Graydon Modernization News Design Concept "Soup to Nuts"

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I have been advised that some of our readers were having difficulty traveling the PDF format provided by the Pool Project Committee to see a “rendering concept” of the Graydon Pool Design Concept. Hopefully this will help a little. There will be Four varied size heated filtered pools for various uses. The facility is expected to be a “Soup to Nuts” complex that will satisfy a variety of “Aquatic Complex” tastes. What is needed now is to assure our Village Council that there will be at least 2,500 base memberships. Be at the Senior Center Wednesday 8PM and other times on Thursday. In my opinion, the Council will respond to the Village Citizens favorably. What is needed now from them is to expedite this long delayed “Project”.

Please share this photo rendering…. I am certain lots of thought has been given on this design based on earlier “information and interests” compiled by the Committee. It will be your Village Pool for many years to come that you will be proud of….. domnizza@netzero.com

IdentityTruth Inc.SportsAuthority.com

  1. I think Dom should chair the Ridgewood Olympic Committee

  2. Should be renamed “soup for nuts” because these people are nuts to expect anyone would tear up a perfectly good swimming hole just to appease a small faction of this town who think that money is no object and we’re all here to keep them happy at our expense.

  3. LOVE IT!!!! Please go to ridgewoodnj.org and take the survey. It is on the right upper corner of the home page.

  4. I’m going to the survey all right. And I will be responding that my family will NOT be renewing our pool membership (4 badges)if this overblown concept comes to fruition. Looks like Action Park lite:


  5. Dom for the Olympic Committee? Why not!
    He spent 35 years researching Trends in Community Aquatic Complexes …

    He charges “big bucks” however, to advise on “big recreational projects”. Suggest you start being nice to the guy.

    He can show you how to make Graydon a “profitable self supporting facility” getting corporate financial support and have fun doing it.

  6. Looks like Crap!

  7. If Dom has been researching Trends in Community Aquatic Complexes for 35 years, why has he not acted earlier with respect to Graydon?

  8. I Have Never! I can not believe that anyone would want to create such an eyesore in the center of our beautiful village. Paint all the trees you want around those plans, it will still be a huge cement theme park. Unbelievable.

  9. I HAVE NEVER! I can not believe anyone would want to create such an eyesore in the middle of our beautiful village. Paint all the trees you want around those plans, it will still be a huge cement theme park. Unbelievable.

  10. Borgy – Action Park was reborn as Mountain Creek. My family and friends go several times a summer and have the time of our lives. Great fun nearby! What are you talking about?

  11. In times like these we should be focusing our funds and efforts on what really needs fixing. Has anyone seen the High School lately? Lets put our time and money into education not recreation.

  12. It looks as homogonized as Ridgewood is becoming….come on people, this is such a budget-blowing concept. The braintrust financial analysts who developed this goal for new members to ‘pay back’ the costs need to take some economic classes at the library!

    Do you really believe that NEW people will come in droves to hang out at this debacle?
    I think not.

  13. Ridgewood people currently GO “in droves to hang out” at neighboring town’s facilities because Graydon is just too awful. It’s time for a change and this seems like a well planned facility.

    From what I understand, that rendering is NOT to scale and the council needs to take the next step to hire architects to further the analysis. Seems like a good use of resources as option value to me and see where it comes out. They’ll get a better sense of pricing after that exercise too. It should certainly be explored.

  14. Well, yes I know that Action Park has been reborn as Mountain Creek. I ski there all the time. And sure it looks like fun, but I don’t want a miniature version of it in the center of our Village. That’s what I’m talking about.

  15. What is this a waterpark? Looks like something akin to Great Adventure or Sesame Place!

  16. Why not privatize the whole thing? With the track record the Village has operating and maintaining its current inventory of recreational facilities, I’m surprised anyone would think that our local government has the expertise to design, construct and operate a multi-million dollar aquatic facility.

    Remember, the best athletic facility in town is the one the Village didn’t pay for and to which the Village needs to devote minimal maintenance resources.

  17. 1:11 – What neighboring towns facilities are “Ridgewood people” going too and how many of them look like this?

    Also, I thought this wasn’t going to cost the taxpayers a dime. Who will be footing the bill for the architectural drawings?

  18. I was supportive of this idea initially, when I thought we were talking about maybe a few million and a pool like Glen Rock.

    This is too much.

    This is not a good, basic solution to the problem that is Graydon Pool.

    I thought these folks were going to work on a solution like cementing the bottom for cleaniness and keeping the original historic “look” of Graydon.

    This looks like Ridgewood’s answer to Indian Trails. This looks like it’s about status, not substance.

  19. $13 Million Theme Park for 3 MONTHS USE ?

    You’ve Got to be Kidding!

  20. What happens when it floods?

  21. What happened to the Lacrosse stadium…?

  22. Finally.. some good discussion on …design… that is where we should concentrate…

    Modest changes, simple modest priced telescopic attachments that will cover one or two pool sections to extend in-water time … in marginal weather conditions.

    I would suggest that the Lap-Pool could get some generous contributors to off-set those costs.

    That certainly would be supported by those competition swimmers and their families that have to travel at 5 A.M. to use other facilities and required to pay for their use. That income should be for our Graydon.

    Keep the discussions on “design” and you will have valuable information that will lead to those persons with greater knowledge. I would like see and hear more “health” views by professional health providers.

    Yes, lots to do… please help.

    PS… cementing the entire “pond” area will not be practical or permitted by the DEP… the natural pond acts as a “catch basis” for flooding conditions. And the hydrostatic pessure will crack such a lining and become costly to repair… as happened, in the Woodcliff Lake … sand bottom pools are not recommended and sand entering the pumps will destroy them..Let’s learn from other’s mistakes please.

    Yes, lots to learn…

  23. It’s great to voice your opposition but if you don’t want to see this happen, you must do 3 things.

    1. Complete the online survey located at http://www.ridgewoodnj.net. Click on Graydon Survey and enter 0 badges for the 2011 season. The Village is looking for a commitment of 2500 badges before the Council Meeting on 1/28/07 in order to proceed.

    2 Email the Village Council and let them know the thoughts you have written here. They want to hear from you. Their email addresses are also on the above Website.

    3. COME TO THE COUNCIL MEETING ON 1/28/09 at 7:30 in the Village Hall. The PoolProjectCommitte will be presenting their plan to the Council, in the hopes they will proceed. There will be a lot of “new” pool supporters there, so your presence is needed. You can voice your opinion during the public comment portion of the meeting or just fill the room.

  24. 1) “Small faction” refers to the people who want to keep Graydon as is.

    2) Several hundred Ridgewood families currently go to other towns for chlorinated pools that look like this — the millions of dollars being spent there could benefit us here.

    3) The attempt to cement the bottom of Graydon and put sand back in to protect the appearance is not feasible.

    4) Architectural plans are included in the overall figure.

    5) For what it’s worth, the DEP has recommended that the town put a “bona fide” pool on that property.

    Come to an open house or read the presentation on the Village website before you comment. This was all carefully researched and is trying to be explained, but it’s tough to deal with people who don’t want to hear the facts before they just start bashing the idea.

    Graydon “as is” simply doesn’t work anymore — there’s barely any resident membership left and the town is losing significant money trying to operate it. Slam this idea all you want, but atleast suggest how you would fix the problem.

  25. your nuts what a waste of money like earlier blogger stated for 3 months?

  26. After living in this town for 27 + years, now I’ve seen it all! I can’t believe we’d move from the lovely pond that is Graydon, to a ridiculous-looking waterpark! The money in this town is slowly but surely destroying it…it’s time to move!

  27. 5:13 Please name some specific towns in the surrounding area that have pools that look like this so that we can compare apples to apples. Simply stating “several hundred Ridgewood families” visit other towns without providing examples is nothing more then conjecture and hearsay.

    As for the architectural costs being included in the overall cost, that’s all well and good assuming the membership numbers meet the projections to allow the facility to be self-sustaining. However, I’m not sure I know too many architects that would provide a service free of charge and since no memberships have been sold to the new improved pool that would mean the village would be saddled with initial costs, would it not?

    And finally for your comment that we should read the proposal and attend the open house- we have. That is the reason we wanted to make it clear that not everyone is marching in line with your proposal or your direction.

  28. I wonder if the people who are so against changing Graydon have young children who swim there. If so, arent’t they tired of the children coming home with coxsackie and duck lice? Do they have good answers for their children when they want to know why the water is so dirty and gross and complain that they don’t want to touch the walls in the swim lanes because they’re so slimy? Do they hear the adults and children from neighboring towns ridiculing our facility and complaining how they don’t want to get in the water at swim meets? Maybe this rendering is not ideal to all, but something needs to be done.

  29. Don’t worry. All Ridgewood needs to do is raise taxes and spend more money for those grande ideas of bigger,better,and more.

    After all, Washington doled out the first round of TARP money to the banks. The banks need more. The second round of TARP funds is next. All compliments of us taxpayers.

    So,why is RIDGEWOOD any different. Greed leads to insolvency, bankruptcy, layoffs; don’t worry that some states, ie: CA is almost bankrupt, can’t pay the tax refunds; some states – Fayette County,DE school officials teachers salaries are frozen, asked to take time off, furlough, to balance their budgets. Some towns in south NJ -Berkley by Toms River are postponing their property reassessments until next year 2010 due to the decline in the housing markets economic crisis. England banks are on the brink of nationalization – who’s next? Financial expert advisors suggest the system is insolvent and this is a systemic banking crisis. Others talk of the next one – mother of all – Great Depression 2. Haven’t heard this -It’s the economy stupid!

    Is Ridgewood immune to the rest of the states, country, world? Wonderful! Instead of living in “lala land” suggest we ask for responsible government budget spending/capping starting with our own town. After all, with current and future job losses, how will you pay your property taxes, let alone for a $13 Million aquatic swim pool theme park.

    Granted, Graydon pool needs some cleaning up, improvement and continued maintenance for enjoyment for those who wish to use it, but lets keep it within reason. Myself,have never used it in over 40 years nor intend to.

  30. To answer the question of Anonymous 8:38, in all the years I have been swimming at Graydon (almost every year since 1972), neither my children (who are still swimming at Graydon) nor I have ever gotten the Coxsackie Virus (or duck lice???). Granted, the pool can get a little murky at times, but it is always quite promptly treated by the pool staff with a “shock” of chlorine, I believe.

  31. Graydon needs something, but that “something” doesn’t justify spending 13 million dollars. Do we really need something this elaborate? I mean, we’re hanging recycling on the “holiday” tree and spending 13 million on Graydon pond. Is it me, or was the only thing about “soup to nuts” they got right was the “nuts”.

  32. i think the pools in need of some up dates but 14million is a lot of bannas

  33. A fair comment, although dont forget the canned goods when you head down into the bunker.

    I must admit, I was surprised by this design and the price tag. Still, I’m responding YES as I use Graydon and I find it to be disgusting. Our family doctor has firmly suggested keeping the kids out of there in late August, when things seem to “cook” a bit more in the heat.

    A cement pool, a redesigned facility that can be used by the HS and the swim clubs? That would generate revenue, right? Why must we go over the top here, folks? Take a look at the Glen Rock facility. What did that cost? A slide or a high dive? Maybe two slides…. great… do not a waterpark make. A wading pool for the kiddies? And you’re done. Beyond that… why spend so much?

    Again, I am voting YES… just so I have a chip in the game.

  34. As the saying goes: why spend 2 to 4 million when you can spend 13 million?

  35. High school swimming is a winter sport.

  36. Whether you like the pool or not, it doesn’t matter.

    The money doesn’t exist.

    Asking the village to issue a risky bond for this is insane. Bonds should only be issued for capital improvements and infrastructure. Not water parks.

    Are we so disconnected to not realize that the money to pay for this comes out of OUR pockets, not somebody else’s…

  37. GOOSE POOP….
    How will you keep out the GEESE and the GOOSE POOP !
    $13 Million and you’ll still have Goose Poop! Now won’t that be nice!

    Oh,the committee forgot about that. You can put gold brick walkways and still have the Goose Poop.

  38. It is at times almost overwhelming with all of the things that are happening or proposed to happen in the Village and with the BOE. Economically the timing probably could not be worse for many/most of these projects and unfortunately things will probably deteriorate further before improving. However, I think an important thing for people to remember and to think about for the future is the reason all of this is happening now is that we as a town and a school system totally dropped the ball for years and years and let our facilities fall far behind what other towns and school systems were building/renovating. The residents of Ridgewood are not stupid and the level of disrepair has reached such a point that people are demanding the issues be addressed. Many very good, very active, very interested people in town have looked at the facilities and helped to lay out plans that will hopefully result in us having the kind of facilities that the people and children of Ridgewood should have. It is going to be very difficult to figure out how to prioritize the projects and even more difficult to figure out how to pay for them. I think it is important not to place blame on the messengers presenting these plans to the public. If you want to place blame take a look back at the former BOE’s and Villge Council’s who sat on their hands while our facilities crumbled.

    If we are going to get anything done, The Village Council and the BOE had better be in constant contact with each other through this process and prioritizing what they each want and need. If the BOE attempts to float a $50 million dollar bond issue at the same time they are laying off teachers and at the Village is looking to spend $25 million (Habernickel, Stedler, Master Plan, Graydon) nothing is going to get approved, nothing will get fixed and 5 years from now our facilities will be that much worse, the costs will be that much higher and everyone will be asking, “Why?”

  39. I like the design & support the investment.

  40. how can the town spend money on this when they are talking about lay offs in village hall.

  41. I would like to know why the Pool Committee obviously has access to the school email lists and emergency phone chains.

  42. Cement pools are not immune from geese. I guess we’ll have to hire a goose poop extractor permanently. He/she can double as the pool boy/girl when he\she doesn’t have a poop extractor in their hand. “spending millions of dollars” going elsewhere? Pretty expensive places they’re going to. “Hundreds of families” there are thousands of families in Ridgewood. Some of you people are really nuts!

  43. Wow. What a boondoggle. I am all for remaking Graydon into a more traditional community pool, but we don’t need to spend $13mm on a water-park to attract Ridgewood residents. I have heard that the pool might allow non-residents; i don’t want to spend $13mm to create additional traffic and parking problems either.

    A lot of people in this town don’t go to the pool precisely because it is a pond that gets disgusting well before August rolls around. I moved here from Maplewood; we had a very nice, but basic pool complex — a kiddie pool for very small children, a wading pool for the novice swimmers, an olympic sized pool for the rest of us and a diving pool. There were no fancy lazy rivers or “nature” inspired pool designs. The pool was always packed.

    This design is nuts. There would probably have to be more lifeguards because of restricted lines of sight relative to a simpler open pool complex. It has to be dramatically more expensive to design, build, staff and maintain. Even if people’s incomes weren’t stagnant (at best), their savings dwindling, property values declining and taxes increasing, the project as presented would be absurd.

  44. i love the way the pro pool people are tying to silence dissent and ignore the 14 million dollar price tag as well as the crazy 150 bucks a member fee

    sorry good design or not as usual the most expensive possible solution seems to always be the best

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