Official Investigation Underway Into Ridgewood Pool Project Robo Calls

In Uncategorized on January 23, 2009 at 4:16 pm

t is being reported that Village and BOE officials are currently conducting an official investigation of the recent automated phone call initiative conducted by proponents of the proposed $13.9 million Graydon Pool upgrade project.

Investigators will attempt to determine if the list of phone numbers used came from either a BOE or Parks & Recreation database, and if so, who supplied the database to Ridgewood Pool Project supporters.

It is not know whether Ridgewood Police Department detectives are currently involved in this investigation, nor whether criminal charges will be filed in the event an “inside leak” is determined to have been the source of the database, which included many unlisted telephone numbers.

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  1. I expressed my concerns over the automated calls to the BOE, Superintendent, MIS Director, and Public Information Officer of the school system via e-mail this morning and just received a response stating
    “..the Village approached us to use our reverse calling system and was charges for its use. We did this as a service to the village and they will be billed for that service.”
    I thought the Pool Project Committee was a private organization. Apparently one that has friends in high places.


  3. this is a significant breach of privacy people should think twice before they go on any emergency list put me on the do not call list

  4. I dont care I still think we should host the olympcs

  5. Who from Village Hall authorized this expense, and the use of private information for non-official related business?

    Someone’s head MUST roll for this breach of privacy and security!

  6. “Someone’s head MUST roll for this breach of privacy and security!”

    Don’t you have anything more important to worry about?

  7. 211 the first time you get identity fraud you ll know what people are pissed about and sorry its an FCC violation you know the LAW its against the law for a reason

  8. robo calling is obnoxious

  9. 211 enough politicking stick to the issues and NO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE MY PERSONAL EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER for your greedy bullshit

  10. There will be no “official” investigation. Virtually everything that goes wrong in this Village gets buried under the proverbial rug. For all the mistakes and over expense that has occurred recently, has anyone, anyone been held accountable?


  11. people how can we be doing this when the town is talking about laying off workers in all depts in town yes thats the talk off the town,and yes police and fire depts to so dont think that this is not going to go over well with the tax paying people of the great ridgewood.where did all the dam money go,hummmmm.some one better start talking very fast .they need to find money real fast some one is going to be in some hot water.who the hell is in charge of the money,well.that person needs to go by,by,what a mess up.why should the little guy get the door.wake up people.and this is no bull s,.,/t story.

  12. …which included many unlisted telephone numbers…

    I’d be pissed.

  13. thats so true.

  14. While they are doing the robo call investigation they should check why the email address [BF ridge]bfridge@ridgewood.k12.nj.us sent out emails to all BF parents from the school parent's email list. Who gave this person the right! Isn't this against the law? Who has access to this this email address in the BOE? The email was signed by Melinda Cronk & Jane Morales. Someone in the BOE should loose their job over this breach of public trust and privacy.

  15. I expect to be notified when there’s an true emergency, not when the Graydon pond needs to be renovated.

    Call me when Ho Ho Kus Brook overflows and becomes Graydon Pond and then we’ll talk.

  16. thats big money for this. this is all well and good if we had money but the town said they dont have any more money.we all need to ask can some on show how munch money do we have I pay a lot of taxes in town .

  17. Why don’t you “make a list” of news items you want to read about and send to your own e-mail addresses and ask them to screen your “news”… Yep…

    News is News…As Will Rogers used to say.. “All I know is what I read in the papers”.

    I wonder what he would think of today’s Blog authors and writers?

    Will Rogers?.. Google it up and have fun. That might be helpful..

  18. Until now the robo calls from the school were for school related information. I did not give up my phone number for this. I am on the donotcall list for a reason.

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