Pool Project – Comparing Apples to Oranges?

In Graydon Pool, Ridgewood New Jersey, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on January 22, 2009 at 3:27 pm

During Wednesday evening’s Ridgewood Pool Project presentation, committee member Melinda Cronk listed Westfield, NJ as a community with a recently upgraded municipal pool similar in conceptual design to what is being proposed in Ridgewood.

Specifically, Ms. Cronk cited the similarly of Westfield’s “leisure pool” component to the “leisure pool” component being proposed for construction at Graydon.

Above is an aerial photo of Westfield’s new pool. Would someone please explain to The Fly how this looks anything like what is being proposed in Ridgewood?

Wayside Gardens

  1. looks like they have a lot of parking…

  2. they’re both pools with water in it

  3. 🙂 practical and physically conservative looking ?

  4. Would you please link to a higher resolution version of this photo so we can see the detail? Thank you.

  5. Well lets see – the Westfield pool complex has a lap pool, so does the ridgewood plan; the westfield complex has a diving pool, so does the ridgewood plan; westfield has a kiddie pool, as does the ridgewood plan; westfield has a twisting 2 lane slide; looks like a slide on ridgewood plan; westfield has concession/bath building, funny so does ridgewood plan. maybe, fly, you need your eyes checked. or perhaps you should get out of your house and go down and take a look at the westfield pool. while it has many of the same planned play/swim areas as Ridgewood, what it does not have is a one of a kind lake/tree island feature. it also does not have the swim to feature in the pool closest to the concession building, nor does it have the meandering lazy river feature, designed to offer parklike attributes as well as a volume of space for moving about, standing, relaxing. Now that you point it out Fly, you are right; while westfield town and its pool complex has many similarities to ridgewood, it would seem we have a better town and a more inclusive and diverse plan. Thanks for your thoughts.

  6. the town is going to spend this kind of money do we have the money for this.show us how much money we do have on hand.all I see in the news paper is talk about lay offs in town hall.and you like to go for,ed in this bad times come on wake up people and look at the lite.

  7. 10:27 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Where did you get that photo?

  8. Samples of “other facilites” is very helpful…many in the Village don’t travel to communities with a succssful pool.

    Lack of knowledge holds many back from “what can be” … and the planning and work it takes volunteers to share in making a community successful project…

    Seeking solutions …. to desired improvements … is the connection.

    Some people… just stalk those that try by showing opposition … they just hide …. and never do anything.

  9. Well they have trees, we have trees. They have water, we have water. They have cement, our proposal will have cement. See they are similar.

  10. Location, location, location … the Westfield pool is located on the outskirts of town, conveniently out of the way unlike the eyesore proposed by our good friends on the Ridgewood pool project

  11. We need a new pool, but not on such a grand scale.

    Why did the town do a phone call on this? Isn’t this a private citizens group pushing for this?

  12. What pisses me off even more is that I just received a robo call from the supporter’s of the proposed “improvement” that urged supporters (only) to go to the Village web site to sign up for Graydon badges for the sole purpose of swaying the Village Coucil with a manufactured head count. Who gave these people the right to robo call all residents? I thought it’s only for school and emergency use. A very well funded operation, I see. By whom? It’s like a boxing match with only one fighter in the ring or a politician running unopposed. The opposition had better become more vocal because the squeaky wheel gets you know what.

  13. Hey Mike,

    The swim load of the proposed pool is 2100. 8,000 membership is required to make bond payments and cover the cost of opperating this new pool. Even if only 25% of the membership shows up, there will be no room for “moving about and relaxing”. “Standing” sure.

    The diving pool and plunge pool are not meant for swimming, they are drop zones, then get out quick. The other pools are kiddie pools, only getting to a depth of 3-4 ft in the center by the giant water jungle gyms.

    The only adult pool is an 8 lane lap pool that will be closed to the public M-F in the afternoons for Ridgewood Swim Team practice and and some evenings for meets.

    That’s a diversive and inclusive plan?

  14. People with money in this town have or will build their own private pools in their own backyards and then they do not have to worry about the state of the facilities.

  15. so now we want to be like westfield ,but I thought the bOE wanted us to be like newark ,but housing projects well thats newark but $300,000 bathrooms now thats westfield …i am confused newark or westfield?

  16. As a Westfield resident and long-time pool member, I can tell you that our pool sits in the middle of a residential area (not on the outskirts), the parking is extremely tight on nice weekends despite what appears to be significant space and only costs about $350 a year for a family membership. It is a great facility and provides us a nice place to hang out on weekend. Not sure what the concerns are in your community, but I can tell you that the Westfield pool is a true asset to our community.

  17. 11:21 Your pool is very nice and more in keeping with what a municipal town poolshould look like. The new pool design has a lazy river, jacquzzi jet sprays with bench seating, tube slides and giant water jungle gyms in the middle of the pools. Sort of looks like the Land Of Make Believe.

    I think it is a little over the top. We don’t need to spend 13.9 million on a pool. Oh and by the way, it is $750 for a family membership for Ridgewoods new pool.

  18. How about filling the sand with concrete and leaving everything else the same instead of spending the money to make Graydon look like DisneyWorld…

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