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Hi Everyone,

My name is Jim Arakelian of RE/MAX Real Estate Limited in Oradell and I am the listing broker of BLEND BAR.

I have been involved in several high profile liquor license / bar / restaurant transfers in North Jersey in the past few years.

As you might have read in Friday’s Ridgewood News, we are currently negotiating with several operators in the area, however, we are still interested in finding others that may be interested.

Please fell free to contact me directly if you know of someone that would be interested in re-opening one of Bergen County’s crown jewels of entertainment. My direct number is 201-599-1100 x304.

  1. Blend’s business model seemed to be pretty reliant on volume and repeat traffic. Steady volume during the week and repeat traffic and volume on weekends. Neither could be accommodated by the lack of parking available in town. Why would anyone invest without a concrete plan (from the Village) to eliminate the biggest obstacle to success?

  2. Other businesses have succeeded in town. Blend tried to cater to twenty-somethings. Turns out that twenty-somethings don’t party in downtown Ridgewood.

    They had some good bands but terrible advertising. I would have gone to some shows (Johnny Winter) if I had known that he was in town.

    At one show that I did go to the sweet young hostess marveled at the age of the audience. It was as if she were seeing the walking dead.

  3. 20 somethings? I think NOT! It seemed to cater to 40 somethings, especially single ones (where the divorced went to trawl for a catch)

  4. It was totally a 40 something age group. Nothing but washed up divorced women trying to hold on to whatever youth they think they might have. And guys who wear too much cologne along with the shirts that are two sizes smaller than what they need so their arms look bigger. That place sucked!!!

  5. 8:31 – you are exactly right!

  6. Blend saw itself as a trendy club for the young. Young people would not hang out in Ridgewood. It became the bar of choice for the divorced.

    It was a joke when you told someone that you went to Blend for a drink.

  7. I’m divorced and wouldn’t have been caught dead in Blend. I’m just not THAT desperate!

  8. Young??? It wasn’t called a “Cougar” bar because 25 year old women were naging out there.

  9. Backround – I am a happily married women who had a divorced friend visiting for a few days. My friend wanted to go out for drinks and I had no idea where older people in Ridgewood went so I asked around. Everyone told me “Blend” so off we went.

    Experience – The hour or so we spent there was certainly “insightful” and left me beyond relieved that I’m married. I was genuinely repulsed at the men that approached my friend and me . . . It wasn’t that they were generally unattractive but that they had absolutely nothing going for them. I mean, really, who still wears polyester shirts. And most of them were pushy; we only wanted to go out for a drink and chat with each other and we were treated like meat. It was like we were fly paper and these guys were the flys. I asked my friend if this was what she generally had to put up with on the dating scene and she said this was about the worst place she had ever been in (she’s not in the habit of going out to meet men, though). I would rate Blend as THE worst place I’ve been to in Ridgewood (and right up there at the top of my list of social life experiences).


  10. The Cougars are the “separated” and divorced men who drink (too much) there. I went to dinner there with my wife and saw men embarrass themselves over the younger women.

    These are men who I see in a different light at school and sports activities.

  11. 4:38

    Just for fun, consider that the term “Cougar” is defined for modern times in Wikipedia as:

    “…an older woman, usually in her 40s or older, who usually sexually pursues men in their 20s and 30s.[11] The term has been used in (American) TV series, advertising and film. The 2007 film Cougar Club was dedicated to the subject.”

    It’s tough to keep up, but stay happy and married and you won’t have to.

  12. 12;53 there was always plenty of parking for blend since it didnt get ‘going’ till well after 10pm when the patrons from the other places were going home and vacating parking spaces. Is it reasonable to expect taxpayers to waste millions on an unnecessary parking garage? If it were financiallly feasible bolger would have already built one. Blend was busy 3 nites a week. they need to be busy a few more nites and have a lunch crowd in order to crack the rent nut every month
    oh. and special note to 254..what did u expect in New JOISEY.. a yacht club crowd???? this is the state where tight jeans/chewing gum for the gurls and tite shirts, gold chains, and hair gel for the guys rule..im so sorry YOUZ didnt have a good time…

  13. 8:37am – In Ridgewood, I expected a better crowd. I’ve been in Ridgewood for 20 years and I haven’t seen much hair gel, tight shirts and gum snapping in that time. Guess I was wrong, huh??

  14. Words evolve over time. What do you think teens mean when they call something “sick”. Does “off the hook” still refer to your phone.

    I’m not surprised that you get your info from internet dictionaries. Those fat balding middle aged men were cougars.

  15. Ask the young women who worked at blend about all the middle aged “singles”.

  16. 1029,,the crowd @ blend was dependent upon out-of towners, hence the stereotypical ‘joizey’ types. made for good people watching. it was def not the bif and buffy crowd..but it was a nice change. their money is green and perhaps after being ‘introduced’ to the downtown in Ridgewood they would return to spend money @ other places..such as a store (IF the dumb a$$ shopkeepers had their doors open past 6!)

  17. 4:38/11:18 –

    Cougars refer to women you dope.

  18. Language evolves and grows, you haven’t. The “you dope” part of your comment puts your social age at about nine or ten.

  19. people focus on a few of the less savory types ( Cougars ) at Blend rather than the variety afforded to patrons. People could come there with friends to eat and drink and hang out. The rear area allowed more of a singles scene w dancing and live music. The downstairs had some great concerts for music fans. The outside tables provided a break from the inside noise. Too bad they couldn’t fill it more than 3 nights a week.

  20. I cannot believe all the negative comments I am reading here about Blend. When Blend closed, many people I know were extremely disappointed. It was one of the only local bars where you could find a mixed, often older crowd, and actually have a great time. I am 38 and live locally, and Blend was the perfect place for my age group. Obviously these negative comments are coming from a bunch of clueless kids in their 20’s, who are only interested in being around young men who want to pick fights and young women who can’t hold their liquor. Thankfully you didn’t like Blend…when it re-opens I will look forward to not seeing your annoying, immature, clueless self there.

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