" the Public needs a reason to return"

In Dom Nizza, Graydon Pool, Ridgewood New Jersey, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on January 20, 2009 at 9:03 pm

Dylan… Your Survey page had a PDF LINK… of the presentation… that did not function???

Your request for a “commitment to register”… is insufficient.. The public will not commit to registering for an Aquatic Complex “sight unseen”…. Are there Photos, sketches etc in the PDF… presentation ….. In my opinion… it would do better if the public and other sponsoring entities (myself included), that would commit for many guest memberships for their employees and others, knew somewhat the design of the Aquatic Complex will or could be.

We have had up to 6,000 membership …. Looking for a minimum of 2,500? … The public needs a reason to return…. that reason is a commitment by the Council that “it will be done”…. If you don’t have that…. then “Shut Graydon Pool Down”…. now…!!!!

Respectfully….. Dominick Nizza


  1. The pdf link functioned for me.

  2. Well I had no problem opening the PDF which has a full presentation with visual plan included.

  3. The “pubic”? Freudian slip?

  4. How about we fix the typo in that headline. At least I think it’s a typo…

  5. It was a typo and it looks like it was corrected.

    Thanks OH Mighty Blog Author and Web Master.

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