$6M to help towns keep pedestrians safe

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
By Karen Rouse

Five Bergen County municipalities will get a share of $6 million in state grants to keep pedestrians safe as they walk to school or public transportation.

Governor Corzine and the state Department of Transportation on Monday announced $4 million in “Safe Routes to School” grants and $2 million in “Safe Streets to Transit” grants.

New Jersey’s Safe Routes to School Program supports projects that encourage safe walking and bicycling to school. It also promotes pedestrian safety awareness among motorists and schoolchildren and aims to reduce traffic jams and air pollution.

The 2008 Safe Routes to School initiative will support projects in 33 municipalities ranging from $8,000 to $300,000.

The North Jersey municipalities include:
* Demarest, $150,000
* Fort Lee, $184,000
* Hasbrouck Heights, $23,000
* Ridgewood, $42,000

The Safe Streets to Transit program helps counties and municipalities improve access to mass transit facilities, such as bus stops and train stations. Grants are going to 15 municipalities to install and upgrade sidewalks and pedestrian barriers, and improve lighting and drainage on roads.

In Bergen County, Edgewater was awarded a $70,000 Safe Streets to Transit grant.

“These programs are critical components of New Jersey’s five year pedestrian safety program,” Corzine said.

“Providing kids and commuters with safe facilities to walk and ride their bikes can encourage mass transit use, improve quality of life and prevent childhood obesity.”

  1. Do you really need 6 million dollars to teach people to LOOK for pedestrians waiting at cross walks?

  2. Well maybe it will help pay for a traffic light at Ridgewood ave & Oak Strret. It really needs one.
    Then the cops parked there can move to another intersection.

  3. If it takes 6M to save a single life it is worth it for that one person.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. 2:34 – The $6 million should be spent on basic courtesy training for drivers. It is a lost art in today’s world.

  5. Oh yeah.. a traffic light in the center of Ridgewood..that’s a brilliant solution. You must have put a lot of thought in that one. I guess the traffic in town isn’t bad enough..so now let’s put a traffic light there and make it wors!!! Way to go dumb ass!!!!!

  6. i have a better idea look both ways before you cross and drivers go the speed limit …its free its easy ans it works …..

  7. E.Ridgewood ave center of town is very busy going both ways. Maybe make it a One Way going uptown. For a densly traveled road with the parking on both sides, it is a narrow strip.

  8. I was taught as a young child to look both ways before crossing the street. I have personal experience that in Ridegwood people walk out into the road without looking in any direction.

  9. If you were taught as a young child to look both ways, then why do you personally walk into the road without looking? You should have listened when you were younger.

  10. Hi PJ, My wife reported that she saw another person hit today on Ridgewood Ave. Keep an eye on the news for more information. I hope the woman is OK.

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