Nothing scares misbehaving policians more than the public space and the light of day

In Uncategorized on January 8, 2009 at 4:41 pm

After being elected and depending on the Ridgewood Chamber of commerce’s members for tax income, it’s only logical for Ten Hoeve and Zussy to play little dictators to the Chamber of Commerce: Take their money, and throw it in the garbage. Isn’t this what power means?

But if we’re to have an effective government and be pro-active, the Chamber of Commerce and whoever was against it should have said something when it happened.

I know, I know in this day and age, when budgets are slashed, and localities’ credit ratings are in play, the mayor and others have better things to do than worry about decorations, but the Chamber of Commerce should have said: ” If you’re going to decorate in this way, use your money, not ours. ” I’m sure that the merchants and other ChoC members have worked hard for that money? Don’t let yourself be bullied! Let the bullies know that you will not be intimidated, and you will call them on it publicly!

You’re not uncouth, unfair, etc. if you tell a politician that HE can’t make a mockery of YOUR hard-earned money (in general) or cherished tradition that have great meaning to all, in this particular case. And if you don’t see the charm of garbage-on-a-string, then you, the payer should get what YOU want.

Also, do it when it happens, not a month later: If you paid for a new car (and with $15,000 you can buy a new car) and they gave you a banged-up car full of garbage would you ever drive the thing off the lot and complain a month later? I don’t think so, so don’t do it again! They (despot-politicians) take this as a sign of weakness.

Nothing scares misbehaving policians more than the public space and the light of day, so call them on it, and if they don’t stop, SHOUT!

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  1. “play little dictators”

    First paragraph, and we already get the silly overheated rhetoric. Nice job!

  2. 12:12pm,

    Hey flack, we see you are once again policing the blog for the VC and BOE.

    The colorful language of the posters is what makes it interesting reading. Otherwise it would read like a law journal. How much fun would that be?

    I bet you hate reading the opinion pages of the NY Post but Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich are probably your heroes, right?

    Get a life Charlie and stop posting to the blog on government time.

  3. Take your prescription meds, 12:12 PM and calm down. It’s a blog. We need the entertainment. It’s not enough to entertain ourselves with the silly doings of our VC and BOE.

  4. just thhe BOE trying to silence disent…..

  5. Not too coherent. This person is mad as hell … about something.

  6. & the silly overheated rhetoric by the Defenders of Freedom continues…

  7. Everybody is worried about the xmas tree, meanwhile the chandelier in the court room falls off the cieling and nobody says boo. Thank god nobody was in there!

  8. 3:02,

    Some one has to defend our freedom. If we listened to you we’d be living under the jackboot.

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