Graydon Pool Upgrades Projected to Cost $13.9 Million

In Graydon Pool, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on January 20, 2009 at 7:03 pm

Upgrades to the Graydon Pool complex, proposed by the Ridgewood Pool Project Steering Committee, will include the following:

Four (4) separate pools with independent heating and filter systems:

1) Toddler pool/Splash pool
2) Leisure pool
3) Dive well
4) Lap pool

New locker room

Renovated concession area

Shade area

Sand play area

Large lawn area

Total development costs for this project are currently projected at $13.9 million. Construction will be completed by the summer of 2011, provided Village Council members approve the plan on January 28th.

Annual membership fee is anticipated at $150 per person, with a family cap of $750. There will be no membership fee for citizens 62 years of age and older.

Full details of the proposed $13.9 million aquatic complex may be found here (click on view in pdf format):



  1. WOW! That’s a lot of money. Any chance to host the Olympics to recoup some of the cost?

  2. $13.9 million for Graydon upgrades
    $2.9 million for the Schedler propery
    $18 million for the parking garage

    This will drive the middle class right out of Ridgewood!


  3. i would be in favor of ridgewood hosting the summer olympics

  4. pj perhaps the ridgewood blog could form a committee

  5. what a waste of taxpayers money… AS USUAL

  6. I know that most people move into Ridgewood flush with cash but this amount of money, the taxpayer’s money, is obscene. I think they took a wrong turn at RodeO Drive.

    Th project has always been about building their own exclusive country club. This design and dollar amount just proves it.

    President Obama has said that we have to get back to the old values to rebuild America. I see none of that thinking here. All I see a project conceived by people who used to be called, “wannaBeWestSiders”.

  7. I filled out the survey (with my name and address) and said I would buy zero badges.

    I wish the survey would also have asked if the old graydon stayed, how many badges I would have purchased. The answer would have been four.

    One strange thing was that the survey stated, “I understand that the pool can be self-funding causing no tax impact to households.”

    And yet, the PDF file the survey references states, “The Village would issue a bond to cover the construction and design costs, and those would be amortized over 25 years (just like a home mortgage)”.

    So I assume that the hope is that the pool fees can pay both operating costs and bond payments just from badge costs?

    And when it doesn’t? Yep, our taxes will go up even higher.
    This deception has to stop. This village doesn’t deserve this.

  8. I can understand why the cost of this facility is of significant concern. However, I just reviewed the proposal and think this would be a fantastic improvement and would become immensely popular in a way that the current facility never will.

  9. summer of 2011 to the VC is more like the summer of 2020 lol

  10. The Village of Ridgewood is once again undertaking a huge project at a huge cost to the taxpayers while the economy is uncertain. Currently on the table for the taxpayers to fund are the following:

    Renovations to the schools projected at a cost of $40 million

    COAH housing project to build 80 units on Broad Street on property that is leased

    Purchase of the Schindler property projected at close to $3 million less the open space fund

    Building of parking facility, housing and retail space at huge cost to taxpayers.

    Hiring of another assistant to the Village Manager

    I am unwilling to commit to such projects in such an uncertain time and with the current village council. The village council has not given me any reason to have faith in their projection. The following are some highlights of what I consider misdeeds that have occurred in the Village in the last few years that still need addressing before any major construction projects are untaken if at all:

    The alleged secret agreement or deal between the Village of Ridgewood and the Architect to privately purchase the tract of land on which the town garage, rental facility would be built and then have the Village buy it back from the Architect. This agreement would not have benefited the residents of Ridgewood but certainly was advantageous to the individuals involved in the agreement.

    The lack of funding to utilize Habernickel facility other than for elementary school soccer.

    The horrible condition of the roads which are badly in need of repair. Driving down Glen Avenue and many others including my street is hazardous.

    The gross overbuilding of Village Hall at an exorbitant price tag. And to boot, it floods, which requires continued costs to keep the building secure and it lacks adquete parking spaces.

    The Village of Ridgewood even contemplated giving away the land owned by BF to Valley Hospital for Valley Hospital’s expansion. Thankfully the residents spoke out.

    The cost of undertaking many of the projects does not include the lost revenue to the Village from removing these properties from the tax roll. The cost of losing the tax revenue is made up by all of its citizens in the form of increased property taxes.

    The raising of the height of buildings in the Village of Ridgewood in order to accomodate McMansions. Again just drive around and see these oversized structures sitting being built in Ridgewood with no back yards and towering over the neigboring homes.

    There are those who say the residents who complain are negative. My response to that is that we residents of this great community desire better from our Village Council. We volunteer in schools, we volunteer in sports club, drama clubs, the marching band and give to our schools, churches, our fellow citizens in times of need.

    But it is time we had a realistic, honest, accountable Village Council who looks out for the best interest of all of its citizens. We need oversight in the Village Hall.

    We need to be able to fund our current budget with our current tax base. We need to ensure our schools funded, our current fields and parks are maintained and groomed, we need to have our roads paved. But most of all we need to have our taxes level in times when the economy is faltering and many jobs are uncertain.

    We need integrity and honesty in Village of Hall and the only way to ensure this is to have a Village Council that cares about its citizens.

    I would love to have a pool in Ridgewood but at $13 million dollars along with eveything else in this current budget no thank you.

  11. 150.00 to swim in someone else,s piss

  12. Once again, it’s amazing how very few people seem to care about getting their facts straight. Please read the entire presentation, or better yet, go to one of the open houses at Village Hall this week to hear a more detailed explanation (dates/times are on the Village website).

    Someone in this chain mentioned volunteering — many residents spent more than two years working on this research so they wouldn’t have to leave it to the Village. Give them a chance to be heard before just dismissing it or, worse yet, spreading false rumors.

  13. 646 and the “false rumors are?”

    make your point drop the politicking .

    the VC has proven its self totally inept with construction projects and decorating Christmas trees …these are the facts ,and updates on your part would be appreciated

  14. I believe the point was stated pretty clearly: people should hear the information firsthand before making statements that simply aren’t true, such as …

    “[Council is] undertaking a huge project at a huge cost to the taxpayers…” There are NO tax dollars associated with the proposed pool. The people that use the pool are the ones that will pay for it. Not only is there a large contingency fund built into the cost, but the recommendation of a sinking fund where future repairs and upgrades could already be accounted for when the time comes.

    “village council has not given me any reason to have faith in their projection…” The financial projections were completed by not one, but several independent professionals. VC are only consumers of the information at this point.

  15. Annual membership fee is anticipated at $150 per person, with a family cap of $750.

    Well that will certainly keep out the COAH housing folks with those prices.

    This doesn’t make sense in this economy.

  16. 13.9 million on a pool used appx.3 months of the year while other village buildings are falling apart.makes no sense to me.look at the garage , st.dept and the signal dept. buildings they are in terrible condition. the signal depts. bricks are falling off why not fix this problem?

  17. If this is a project choice, pool or garage, the garage actually makes more sense for the local businesses.

  18. The poorly designed survey has been constructed that way on purpose to achieve the desired results. Graydon is a treasure!

  19. what are you smoking…Graydon is not a treasure…it is a cesspool. Have you been swimming there in the past 20 years? My family stopped going there (along with many others we know)4 years ago after we had some bad experiences with the water. Would love to go back when we have a clear water pool like so many of our surrounding towns.
    I have not reviewed the budget for this project and I am not sure that all of what is propsed is neccessary(lazy river, really?)
    but there are many pools in the county that are self funded and require members to post a bond for membership….does not need to be taxpayer financed….

  20. This is the most absurd plan I think the town has put forth yet. How do they think they are going to pay for this? They will never find 8,000 paying members (which is actually 38% of the Ridgewood population ages 0-62). This cost will fall on the tax payers.

    Additionally, while this single project may not jeopardize the town’s AAA bond rating, when coupled with all of the other more pressing projects, the towns bond status will drop and it will cost significantly more to pay off the higher % yield bonds.

  21. 6:36 “Swimming in someone elses piss” You bet. The piss to water ratio will be much higher in this 13.2 million dollar kiddie pool.

  22. Yes, the water at Graydon is dirty, but why throw the baby out with the bathwater!
    After growing up in Ridgewood I lived in New York, Boston, Europe and San Diego before comming back here to raise my own family. People often ask me, “isn’t that the town with that beautiful, lake like pool on the side as you drive in?” when I tell them I’m from Ridgewood. I proudly say “yes”, then, “can you believe people want to tear it down to put in a cement pool?” When they say they can’t understand the logic. I say, “neither can I. I guess some people just want new, new, new, new.”
    This has not always been the way of the people who choose to live in Ridgewood. In the 1950’s, it was the beautiful idyllic lake oasis(Graydon) passed on a house hunting trip to Ridgewood that made my parents choose to live here. In addition to the good schools and fine homes available in other towns, the natural beauty of Graydon Pool next to the rustic Lester Stable and farmland gave Ridgewood a country feel that was irrisistable to my parents.
    When I came back I was thrilled by the fact that even after so many years, Ridgewood had retained its high quality of living along with its asthetic character and charm. Most of my friends from other places are not so lucky. Important landmarks in their hometowns are torn down regularly for the “new and improved,” which in economic downturns become the “unused and ugly.”
    Graydon Pool was built to be a fun place for kids, families, swimmers and seniors who were not country club members, or didn’t enjoy crowded county pools. The drawing and plans for the new pool look to me like a combination of these two undesirable or unaffordable options.
    More important than it’s asthetic incorectness,the new pool idea is not an apropriate fiscal project for the Village. Ridgewood’s community is always most cohesive when it is fiscally conservative with spending focused mainly on things like education, not projects involving tearing down landmarks in favor of theme park type frills.
    Instead of pushing for this inapropriate and expensive new pool, those who are so unhappy with the condition of our admired, beloved, traditional and beautiful landmark pool should seek ways to make the water cleaner.
    Residents in towns like Paramus, Glen Rock and Waldwick that have over crowded cement pools devoid of the lake-like atmosphere and sense of tranquility posessed by the beautiful grounds of Graydon Pool say that they prefer Graydon to their own pools.
    Even my cousin from Paramus, who would never set foot in their dizzyingly crowded pool, jumped at the chance to purchase a Graydon badge last summer when it was offered due to their pool’s toxic mess. She even skipped a few weekend trips to her shore house in favor of enjoying the peaceful serenity of Graydon’s sunny sandy poolside.
    Why destroy one of Ridgewood’s most beautiful assets just to make it like so many other places, when people who live in those places wish they had something like Graydon? Why not just improve the water quality?
    The only thing worse than the destruction of this beautiful Village landmark is what this rancorous arguement has done to the community’s long history of peaceful coexistance. This arguement has evoked a devisiveness I have never seen before.
    Instead of destroying two of Ridgewood’s most traditional and valuable assets, Gradon Pool and the long held peace and happy coexistance enjoyed by village residents, let’s just get to work cleaning the water and making Graydon Pool a place everyone can enjoy.
    The task of cleaning up Graydon’s dirty water is easily whithin the realm of possibility for a community so full of brilliant and educated citizens. Can’t we save this beautiful landmark instead of bulldozing it in favor of turning its beautiful grounds into another “McPool” like those in so many other places. Wouldn’t destroying this beautiful Ridgewood landmark be an example of throwing the baby out with the bathwater just because the water’s dirty? We’re smarter than that!

  23. The number of graydon pool badges sold has been on the decline for a number of years. Why? Ridgewood residents are NOT satisfied witht the existing facility. It is not the place they want to be. Let’s build a facility that brings the Ridgewood community back together. The new pool looks like a great place where families can look forward to seeing their friends and neighbors at this modern facility. It looks like a fantastic place for young children, teenagers, families, serious swimmers, and casual swimmers. The existing facility is not working, the declining number of individuals using it indicate this.

  24. Details are needed in the pdf:
    –How large are the various pools in surface area?
    –How do the costs break down? Four pools, landscaping, buildings upgrades. Are some of these costs going to come due anyway (eg., the lockers etc.?)
    –How about a plan, rather than just an “artist’s impression”?
    –Was any consideration given for an enclosed or encloseable–i.e., year-round, facility? How much would that cost?
    –What’s the surface area of the existing pool?

  25. JS… fair questions. Suggest you attend the Council meeting and see the presentation… it will satisfy you I am certain.

    Be courteous to the presentors… they have put in many volunteer hours for all of us.

    I am ready …. in the event, the pool will be this kind of facility I will commit to maembeships. If not I won’t.

    That should be the public’s message to the Council! The ball is in their hands.

  26. A $13.9M boondoggle.

    As a lifelong resident of Ridgewood I strongly oppose the project

    1.) Detroys a Village landmark – a unique setting like no other

    2.)Outrageously expensive

    The water quality hysterics have been and continue to be exaggerated. Truth be told Graydon has been poorly managed for years – better quality water and service can be achieved for a fraction of the cost. I will be purchasing badges for my family this summer.

  27. Where do I sign up for badges ! Clean water at last ! All the water we suck up from the current pond should be given to all who support it in its current filthy way as drinking water for their families LOCK AND LOAD LET THE CONSTRUCTION BEGIN !

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