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friday, January 16, 2009
Doing my research…myself
Just wanted to share with you my reading and study on math. Lest anybody think I get all my info from the Ed Center, the truth is I actually get very little over there. Sure, I’m receiving updates from the Math Planning Team, but those aren’t too detailed. Mr. Vallerini and Mrs. Lenhard are the Board Members on the Curriculum Committee, so they are more involved with them. I’m sure I could get all kinds of materials at the Ed Center, but my style is to do my own research. Below is a list of what I’ve been reading the past year or so (approximately 90% of this was sourced be me directly…the advantage of self-employment is plenty of time to surf the web…some of them are on my shelf waiting to be read ASAP).

Please suggest any reading you think I should be doing!

in no particular order (list updated 1/17/09)…

The Equation for Excellence: How to Make Your Child Successful at Math (Vohra)
Math Doesn’t Suck: How to Survive Middle School Math without Breaking a Nail (McKellar)
Math for humans: Teaching Math through 8 Intelligences (Wahl)
Math Wars: A Guide for Parents & Teachers (Latterell)
Standards-Based School Mathematics Curricula: What are they? What Do Students Learn? (Studies in Mathematical Learning), (Senk & Thompson)
What’s Math Got to Do with It? (Boaler)
What Successful Math Teachers Do. (Posamentier)

Articles & Reports
“A Formula to End the Divide,” Posamentier, Bergen Record, 6/19/07
“Abandoning traditional math approach doesn’t add up.” Posamentier, Bergen Record, 6/11/08
“How Does it Add Up?” Views on Math Education.” Posamentier. Education Update, Inc.
“Where Has All the Knowledge Gone?”, Boaler, Education Week, 10/8/08
“Reaching for Common Ground in K-12 Mathematics Education,” Ball, et al., Notices of the AMS, 10/05
“Study Suggests Math Teachers Scrap Balls and Slices,” Chang. NY Times 4/25/08
“Report Urges Changes in Teaching Math,” Lewin. NY Times 3/14/08
“Clarifying Misconceptions about Investigations in Number, Data and Space,” Prince William County Schools Mathematics Focus Group
“Are We Failing Our Geniuses?,” Cloud. Time. 8/16/07
“10 Myths (Maybe) About Learning Math,” Mathews. Washington Post. 5/31/05
“Learning from Singapore Math,” Leinwand & Ginsburg. Educational Leadership, 11/07
“On Professional Judgment and the National Mathematics Advisory Panel Report: Curricular Content,” Thompson. Educational Researcher, 12/08

Final Report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel

Curriculum Focal Points for Prekindergarten through Grade 8 Mathematics, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2006

What Works Clearinghouse, U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences
Mathematically Correct
Mathematically Sane
Math Panel Watch
National Assessment of Educational Progress Mathematics Study 2003
Math Forum at Drexel University
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  1. She is well read.

  2. You can look at the work by William Quirk Ph.D.. Very interesting and informative..

  3. Well, if she has been reading, she needs help with her comprehension.

  4. Hey, math geeks.

    Help me out here, isn’t “mathematically sane” the web site run by that lunatic who got kicked off the Drexel blog. His name was David something.

    I think he revamped his web site so that his name doesn’t come up any more.

  5. Well Laurie, with all that you have read, what’s your opinion (Yes, not of the Board, etc.)? Should you vote to approve more reform math programs or do you think traditional math best serves the needs of our children? You must certainly have figured out an answer to this question.

  6. She’s a blowhard…

  7. Laurie,

    I wish you all the best with your research. I’m concerned, however, that you are having a hard time separating the wheat from the chaff.

    This is not so complicated; it’s made to seem so as a smokescreen because this camouflage is one way the education industry (a mental as well as physical monopoly) protects itself from the imposition of higher standards from those looking in on it.

    All this boils down to is a fight between maintaining higher standards (traditional math) and administrators needing to secure the breathing room to lower standards (reform math) so the available teacher pool actually looks better on paper.

    With reform math, you can designate, say, a social studies teacher to teach math. All that person would have to do is follow explicit instructions, or their program training, or rely on the computer guidance for each class lesson.

    Teaching traditional math requires much, much more. The teacher would actually have to know math and would need to have the experience and intelligence to use various methods to ensure that their students get it and can execute the work independently.

    Granted, we don’t have an overflow of teachers in this latter category, hence the “dire necessity” for educators to come up with a reform math shift to our education platform. For them, it’s shift or die. For our kids, it’s shift and die.

    Laurie, it’s the politics at work here. It’s not really about math at all. If it were just about math, then math would be taught using traditional methods with a sprinkling of new approaches as individual students require them.

    Step away from your research and look at the much bigger picture. Then you will understand the role you are playing in either encouraging educators to take the easy way out, or to strive for much higher ground.

    Be prepared for them “not to like you” if you choose to hold them to higher standards.

    The question then becomes, are you up to that task?

    So, who are you Laurie? One of Them or one of Us?

  8. yes the cover up and smoke screen ….dumb dumb math is for dumb dumb’s

  9. what do you care your kids are all going to live in subsidized housing and collect food stamps …great way to prepare for the future

  10. looks like laurie suporters are swamping the blog….lol

  11. ok so you read a book once ,what did you learn?

  12. The moderator refuses to post positive comments about Laurie. Shame on you PJ. You must have honed your trade at Fox News.

  13. Ms. Goodman doesn’t seem to understand the difference between reading and research. Research involves detailed analysis to uncover new information or new understanding.

    She should be reading and analyzing our middle school NJASK math scores which are published on the district web site.

    The percentage of our 7th graders who achieved advanced proficiency (PAP) is 8.5 points below the mean of their DFG peers (J)! Last year, as 6th graders, they were 5.5 points below the mean. As 5th graders, they were 5.6 points above the mean, and as 4th graders they were 7.6 points above the mean. This cohort experienced a drop of more than 16 points in three years.

    Our 6th graders are 2.9 points below the mean. Last year they were 3.7 points below the mean, and as 4th graders, they were 7.3 points above the mean. This is a drop of more than 10 points in two years.

    The trends are clear. Our children’s math performance is in steep decline, and there is a definite correlation between this decline and the introduction of Regina’s sub-standard math programs.

    Here’s another way to view these trends. In this 7th grade class there are approximately 37 fewer students achieving PAP, than would be expected from an average J district. But as 4th graders in 2005, this same class had approximately 33 more students achieving PAP than the average. This performance shift of 70 students is dramatic, a clear signal that something is very wrong.

    A “reader” will simply read Regina’s report and accept her assessment that we are doing well, and that there is opportunity for growth. A “researcher” will know how to interpret the data intelligently, recognize the need for a change, and declare the Ridgewood Math Experiment a failure.

    So, Ms. Goodman, are you a reader or a researcher?

  14. 503 say something about laurie that shows she is working for the betterment of our kids education and stop the silly politicking….

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