Ridgewood Streets and Municipal Parking Lots Cleared of Snow!

In Ridgewood New Jersey, Ridgewood Streets Department on January 11, 2009 at 5:36 pm

The Ridgewood Streets Department did a top notch job this time around.

As evidenced by theses photos taken on Sunday morning (North Walnut Street Parking Lot and Linwood Avenue at North Maple Avenue), major roadways and municipal parking lots have all been cleared of snow and ice.

Nice job ladies and gentlemen!


  1. Yes i agree. Great job. I guess throwing the salt on the roads before the storm was a major help this time..

  2. Hip Hip Hooray!

  3. Now thats the way it used to be done around here for years!!! I’m glad the NUMEROUS complaints from previous storms finally reached top officials enough for them to start letting supervisors use manpower and equipment and material to get the job done quickly and efficiently. WELL DONE ALL !!!!! Lets all hope this will continue for all future storms.

  4. Great job responding to that massive snowstorm.

    I’m still digging out.

  5. great job

  6. As a resident driving through our town, I have to say that these men work many long hours and work their butts off…I have seen a supervisor from streets dept helping an elderly person cross the street so she would not fall….we should be proud of the men and woman our town has and for making our streets safe! Way to go Ridgewood!! These salt trucks were up and down my street 2-3 times a night and I live on a dead end….we as residents should say thank you for these hard working people when were sitting at home eatting bons bons…


    Keep Up the Great Work Ridgewood Streets Dept!

  8. I would like to thank all the depts that worked the past snow storm.you all did a great job.A big thank you.(exp)around valley.wow.nice and clean.

  9. I have to agree. I live on a dead end and the trucks came right away.

    Nice job. Thank you.

  10. they did a great job, thank you

  11. I must say the roads look great.great job to all.ridgewood was on top of the storm,right from the get go.yea you show,ed all other towns around that you guys hit it fast befor any one else.I hope they do a nice story on this storm.

  12. all works well and comes out nice when employees get called out before there is 3 or 4 inches packed down on the street and some salt gets spread.

  13. Now can they repeat this performance when we get more than 2 inches of snow?

  14. we did get more then 2 inches.

  15. to 451 and any one else it time for you pussys to give a name when you are talking about some one our putting them down.

  16. 405 you are so rite.some allways need to cry.

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