Ridgewood Mugging

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“There’s a Police Blotter story in the Ridgewood Times by John Koster about an incident that happened at 5.20pm, sometime within the last few days, on Broad Street, when a commuter on his way home was mugged at knifepoint by two men. We’re not taking midnight, or some remote spot, but midweek at 5.20pm. “

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  1. occurred at approx. 5 am, on jan. 1and it was not a commuter. i believe it was in the rwd news police blotter last week

  2. Around 5AM on January 1st there was a mugging on Broad St, the victim was held at knife point and robbed. Was this ever in the paper? Are the 2 incidents related?

  3. Both newspapers I read said 5:20 PM. Anyone know if it was AM or PM?

    Either way it’s scary as those are the times I leave for, and arrive home from work.

  4. theFly, would you comment and correct if necessary?

  5. Todays the Ridgewood times reported that a resident of South Broad Street was mugged by three armed assailants on Jan 1 at 5:20pm.

  6. all i have to say is you lower your standards enough and look what the cat dragged in

  7. Last week I received a notice in my e-mail that there was someone driving in the somerville area that was approaching kids near the school. Add that to the attempted home invasion a couple of weeks ago and now this?

  8. hey after all the hard work of the VC and BOE we have can now say yes WE ARE JUST LIKE NEWARK …good job boys and girls

  9. if you invite all the shit you get it

  10. If anyone naively believes that all of the low-income residents are just good folks who need a hand-up, they simply have never lived in low-income neighborhoods. All kinds of creative ways will be made to enlarge the official residents of these units (i.e. the general driftwood that just take up residence on the couch). Do I sound like a snob? Yes. I paid well over the odds for my piece of Ridgewood for a reason.

  11. It was at 5AM. The victim is an employee at Bagelicious. It happened when he was on his walk to work.

  12. There was no mugging at 5:20 pm. That is incorrect information. It happened around 5 am. It was not a commuter either. It was a party that works here in Ridgewood.

  13. My goodness I didn’t buy a house here just to raise my family this way…I have a headache

  14. Only 1 mugging. 5am on 1/1/09.

  15. I think that you need to separate the dynamics of large scale (think Parkchester in the Bronx) low income housing projects from an attempt to provide people with a good place to live. Being poor/middle class does not make you a bad person.

    Are we to believe that just talking about COAH causes crime?

  16. 721 the durty little secret is that the courts are giving priority to sex offenders ,x cons and druggies for the coah program,take off your rose colored glasses

  17. I think one also has to take into account the impact of the economic crisis on those who aren’t currently employed in the legal workforce.

    Like so many others, those individuals are no longer taking in the same kind of profits that they have been from their illegal activities. What better way to make a few extra bucks than to target an affluent suburb like Ridgewood.

  18. 721, Yes! Have you been to Paterson?

    I dont want to pay for families who can not afford to live here.

  19. 1 solitary incident and people are comparing us to Newark. Crime happens everywhere! Lock your doors and cars at night and be aware of your surroundings and call the cops if u think something is suspicious. I learned all this on NY subway posters.

  20. PJ, can you check into this? The Bergen record says that Monvale B of E just finished their own search for a superintendent, thus saving their district about $20,000. Why cant we ever do anything ourselves and save some money to spend where it is needed? That math consultant is Exhibit A. She came last year, got paid about 10K to tell us what we already knew. Pish tosh.

  21. LOL! You people should listen to yourselves. You sound like a bunch of losers.. OMG COAH is being discussed and we are all going to die by the hands of the new residnets that don’t even live here yet! SEE WHAT YOU DID VC!!! give me a break! MOst likely the people involved in the crime aren’t from here or Glen Rock, or Midland Park, OR Wyckoff, or Ho-Ho-Kus.. etc., Paterson, Newark etc are just a train ride away folks.. YOU ALL need your heads examined. And to the one poster that complained about having to pay for the lower than him/ her people.. guess what? you live in the USA! GET USED TO IT! whah! here’s a tissue

  22. 7:29 — Another rational person writing on the Blog. This has got to stop!

  23. 7:29 PM

    What’s your point?

  24. I just don’t get these New York Times-reading lefties and their naive view of low income housing. Let me give you an example of what you get. A low income apartment is let to a single mom and her two kids. Basically, okay people. Boyfriend unofficially moves in, after getting released from prison. Long rap sheet including burglary. “Man, these houses ’round here look pretty fancy”. Oh, and that little kid of hers. He grows up and he ain’t so cute anymore.

  25. 7:27 watches too much television. Life is not a sterotype. And he is proud that he does not read the NYT!! My grandmother qualified for low income housing.

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