Congratulations! John LiPuma Appointed As Police Chief

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009
By Evonne Coutros

RIDGEWOOD β€” After serving six months as acting police chief, John LiPuma has been named to the top post of the 43-member Police Department.

LiPuma, 48, a resident of Midland Park, will be sworn in as police chief at a Village Hall ceremony at 8 p.m., Jan. 14 and brings 23 years of experience to the job, Village Manager James Ten Hoeve said.

“I’m assessing the needs of the police department,” LiPuma said Tuesday, just days after the appointment became official.

LiPuma, a 1978 graduate of Ridgewood High School and a 1983 graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, will be paid $158,295, the same salary as William Corcoran, who retired from the post after 27 years.

One priority is to develop team goals and objectives which will be established with the involvement of the entire police management group, LiPuma and Ten Hoeve said.

Another is to improve the Ridgewood Police Department Web site to make public information readily available, LiPuma and Ten Hoeve said.
“John LiPuma has the respect of the entire Police Department and is a highly functioning team builder and a proactive proponent of working with the council and the public,” Ten Hoeve said.

  1. hey johnny boy – how’s about increasing productivity – time to stop the CBD officer from sitting in the car just watching the time pass – get them out on foot patrol – a great weight loss program – stop those cars from idling when the officers are at home having meal breaks to – what a waste of gas – need more tickets – glen rock does a much better job of traffic enforcement and nabbing those with warrants – get busy johnny boy

  2. & the complaining about the new chief begins already…

  3. 11:35 must have reading comprehension issues. 10:42 pointed out issues that the new chief should address. These are not complaints about the new chief.

  4. Nothing like starting off the comments with an A hole!!!

  5. The new chief will be terrific and we will all be better off having him in charge. Great letter in the paper from him recently.

  6. Foot patrol? There isn’t enough man power for foot patrol. When there are more than 4 patrolman working on a shif during the day, than maybe a guy could go on foot. Foot patrol is not important. Just ask the family on Sollas court sho had their front door kicked in last Friday while their daughter was home alone.

  7. “Foot patrol? There isn’t enough man power for foot patrol.”

    Sell Habernickel, don’t buy the Schedler property, and cut the BOE budget. Then hire more cops; this town deserves the best police protection!

  8. Nothing like starting off the comments with an A hole!!!

    Yeah, 10:42 better hope he doesn’t run into “johnny boy” when The Chief is having a bad day. πŸ˜‰

  9. He’s an excllent choice and an upstanding guy.

  10. hey john good luck,we all love you.

  11. john good luck to you from the dpw workers.

  12. Hey Chief
    Congratulations!!!!!!!! “Illigitmi non carborundum” latin for ” don’t let the bastards get you down”

    Ridgewood is finally getting a Chief that is respected by all.

    John you deserve all that you have given to the job, Don’t forget the Neibhorhood.
    Monte Carlo hubcaps forever!!!!!!

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