Reader says,"Administrators should not be confused as staff members for the BOE"

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Isn’t it just like a Ridgewood BOE trustee to label fact as “misinformation” when they themselves are so misinformed? One would have thought they learned long ago not to rely solely on what Cottage Place administrators tell them. For the administrators are notorious for spinning half truths and leaving out pertinent information when conveying information to the board and the public.

In larger governing bodies, legislators have staff members who research and ferret out the truth when given information by government administrators. These staffers do not automatically believe everything they are told by the bureaucrats. After all, elected officials have an oversight responsibility. Therefore their staff members provide the knowledge for them to speak intelligently to the topic.

Granted, Ridgewood’s BOE doesn’t have the luxury of staff members to verify the validity of what they are told by the bureaucrats at Cottage Place. But that doesn’t excuse their confusion of the role the administrators perform and believe them to be serving as unbiased staffers. They must resist the temptation to believe everything they are told by Cottage Place administrators, carte blanche.

They owe the public more. They must do their own research. If they are to have any credibility with their constituents, they must investigate and learn abut the issues and topics before them. To continue to assume that the administrators are there to serve them like staff members is folly. The administration has an agenda all its own and it does not always, like any government agency, necessarily have the interests of the politicians or their constituents at heart.

Ms. Goodman has proven herself lazy by parroting half truths and falsehood provided her by the bureaucrats at Cottage Place. She is now paying the price, chastised in public by citizens who possess far more knowledge of the subject and the politics surrounding the quest to reinstate a world class elementary math program in Ridgewood. Ms. Goodman has learned a valuable lesson. One can only hope that entire BOE has learned from her mistake as well.

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  1. Laurie is smart and has her own opinions. At least she made some good points in her post. It took you several paragraphs to finally make your point that you don’t like Laurie. The people who voted for Laurie still support her. You probably didn’t vote for her and you are trying to make maskin seem relevant. Maskin should actually try working WITHIN the system to see if she can do any good. Being the perennial outsider gets old fast.

  2. Nice try 7:31am but you defense doesn’t wash. Name one point that Laurie got right in her screed.

    BOE believes whatever they are told by the admin at Cottage Place and do not THINK for themselves.

    If that is going to continue to be the case, the VC should abolish the BOE and hire the superintendent directly.

    I stand by my statement that Ms. Goodman has proven herself intellectual lazy and has relied on less than solid information when opining.

    As for working within the system, well that seems to be the problem doesn’t it. None of the BOE members show any sign of independent thinking apart for the party line espoused by the administrators they are to oversee.

    I maintain that the BOE fails in its responsibility to guide our district and gaurantee the tradition of excellence that is our motto.

    Ms. Maskin is far more knowledgeable than any BOE member when it comes to the topic at hand. Unfortunately, Regina, and now Dan, refuse to consider any input from professional educators who disagree with their constructivist philosophy. And the BOE has yet to prove itself responsible in holding them accountable, preferring instead to rubber stamp the administration’s decisions. I hardly call that representative of their constituents.

    You can defend the indefensible for as long as you like but it still makes you wrong. Do your home work and then venture into the debate with knowledge, leaving your emotions and feelings aside. Something I believe Ms. Goodman just learned.

  3. 7:31 wrote, “Laurie is smart and has her own opinions.”

    That made me think of the following quote:

    “Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” – John F Kennedy

  4. 7:31 —

    First, by her comments, Laurie proved herself NOT to be smart (saying a parent wanted to undermine the district and dismissing the National Math Panel). She also proved not to have her own opinions as she expressed a defensive posture solely to protect what she believes was the BOE’s prerogative.

    Second, Laurie had no good points in her post that I could identify, perhaps you will be specific. Next, the writer you chastise was writing way beyond the school yard game of liking or not liking someone; but you’d have to be a grown up to understand that. That you could reduce the sound ideas in that post to “not liking” someone is pretty pathetic. Since you missed it, I’ll spell it out for you: the concept stated by the writer was that bureaucrats should not be trusted to fully inform Board members without the interference of they own parochial interests. Can you argue intelligently why this is not so? Doubt it.

    Your comment that the writer was trying to “make Maskin relevant” is an unsupported opinion and says more about you than it does the original poster. Lastly, there is no working “within” a system that is a monopoly. I’m surprised that you do not even know this basic principal about organizations, and how they are impacted based on their design.

  5. THOMAS PAIN said…




    STUPID VOTES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10:47 AM

  6. again PJ i am going to ask when did it get cool to offer a second rate education in ridgewood I guess i missed the memo ?

  7. 10:49 –

    1) Turn of the all caps button

    2) Stop ending your sentences with “!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    3) Cease with silly blanket statements such as “you all voted” and “serves you all right”

    Now, take a deep breath, and calmly state your point.

  8. 10:53 I’ll try to answer that question.

    When second-rate people became the majority in our village government, BoE and HSA’s.

  9. your right 1115 I just find it silly that in this state people continue to vote for these types then are surprised at the results …

  10. You know, I believe that the “vote” and who won issue is looked at the wrong way, especially by the BOE.

    Last year was the first time a village “insider” ran against the establishment.

    Sarah Kate and Greg got 1000 or more votes, so there are at least 1000 or more voters unhappy with the school math. This with only four elementary schools having reform math and CMP2 new in the middle schools.

    Once the establishment puts reform math in all the schools, do they really think they will keep winning these elections?

  11. They owe the public more. They must do their own research.

    Laurie *is* doing her research. Read her blog entry posted today:

    Doing my research…myself

    Apparently, some people are so busy criticizing and complaining around here that they feel to see the good, hard work being done by our BOE.

  12. Really couldn’t this whole problem be solved by looking at what Math programs the most succesful schools in the country are using. Maybe when our math students are outperforming their’s we can waste time on a debate like this. . . Why do all these people think they need to reinvent the wheel when there is a huge amount of already collected, already researched data out there. It’s just a big How to Waste More Money in New Jersey party!

  13. Sarah Kate and Greg got 1000 or more votes, so there are at least 1000 or more voters unhappy with the school math.

    That is really flawed logic.

    Not all the votes against Brogan/Goodman and for Maskin/Lois were cast by voters unhappy with reform math.

    In every BOE election in recent history (i.e. the last 10-12) years), there is *always* 1,000 or so votes against the budget and against incumbent candidates. Doesn’t matter if reform math is the topic-of-the-day or not. One thousand come out and say “No”. The issue every election is whether more “Yes” voters come out to the polls or stay home on election day.

  14. 8:07PM

    You should consider the fact that as math moms disappear, more math moms and dads emerge.

    At many as 5 years ago, there were parents complaining in Travell and Orchard about reform math. When those parents moved their children out of the system or gave up, new parents emerged and took over the cause.

    The negative opinion of reform math will not go away.

    If the district put in traditional math, we’d have a peaceful village again.

    This entire debate would not exist if the district initially chose Saxon math.

  15. 2:29pm

    That’s a funny link…

    I liked the 2 comments, which are obviously Charlie creating different personas.

    That just cracks me up.

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