BOE Meeting on the 12th

In Uncategorized on January 11, 2009 at 12:51 am

From the BOE agenda for its January 12, 2009 meeting beginning at 7:30PM

• Board Curriculum Committee/Math Plan Update

If you are interested in hearing the math plan update please plan to attend.


  1. pj never know weather these things are worth anything the BOE is not interested in what the public has to say at all and they have made it very clear …. and since so many in town are satisfied with this touchy feeley math after all you dont have to add to get into public housing or be on welfare so the parents in town are very happy ,why should anyone who still has some pride left bother?

  2. hey a simple test for al parents :

    ask your kid to do long division ?

    or ask your kid to figure out what the tip should be after dinner …

    then you’ll see the advantage of the dummy math

  3. if i show up will they threaten me or my kids like they did with the math moms….?

  4. You can live your life in fear, but remember that it was your choice to do so.

  5. Go to Mrs. Goodmans blog and read her personal answer to the math panel controversy…then you will understand why parents feel that going to the meetings is a waste of time (the BOE HAS a math plan). Parents are wise to spend their time with their children teaching them real math, preparing them for the future… I just wish I were wrong and that is why I am considering going tonight.

  6. We get the government we deserve, I guess. If you fear your government, then there’s little hope for you.

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