I would love to have a pool in Ridgewood but at $13 million dollars along with everything else in this current budget no thank you.

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The Village of Ridgewood is once again undertaking a huge project at a huge cost to the taxpayers while the economy is uncertain. Currently on the table for the taxpayers to fund are the following:

Renovations to the schools projected at a cost of $40 million

COAH housing project to build 80 units on Broad Street on property that is leased

Purchase of the Schindler property projected at close to $3 million less the open space fund

Building of parking facility, housing and retail space at huge cost to taxpayers.

Hiring of another assistant to the Village Manager

I am unwilling to commit to such projects in such an uncertain time and with the current village council. The village council has not given me any reason to have faith in their projection. The following are some highlights of what I consider misdeeds that have occurred in the Village in the last few years that still need addressing before any major construction projects are untaken if at all:

The alleged secret agreement or deal between the Village of Ridgewood and the Architect to privately purchase the tract of land on which the town garage, rental facility would be built and then have the Village buy it back from the Architect. This agreement would not have benefited the residents of Ridgewood but certainly was advantageous to the individuals involved in the agreement.

The lack of funding to utilize Habernickel facility other than for elementary school soccer.

The horrible condition of the roads which are badly in need of repair. Driving down Glen Avenue and many others including my street is hazardous.

The gross overbuilding of Village Hall at an exorbitant price tag. And to boot, it floods, which requires continued costs to keep the building secure and it lacks adquete parking spaces.

The Village of Ridgewood even contemplated giving away the land owned by BF to Valley Hospital for Valley Hospital’s expansion. Thankfully the residents spoke out.

The cost of undertaking many of the projects does not include the lost revenue to the Village from removing these properties from the tax roll. The cost of losing the tax revenue is made up by all of its citizens in the form of increased property taxes.

The raising of the height of buildings in the Village of Ridgewood in order to accomodate McMansions. Again just drive around and see these oversized structures sitting being built in Ridgewood with no back yards and towering over the neigboring homes.

There are those who say the residents who complain are negative. My response to that is that we residents of this great community desire better from our Village Council. We volunteer in schools, we volunteer in sports club, drama clubs, the marching band and give to our schools, churches, our fellow citizens in times of need.

But it is time we had a realistic, honest, accountable Village Council who looks out for the best interest of all of its citizens. We need oversight in the Village Hall.

We need to be able to fund our current budget with our current tax base. We need to ensure our schools funded, our current fields and parks are maintained and groomed, we need to have our roads paved. But most of all we need to have our taxes level in times when the economy is faltering and many jobs are uncertain.

We need integrity and honesty in Village of Hall and the only way to ensure this is to have a Village Council that cares about its citizens.

I would love to have a pool in Ridgewood but at $13 million dollars along with everything else in this current budget no thank you.

Counter point

Once again, it’s amazing how very few people seem to care about getting their facts straight. Please read the entire presentation, or better yet, go to one of the open houses at Village Hall this week to hear a more detailed explanation (dates/times are on the Village website).

Someone in this chain mentioned volunteering — many residents spent more than two years working on this research so they wouldn’t have to leave it to the Village. Give them a chance to be heard before just dismissing it or, worse yet, spreading false rumors.

Hot Offers (1.18 - 1.24)

  1. AMEN!!!

    The council has been so terribly haphzard. What is going on?

  2. DOW down 332.13 today, and no end in sight.

    Many people are quietly waiting to see if they have a job this year.

    This is not the time for anyone to spend money on unnecessary projects.

    A 13 million dollar pool is unnecessary.

  3. I work on Wall St and let me tell you that things are really, really bad. Much of Ridgewood’s economy is derived from the fiancial markets and the professions that go along with it (e.g. law, accounting, marketing, etc). This money finds it’s way into the Ridgewood economy, which drives restaurants and the other service industries. Many people I work with and commute with are on an almost day-by-day employment existance. In other words, they have a job today, will probably have a job tomorrow, but the reality is they just have no idea when the pink slip might come their way. I work for a well-known bank and pink slips are flying. It’s the same at all our competitors.

    Under such conditions, it’s imperative that the Village only proceed with essential projects and services. Expense management is beyond discussion. It’s probably understandable that the civil servants in the Village Hall have this feeling that all is well. No disrespect to them, but their jobs and view of the world probably feels quite normal, other than the news they watch on TV.

  4. Ridgewood Public Schools just issued a spending freeze for the remainder of the school year. FYI

  5. The Village Council is seriously considering this project. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE THIS HAPPEN YOU MUST DO THESE 3 THINGS.

    1. The Village Website http://www.ridgewoodnj.net has a Graydon Survey. The Council is looking for a commitment of 2800 pool badges by 1/28/09. If they reach this number they will proceed. Click on the survey and enter 0 badges for the 2011 season.

    2.Email your thoughts to the Village council. They want to hear from you. Let them know you DO NOT SUPPORT THE NEW POOL. You can find the Council email address at http://ridgewoodpoolproject.googlepages.com/home22222.

    3. Attend the Village Council Meeting on Jan 28. at 7:30 at the Village Hall. Believe it or not there will be a lot of people there who support this new pool. Your presence is vital. You can voice your opinion during the public comment portion of the meeting or just fill the room.


  6. I find it ironically humorous that during tough economic times families are tightening the belt and cutting back in spending yet the government never tightens the belt or makes cuts. Sure there are essential functions that our taxes need to go to like fixing roads in the Village. The VC and BOE need to take a hard look at what is going on and put some of the want items on hold.

  7. I thank the Lord everyday for the volunteers who do the real work in Ridgewood. They are the backbone of the Village and do all the research and grunt work.

    The work of the Volunteers on the Graydon Project and the stand against unlimited growth by Valley Hospital is Phenominal and deserves to be recognized for what iit is… millions of man hours!!

    And what do they do it for?

    To keep Ridgewood a premier place to live and bring up our children. A safe and inviting place that people can be proud of, can be safe in and be comfortable coming home to after a busy day at the office.

    Thank you all.

  8. “o keep Ridgewood a premier place to live and bring up our children. A safe and inviting place that people can be proud of, can be safe in and be comfortable coming home to after a busy day at the office.”

    yes housing projects and dumb dumb math ,garbage on Christmas tress are a great way keep Ridgewood a premier place to live ….

  9. This was going to be a 2 million dollar plan, how did it end up being a 13 million dollar plan?

    I really can’t understand how people in this town don’t see that our federal taxes will be going up in 2010. (Sooner, if Ms. Peliosi has her way.)

    We live in the highest property tax state in the union.

    And this project will most definitely raise our property taxes here in town.

    Plus, 150 a person blocks out a lot of families here in Ridgewood.

    Who see that survey? The town managers?

    Kudos to the BOE on the spending freeze.

  10. $13.9 million will become + $20 million easily.

  11. I agree that the Schedler purchase and the parking garage are ill-advised. The Habernickel purchase has turned out to be a white elephant. The Village Hall renovation was a comedy of errors. But, this community needs a pool and the current facility is not adequate. Not sure the current proposal and proposed financing make complete sense, but keep an open mind. The volunteers have done their homework. At the very least it is a starting point for a way forward.

  12. How much will a better VC and BOE cost us?

    That is the only new price I am willing to pay.

  13. Has anyone else received a recorded message from the Village urging you to fill out the survey in support of the proposal? It’s quite obvious which direction this is heading … if you are at all concerned about losing Graydon as we know it or the potential additional tax burden this project will entail, please write to the Village Council (paronsohn@ridgewoodnj.net; azusy@ridgewoodnj.net; kkillion@ridgewoodnj.net; pmancuso@ridgewoodnj.net; dpfund@ridgewoodnj.net; jtenhoeve@ridgewoodnj.net) urging them to REJECT this proposal!

  14. 7:06 Couldn’t hurt, but I think attending the Village COuncil meeting on 1/28 when the PoolProjectCommittee will be presenting their proposal is needed.

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