Village Council Poised to Offer $2.9 million for Schedler Property

In Uncategorized on January 14, 2009 at 10:54 pm

Village Council members are scheduled to introduce a $2.9 million bond ordinance for purchase of the Schedler property during tonight’s regularly scheduled Public Meeting. The $2.9 million would cover property purchase only; improvements necessary to convert the parcel to athletic playing fields would be extra.

The Village has already received a $1 million grant from the Bergen County Open Space fund for purchase of the property; other grants may be forthcoming (the operative word is “may”). If no additional grant money is awarded above and beyond the Bergen County Open Space award, Ridgewood’s taxpayers will be obligated to cough up as much as $1.9 million.

The Schedler tract is located at the intersection of West Saddle River Road and Route 17. Current assessed value of the entire parcel is $2,597,500.

Village Manager Jim Ten Hoeve previously indicated his desire to purchase an adjacent parcel owned by the Shotmeyer Oil Corporation along with the Schedler purchase. That parcel, located on Route 17 northbound, is currently assessed at $67,500.

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  1. all you hear is how broke the village is and theres money for this?

  2. The Village Council and Manager should really re-visit buying this land, do to tightening economy and more reduced funding from the state in 2009.
    A brief look at all other municipalites, they have all suspended any major purchases, and any major debt increases until they all have better sense of what the future will hold in this failing economy. What is more disturbing is, Village officials are already mandating reduced budget funding in all Village Dept’s to help buy this land. That will lead to reduced money available for the many basic services that Village provides. Not to mention they will still need over another million or two in the near future to build fields and many other items that will be needed for this property. (ie: Surveys, engineering specs, professional drawings and don’t forget, probably another study of some type). Taxpayers beware of another white elephant as is the Habernackel farm land purchase.

  3. yea hello.

  4. The hearing regarding this ordinance is on February 11th. Seems ridiculous that the town is trying to move forward with this at this juncture (even if the economy was in decent shape I’m not sure I would be in favor of this purchase given the town has not shown any capability to manage large scale projects – town hall, Habernickel farm). Where is the fiscal prudence and discipline needed at this time? One would imagine that their revenues from buidling permits, etc. will again be down this year and more importantly that their pension obligations at some point are going to increase substantially given the dismal performance of most asset classes and managers over the past year.

  5. Where are we getting all this money???

  6. Not to mention the loss of taxes now paid by the property owner.

  7. How can you buy something if you have $0 money. We can’t even fix what we have.

  8. This is the height of ridiculousness. I am speechless.

  9. So we’re going to pay $2.9 million for what may be the last large piece of open property in town, that will give us a valuable asset and flexibility going forward, the County is going to pay for more than 1/3 of the cost and we get to finance it at what are all time low interest rates? Sounds like the Council looked passed the rhetoric and made a great decision.

  10. How about putting in a truck stop.
    BIG MONEY to be made.

    But we don’t want to make money, just spend it.

  11. I am completely dumbfounded how we can be making this massive purchase in such tough economic times. Is Jane Reilly behind this?

  12. What about the nationwide SHIFT TO THRIFT? Is Ridgewood above all that? Stop the madness. No more debt. No more stupid excessive spending. Aaaaaaggggghhhhhhh the village council is insane.


  14. hey folks its your money ……so who cares…lol

  15. Last child is graduating this year… Time to move on before the new tax bills come out to cover this fiasco.

  16. Disagree with comments — our money should be put to buying open land. Its been wasted in the past on things like the flooding village hall. More open space, less density, means better real estate values. It may mean less tax base, but lets address that by cutting fat, not open space.

  17. I agree with both 3:33 and 1:42’s comments. Once open space is gone, it’s gone. It doesn’t even have to be used for atheletic fields in the future. Surely there are other things that can be scaled back or cut out. I think the Council has the community’s interests at heart and is trying to preserve the little remaining bucolic charm of Ridgewood.

  18. Oh yea,
    open space on Rt. 17.
    We can all see it as we drive north to other towns.
    This is a waste of MY money.

  19. they keep saying we have no money stop the bs, allready.

  20. I would love to see a go go bar at that spot.it would be a good spot for the nite crew to stop and have a pop.yea,think about it.

  21. what would be the name of the go go bar if it would happen.1 rt,17 gogo,2rw,s,gogo.3how about north boundgogo.3come and stop at big boobs on rt 17.

  22. 747 — what would you rather have — condo’s and a higher school and village budget and taxes to handle the poeple — more downtown coah housing too?

    We need to keep our open space — besides the space between the ears of the village managers who waste our money, we don’t have much open space at all. Lets focus on cutting expense, rather than shooting down ideas that maintain the standards of our town.

  23. I am aginst more atheletic field in Ridgewood. There are already too many of them. If we want to spend more money, we shall focus on academics more, such as expand library. That lies our kids future. I doubt more than 1% Ridgewood parents dreaming about their kids becoming football stars.

  24. No more sports fields. These kids do not play a minute of sports after they leave Ridgewood. Why do the sports groups get so much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ?

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