Panel suggests N.J. consider driving privileges for undocumented immigrants

In Uncategorized on January 5, 2009 at 3:00 pm


A panel advising Gov. Jon Corzine on immigrant issues is considering recommending the state allow undocumented immigrants “driver privilege cards” and in-state college tuition rates.

Two Hispanic leaders told the Record that the state’s public advocate, Ron Chen, told them the measures would be included in a panel’s report to Corzine.

But a spokeswoman for Chen told the newspaper that it hasn’t been decided what would be included in the report.

The “driver privilege cards” and in-state tuition would need legislative approval before becoming law. Groups that support tighter immigration control have said they’d oppose the measures.

Corzine assembled a panel on immigrant rights with the idea of passing comprehensive immigration reform.


  1. allow undocumented immigrants “driver privilege cards” and in-state college tuition rates.

    Excellent. This allows workers to drive to work and get better education — both will boost NJ’s economy.

  2. What about the drivers exams that we all take, and I live in NJ and my kids have a hard time getting into Jersey colleges. I’m not real happpy with this one!

  3. And with their new licenses they can get subsidized housing in Ridgewood.

  4. Did you vote for Corzine? Wait till Obama and Clinton get going….. God Bless America…. It is all over. Look at Liberal California…. and I am just not referring to the Hispanics…. Ever count how many other illegal groups are here. Sure many legals contribute; but how many take and take. So many so call one parent homes and everyone is entitled. The number one thing killing America today, ENTITLEMENT…..America the civilized country – to bad we do not take care of ourself. Illegals are not entitled to anything but a one way ticket out.

  5. Don’t you want your lawncare workers, roofers, house cleaners, etc, etc, etc, to be able to get to your house to work? And these employees pay taxes, too. So their children should be able to get a college education – and maybe not have to be a lawncare worker, roofer, or housecleaner when they grow up.

  6. I;m really happy for this. im a eighteen year old student and if this law passes through it will help me alot, my parents are moving back to brazil and i have no other family here so i would really need a drivers lincese in order to attend college and work. my parents and i are illegal immigrants but we;ve been here for about ten years now and we pay taxes, own a house, and are law abiding people. we just need a little more help from the goverment to just go about everyday things. i really hope this law gets passed and i pray everything that it will. Im glad we have barrack obama as our president and i hope he will help us in that department as well. just thought id share my thoughts:)

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