Who gave these people the right to robo call all residents?

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What pisses me off even more is that I just received a robo call from the supporter’s of the proposed “improvement” that urged supporters (only) to go to the Village web site to sign up for Graydon badges for the sole purpose of swaying the Village Coucil with a manufactured head count. Who gave these people the right to robo call all residents? I thought it’s only for school and emergency use. A very well funded operation, I see. By whom? It’s like a boxing match with only one fighter in the ring or a politician running unopposed. The opposition had better become more vocal because the squeaky wheel gets you know what.

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  1. And guess what. You can vote multiple times (I tried it and it worked). When asked how this survey is being monitored, the answer was that someone is going to go through each “ballot” and make sure no one submitted more than once. There are pages and pages of these ballots, who’s going to go through each one, Major Pfund?

    This is becoming a comedy of

    Everyone who is opposed to this better show up to the Council Meeting on the 28th.

  2. I agree. I really RESENT the automated phone call at dinner time. Especially since I do NOT support this effort.

  3. holy smokes. the ignorance here is staggering sometimes.

    there are these newfangled things called IP addresses. computers now, believe it or not, have the ability to sort data. so, stick with me here, if an IP address comes up more than once it gets eliminated from the final count. (very high tech, i know!) sooo, the time you spent entering multiple responses was a complete waste of time, just like your post.

  4. I’m a resident and didn’t get no robo call or email from the schools list, because I’m a senior citizen with no kids in the Ridgewood school system, dang! guess I don’t count. ~ Don’t worry,I went to the village website pool survey anyway and filled in 0’s and left my comment. 🙂

    The committee must be desperate to resort to robo calls and mass emails. Tsk, tsk.

  5. if these numbers were from a school data base it is a serious violation of peoples privacy and a misuses of these numbers ,I would bet you could put thing on the do not call list perhaps a call to the FCC is inorder

  6. 12:30 “The ignorance is staggering sometimes” That was the answer I was given when I asked how the ballots would be monitored.

    I guess you couldn’t use someone elses computer, say at work, to enter in another ballot. I entered my 2nd and 3rd ballot without filliing in the required field of an email address and my ballot was accepted.

    By the way these “cyber ballots” are a joke. You really want to know how many badges will be purchased in 2011, ask for payment for these badges upon pledging. Maybe you’ll get enough to cover the 10% of the 13.2 million that is being asked from the Village on 1/28/09 for the architect.

    Isn’t badge revenues suppossed to pay for all of this. Where the 1.3 million going to come from to pay for the architect plans? Haven’t sold a badge yet????

  7. If you have multiple computers in multiple locations you have multiple IP addresses.

    And, if they were going by IP addresses, why ask for address? I guess to keep residents of other towns from voting (LOL)

  8. I object to the use of the ridgewood school email list and automated phone call system to tell me about the pool project. It is not what the system was designed to be used for. Who ever allowed these people to use the system for their own personal pet project should be fired!

    What else will the school email/phone list be used for? Who decided which projects should or should not be transmitted this way? Why this project and not the other contentious issues going on in the village such as the refurbishment if the old library, the christmas tree, the parking garage or even the dramatic Master Plan Changes to the Hospital Zone.

    Someone has a lot of explaining to do.

  9. Yes, whoever gave out the school lists should be fired.

    I am opposed to this plan. First of all I sesent the fact that the people leading this crusade don’t even hang out at Graydon. I do and agree that anyone who wants to save Graydon needs to show up at the meeting on the 28th and stop these bullies who are trying to destroy one of Ridgewood’s fine landmarks.

  10. I thought receiving this call was unnecessarily excessive. The renovation of Graydon is hardly an “emergency” requiring an immediate call to action.

    Perhaps this has already been addressed, but is this “water park” going to be restricted to Village residents only? Cause I gotta tell ya, a facility like this is certainly going to be appealing and just as the residents here are frequenting more desirable locations, I would imagine the same will be true of Graydon.

  11. “fine landmarks”..are you kidding me..It “looks” nice while driving by..perhaps you hang out there, but do you actually swim in the water? It is a cesspool. My family (along with many other families we know) stopped going there years ago because of the disgusting water. There are many surrounding town with beautiful pools…I hope Ridgewood will someday join those ranks…

  12. Anonymous said…
    “fine landmarks”..are you kidding me..It “looks” nice while driving by..perhaps you hang out there, but do you actually swim in the water? It is a cesspool. My family (along with many other families we know) stopped going there years ago because of the disgusting water. There are many surrounding town with beautiful pools…I hope Ridgewood will someday join those ranks…

    9:47 AM

    I tend to agree about the water. I like ducks, but swimming in duck poop? Not so much. I can’t see the point of sitting on the beach on a hot summer day and sweating my butt off or worse, wrinkling, because I can’t bring myself set foot in the water.

    My kids still enjoy Graydon, but I haven’t been there in a while.

  13. 9:47 – My whole family enjoyed Graydon last year. We swam in the water for the entire summer and none of us got sick. Stop being a prima dona.

  14. Graydon needs a new pool, but the plan was over the top.

    Robo calls were seriously obnoxious.

  15. The plan is over the top and too expensive. The pressure to sell so many badges for a pool that can not accomodate that many people comfortably.

    How about a more basic design, a larger swim load capacity, a smaller price tag. Take the pressure off to sell more memberships than the pool can hold. New pool. Everyone’s happy.

  16. i swam about 15 times at graydon last summer and enjoyed it.

    the water was cloudy some of the days for sure, but somehow, i am still alive today. must be a miracle.

    why don’t the people who want a pool just lobby for a nice olympic size pool with swim lanes over where the hockey rink is and call it a day?

    seems a lot simpler (and cheaper) than tearing out the lake…

    everybody who likes the lake the way it is gets the lake, people who want a pool, get a pool…

  17. how can they spen money like this when they are talking about laying off workers.

  18. Let’s see the pond was fine 10 years ago but some how now it is not.

    Can any one explain what has changed in those past 10 years that would warrant tearing out the pond and building a pool or water park?

  19. Who notified the geese that pooping and swimming in a concrete pool is off limits?

  20. 6:48 I can explain what happened. A new group of people moved in and didn’t like the type of pool that existed here. They would tell neighbors and friends how Graydon is a “cess” pool. How seriously ill their children got from the water. Even the Newcomers Club got their info. Scared everyone away so they could have the pool they wanted.

    The pool is even better than it was ten years ago. The aeration system the town installed last year made a real difference in the quality of the water.

    I believe the kidding pool is probaby the culprit for most of the illnesses that SOME kids get. The water is shallow, kids are pooping and peeing in the water, higher concentration of bacteria and they drink it. WHy not just make a nice concrete kiddie pool and leave the rest alone.

  21. What’s … next ?? Newspaper stories…it’s freedom of speech…

    The geese are smarter than some readers here … they where they like to swim…

    Knock it off.

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