Sign of the Times!

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New Ridgewood Police Chief John LiPuma has ordered the deployment of this electronic billboard to stem the rising tide of pedestrian vs. motor vehicle accidents in Ridgewood’s Central Business District.

The sign is located near the intersection of East Ridgewood Avenue and North Maple Avenue.

Way to go Chief!

  1. I can see it now, if they didn’t see the pedestrian, what makes us think they’ll see the sign, or, “I didn’t see the pedestrian because I was reading the sign.”. It’s kind of like the report aggressive drivers dial 77 campaign. Are we not supposed to be on our cell phones while driving?

  2. PJ – Keep up the good work! Your efforts to keep pedestrian safety a hot topic seems to be paying off. Kudos to the chief as well.

  3. Another parking spot gone?

  4. good job Chief.. now that the drivers have fair warning…get some officers on foot to STOP and TICKET the oFFENDING drivers…

  5. I like the sign, good idea.

  6. At least something is being “seen” to be done about pedestrian safety.
    I’m not sure that the people of Ridgewood are capable of self policing.

  7. The problem is that too many drivers only look straight ahead when driving. They neglect to check both ends of a crosswalk before they approach. The only way they see pedestrians is when the person is in the middle of the crosswalk. That’s the danger.

    Drivers have to be reminded to check both ends of the crosswalk upon approach.

  8. Kudos to the chief, and good work PJ. But why is 9:05 still complaining???

  9. I drove past the sign yesterday and I thought that it made our CBD look more like East Rutherford.

    What’s next – speed bumps?

  10. 417 how many people were run over in east rutherford?

  11. I think the sign is an excellent idea!

    The first time drivers become aware of pedestrians in the crosswalk shouldn’t be when they hit them. The same thing can be said for pedestrians. Yes, the pedestrian has the right of way, but they also need to be attentive to their surroundings.

  12. This is a great idea. Thanks Chief LiPuma! And in response to 4:17, speed bumps are not a bad idea either.

  13. alot of people dont know to stop

    but the people crossing should still exercise caution …

  14. yes what was the christmas tally …

  15. Why don’t they ticket j-walkers? they do in Teaneck

  16. I would love to see the years’s total for pedestrian accidents and separately car accidents for the year posted on the blog – with location.

    It would certainly be an eye opener.

  17. Everytime I cross Godwin Avenue over by Whole Foods in the designated crosswalk, I have to wait for at least 4 or 5 cars to go by before someone decides to obey the law and allow me to cross. Why don’t they ticket the drivers who refuse to yield to pedestrians?

  18. I agree that along with ticketing drivers that don’t yield to pedestrians in crosswalks…its only fair to ticket jaywalkers as part of the program

  19. 8:57 AM states ">>get some officers on foot to STOP and TICKET the oFFENDING drivers…" I don't understand the ongoing posts about officers out walking on foot. To me it sounds like an ineffective use of personnel. One of those politically correct "feel good" things that costs a lot of money and yields little in the way of results. If we want traffic controlled at an intersection – put in a traffic light. If you need enforcement, put an officer in a police car (marked or unmarked) out there to give warnings or tickets. Andy Griffith walking around "Mayberry" on foot is a joke in 2009 Ridgewood!
    By the way – I think the message board alerting motorists to yeild to pedestrians is a first rate idea.

  20. 251 sounds like an officer content to sit on his fat arse in a car ‘guarding’ van neste park. foot patrol gets things done. “IF” the officers in patrol cars had been doing a better job…then we wouldnt have had pedestrians getting knocked off like bowling pins

  21. Friday, I stood in the crosswalk at TD Bank and had 11 cars pass in front of me before one stopped to let me cross.

  22. to 10:58 –

    They do ticket drivers at that location, such as the minister who hit the baby in the stroller. Then of course she decided that she could not possibly be guilty so she announced that she would contest the charge against her. The cops did try.

  23. A better sign would just say: ‘STOP FOR PEDESTRIANS”. Other communities do that and it seems to help — more direct. In broad daylight — which is when most of these incidents are reported — that should do it. Because,let’s face it, pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way — even if they’re jaywalking.

    And for those other dangerous areas — could we have light and markings and maybe even a stop sign? A lot of us have had the experience of — usually kids — stepping out or skateboarding in front of cars that can’t see them because its dark.

    My pet peeve? Other than cars that wono’t stop and let pedestrians cross? Ridgewood drivers that tailgate those of us who go the speed limit — or better yet — honk and pass. Where are the police on Linwood Ave?

  24. Unfortunetly NJ’s pedestrian laws are very weak. The pedestrian does not always have the right of way. They must be in a designated crosswalk or at an intersection and must wait for a clearing in traffic before crossing. Once the pedestrian has begun crossing then cars in that lane of traffic must yield to them. I learned this many years ago when I signed a complaint against a driver who I felt should have yielded to my wife and I when we were crossing the street. The young officer who took the complaint as much as told me so, but as an attorney I though I knew better – I WAS WRONG. Don’t confuse the traffic laws that the police enforce with civil personal injury law.
    From in a civil suit, if a pedestrian gets hit, it is a whole different ballgame.. But, who wants to get hit by a car to prove that point?

  25. What ever happened to those two elderly ladies who were mowed down in broad daylight near Oak? Ridgewood reminds me of the fictitious town portrayed in “Weeds.” self-righteous, yet provincial.

  26. Anonymous said…
    What ever happened to those two elderly ladies who were mowed down in broad daylight near Oak? Ridgewood reminds me of the fictitious town portrayed in “Weeds.” self-righteous, yet provincial.

    1:34 PM

    Weeds? Ya think? Ridgewood has always reminded me of Stepford, as in “The Stepford Wives”. Just sayin’

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