday. I can’t figure out the way it works…

  22. I received no robo call about the child abduction either. This is something I want to receive calls about, no matter how many times or at whatever hour.

    Receiving a robo call about the renovation of Graydon is a horrible misuse of the system.

  23. How much did they pay to “use” the system? Anyone know?

  24. They reportedly paid between $500-600.

  25. I am on the Do Not Call List. I do not expect the schools to be selling my phone number to marketers – like the pool folks.

  26. Selling private information for $500-$600? What were they thinking? Who will they sell to next?

    Is that how people plan to pay back the budget shortfall?

    We need to know the truth about who, what, when and where this was allowed to happen.But I guess this is Ridgewood and the truth will not come out.

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