Reader Asks ,"What has happened to Ridgewood? "

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This poster hit the nail on the head. What has happened to Ridgewood? May I suggest you put this up for comment.

Proud Ridgewood Parent said…
When people ask you what has changed in Ridgewood over the years, you can point to this situation as an example of Ridgewood’s decline.

In the past, not only would Ridgewood be speaking to a member of the President’s Math Panel, the district would hold up this relationship with pride for all to see as another indication that Ridgewood is indeed a premier district. In fact, Ridgewood would not only be speaking to someone of this stature in the past but would likely have had tight connections and input into the President’s panel.

Very frustrating indeed.

Wayside Gardens

  1. I would like to know what happened: I graduated from RHS, and I’m proud to have gone there.

    People who moved to Ridgewood were OK with paying $30-50,000 more for the same hous that they could have gotten for less in other towns, because they new that the differential was the school system.

    How can anyone mess it up so badly, and WHY? And why are the people who are not fixing it/or throwing the best resources at it, (e.g. Dr. Sandra Stotsky) not tarred and feathered and paraded out of town?

  2. 11:58,

    Because there are so few who will actually stand up and speak out, the administrators and the BOE can degrade the tradition of excellence in Ridgewood with impunity. Too may folks are easily intimidated by various social means to make a public stand. Many just don’t care enough or figure they can buy their way out of this mess with tutors for their children.

    Remember, the BOE is a government monopoly. As such they do not change their entrenched ways or ideology without a huge struggle first.

    It is rare that the citizenry ruled by any government entity, musters the will to effect change. The odds are on the side of the government bureaucrats to stall and wait out their critics, figuring that eventually they will grow weary and go away.

    This is what is playing out in Ridgewood over the math debate. If you want to help effect change, write a letter to the editor of The Ridgewood News and attend next Monday’s 7:00pm BOE meeting at Cottage Place and speak up.

  3. I, too, graduated from RHS and back then this town made us proud, a real A-lister.

    Now we seemed to have peopled our school system with bottom dwellers like Regina who seeks to align all our hopes and dreams to NJ state standards. This sickens me and should sicken all of us who knew how good of a school system we had.

    The BOE is also to blame. They have turned their oversight of the system into a game of limbo. They put the stick on the ground and only ask of their administrators to crawl under it.

    Nice going. Soon, we will be digging a hole to China and calling it the new social contract.

  4. but at lest “we beat Newwak”

  5. I think it is sad. The woman who wrote the original post is right.

    What happened, when did we fall from grace?

    How are we to realize the aspirations of our children to attend Harvard and Yale et el when our BOE is more comfortable seeking guidance from 3rd rate institutions like Montclair State instead.

  6. To 1:06 –

    Re: What happened, when did we fall from grace?

    While I do not believe that we have actually “fallen from grace” just yet, there are forces in play at the BOE (which are baffling to me) that seem to be purposefully driving us out of “a state of grace”. However, I wouldn’t write us off just yet… let’s not forget that it will take a huge amount of effort to reverse the momentum that Ridgewood has built up over the years and there are still many, many parents who are supplementing their children’s education. There are also all of the positive soft components (such as the importance that Ridgewood parents place on education) which create a community conducive to education. Unfortunately, some of these soft components are offset by a decline in participation in education by parents who are either less discriminating in their children’s specific educational needs or who place too much trust in the BOE.

    That said, I agree with you and find many actions by the BOE maddening, frustrating, remarkable (in their apparent counter-productivity) and yes, even a bit sad. I also agree with your assessment that our aspirations of having our children attend Harvard and Yale et el are made more difficult when our BOE is more comfortable seeking guidance from 3rd rate institutions like Montclair State.

    Fall from grace? Perhaps a little, but we have not fallen so far (yet) that we cannot recover with relative ease, IF the proper steps are taken.

    The challenge is to find an approach that will enlighten and reengage all Ridgewood parents and together lead Ridgewood to the status of “unequivocal academic powerhouse” and either drag the BOE with us or replace them with members who hold this same goal dear.

    And to those who will say that we already have a BOE that is committed to leading Ridgewood into becoming an unequivocal academic powerhouse, I ask you to look back to the original post of this thread and honestly ask yourselves:

    How can a BOE who rejects participation from a member of the President’s National Mathematics Advisory Panel (who has offered her services to the district pro bono btw) actually say that they are doing everything possible to make the Ridgewood School System the best in the world?

    It doesn’t add up.

  7. many have talked about it on this blog over and over how low can we go …we used to be roud of living here

  8. 6:52 PM,

    Will we see you at Monday’s 7pm BOE meeting?

    One would hope that you speak to this point as well. Every one who does so, strengthens the reform movement and the quest to improve the education provided our children.

  9. It sickens me to pay the taxes that I do (for the last 25 years)and have to send my children to private schools. I havent given up on Ridgewood, but I refuse to subject my children to an inferior educational environment. It starts with the BOE. We are still a democracy. Let’s exercise our franchise with a vengeance next time.

  10. Odds for the new math program in Ridgewood…

    3 to 2 odds we get Everyday Math

    2 to 1 is TERC

    100 to 1 on Saxon Math

    1000 to 1 is Singapore Math

    And even money is that prize new math product from Ms Botsford’s, ahem, employer, is enVision.

  11. enVision is another non-tested, new fangled, math program being championed by non other than Nancy Schultz, our paid math panel district expert who hails from Montclair State.

  12. Why even spend the money if they are going to pick Everyday Math or enVision?

  13. There you go. Regina the King and Dan the Man won’t give up on constructivist math, no matter how bad the experts tell us it is. They will always be able to find psuedo math experts to tell them that this new, newest reform is the best thing since wonder bread.

    We will get a worse situation than we have now. It could be as bad as EnVision Math, the crappy computer driven program that is being peddled by Nancy Schultz. This stuff is for morons and moronic teachers. It’s as bad as bad can be.

  14. I think it is frightening that most of my children’s friends have private tutors.

    If the education system is so good here in Ridgewood why is there such a need for private tutors?

    The Ridgewood school system should be SO GOOD that there is NO NEED for private tutors for the MAJORITY of students.

  15. The last two years of RHS grads did pretty well in college acceptances. The name still means something.

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