Most Village Streets Are Ice & Snow Covered – Did Public Works Run Out of Rock Salt?

In Uncategorized on December 22, 2008 at 12:14 pm

Ridgewood Police, Fire, & EMS units encountered an excessive number of hazardous street conditions throughout the Village on Saturday and Sunday.

Primary arteries such as South Maple Avenue, Grove Street, South Broad Street, and North Monroe Street were affected along with almost every secondary street.

Although Ridgewood’s Public Works Department seemed to have difficulties managing the snow storm, Midland Avenue and Paramus Road in Paramus were both cleaned down to the pavement.

Taxpayers encountered similar performance problems last year with respect to snow removal and were told it would never happen again. So, what’s the excuse this year?

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  1. I went to Kings yesterday afternoon.
    You can see were Ridgewood ends and Midland Pk. starts. Midland’s streets are nearly clear of ice and snow and you can see the blacktop.

    I seems the road dept. is saving money again this year at the expence of our safety.

    Anyone been to Ho-Ho-Kus or Waldwick?

  2. My observations were similar near Glen Rock. I live very close and Glen Rock’s main streets were in a lot better shape.

  3. Ridgewood had the wirst roads compared to all other surrounding towns. I didn’t see any salt trucks all weekend. Very dangerous road conditions. Ridgewood gets a big “F” for snow removal form this storm. High taxes – poor services. Water quality has gone down the tubes, snow removal stinks, our beatiful annual Christmas tree is gone, but lets build a parking garage!

  4. The Village probably held back on its use of salt because of all the wild complaints around here about “runaway spending”.

    Once again, the chronic complainers have had a negative impact on quality of life here in the Village.

  5. 9:26 – You can not be serious…

  6. The roads were poorly plowed…end of story. This is not to complain, but I do think the town needs to investigate who they are contracting snow removal services out to. They need to be using heavy duty trucks that have the weight that can use a plow effectively and then salt the roads.

    Further, if anyone tried walking downtown, it was unfortunate that street corners were not properly shoveled out either. So on top of dodging cars, you had to climb over snow and ice.

  7. I live on Ellington Road..our road was plowed by a small pickup truck. The guy driving the truck didn’t seem to know how to operate the plow as his plow was folded over and was literally flat to the ground. Plows have a safety trip spring, but this driver was going so fast his plow was doing very little. I guess he was more interested in speed then doing his job. hence the lousy plowing job on our street…

  8. 9:26 must be the village manager making excuses for a job poorly done. What are we paying for? To have poorly plowed streets after snow storms?

    How dare we “complain?” Imagine that. The citizens want their village government to work well. How dare they? Off with their heads.

    9:26 where were you in 1789? Running the bloody show, I would guess.

  9. My street was plowed twice this weekend…..On friday night it was done by a village truck/employee and he did a great job, saw it with my own eyes….on Sunday I don’t know who did it….but they did a crappy job….perhaps a contractor….it is clear that the same person did not do friday and Sunday…..

  10. Moritz who is in charge of operations, Spano in charge of DPW have no clue about how and when to plow, or is all about money. And yes, it costs money to plow the Village streets, but it has to be done right for the safety of all. Back when Mr. Rohl and others were around, the job was done right and the streets were cleaned fast and efficiently. Mr. Ten Hoeve was CFO at that time and should still reconize what it takes to do the job. I hope the new Council is on this, or de we have to send pics to Rwd news to prove the point again as we did the past two years.

  11. > 9:26 where were you in 1789?

    Are you really comparing snow plowing to the French Revolution???

  12. 9:26,

    Do you work for the village or are you just one big arse kisser?

    Good grief, a few people express their dissatisfaction with the services they pay for and you call them complainers.

    You must either work for government, are in a union or both.

    How else does one explain your avid defense of poor performance and low expectations.

  13. > 9:26 where were you in 1789?

    Are you really comparing snow plowing to the French Revolution???

    Can't you read? I'm comparing you with Robespierre!

  14. >> 9:26 where were you in 1789?

    > Are you really comparing snow plowing to the French Revolution???

    This blog gets weirder every day.

    Besides, everyone knows that Ridgewood snow plowing is more like the Russian Revolution than the French Revolution.

  15. The roads are just horrible. I expected a little better conditions around Valley Hospital, but quite frankly, they were equally poorly cared for.

    I saw plows whizzing by. I wonder if they were hitting anything else besides pedestrians, because they sure weren’t, oh I dont’ know, plowing.

  16. It is absolutely unacceptable that the secondary streets and many of the main streets have not been salted!

  17. 9:26 –

    The Village probably held back on its use of salt because of all the wild complaints around here about “runaway spending”.

    Here, Fixed that fer ya…

    The Village probably held back on its use of salt because of all the wild complaints around here about “going green”.

  18. $300,000 for Toilets, not one cent for Snow Plowing!

  19. I’m asking Santa for a Snow Mobile for Christmas, so I can get around Ridgewood’s horrible SNOW PACKED and ICY streets.

  20. Actually…the Town Ran out of salt and borrowed I believe 100 tons from Paramus Boro.

  21. This is yet another example of why we need to clear out the entire layer of incompetents that run the Village. I sure as hell hope they are not getting year end bonuses or even a party. If the Manager and the other department heads can’t keep the roads, what do we need him and them for??

  22. Next storm travel on W. Ridgewood Ave. towards Midland Park and you can tell where it turns into Franklin Ave. in Midland Park because in Midland Park the road will be clear and you will riding on the pavement, in Ridgewood you will not. To save a few $$$ the Village is willing to risk injuries from preventable car accidents.

  23. Lived here for 16 years, never saw such a poor job of plowing/sanding/salting. Took forever to see/hear a plow and I think I only saw 1 or 2 the whole time. I didnt see one sander/salter. It is so sad how this town has fallen.

  24. The RW roads are horrendous…what would happen if we got hit with a 20″ storm…?

    The tardy pctg at the HS for the first class exceeded 70%…..!

  25. I live in town and i see no salt trucks geting very old and not many workers like we had years a go.very bad we need to replace trucks and get help for all the depts.they can not do more with less no it cant be done..tha main roads look good.

  26. to 756 you are full of shit i live in in midlandpark on a side road it it is in bad shape.what are you smokeing.snow,yea ok.

  27. to all, all towns around ridgewood have bad side roads i live in glenrock and work in hohokusand i seen the same so back off.


  29. I recently moved from a nearby town. I actually made several trips tot hat town over the past few days, and it was clear that Ridgewood roads were in the worst condition of every one that I passed through, with Washington Twp. coming in a close second. I drove through a stretch of Saddle River and Hohokus (heading towards Ridgewood), and the road was spotless. As soon as I hit Ridgewood, the black road turned white.

    I have had to cut through Ridgewood for work for years. Going back 15 years, the roads here have always been a few steps below neighboring towns.

  30. Wake up folks…it’s all about the overtime….!

    Wait ’til you see the job these guys do on a Sunday storm … !


  31. I suppose if I was a plow driver who worked in a town that was one mile by one mile such as midland park and hoho kus…I could have the roads pretty spotless also.


  33. SOME OF YOU PEOPLE NEED TO OPEN YOUR EYES AND TURN YOUR HEAD AND LOOK AT SIDE ROADS IN ALL TOWNS.WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKIND AT.I just went for a ride to hohokus glenrock midlandpark waldwick washington twp,hillsdale and west wood all the same thing.know on is talking about rt 17.that was the worst in all the other nite.wake up.and look around.

  34. to 756 come on over and look at my town westwood the same thing jackass, i think you need your eyes looked at.have a nother for me too.

  35. a they say we have no money how can we buy salt.

  36. what look on dearfield in upper saddle river yea hello its a ice road,what are you looking at.

  37. For a small storm they did a terrible job. It looks like anyone with a pickup truck is allowed to plow. What are the guidelines for these contractors? These snowplow jockeys need to go.

    A little salt early in the storm would have done wonders.

  38. Anonymous said…
    Actually…the Town Ran out of salt and borrowed I believe 100 tons from Paramus Boro.

    Did I miss something or wasn’t this the first major storm we’ve had this year? What were they doing with it that it ran out? Snorting it?

    I agree with 6:09, I’ve lived here about 13 of those 16 years and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the roads this poorly cared for.

  39. fa la la la la la… la la.. la… la!

  40. How could they run out? They never salted.

  41. I have lived here almost fifty years and don’t remember either the roads or the town being in such poor shape. What the hell is going on? If our quality of life is being thrown away for the sake of housing projects, multi-level garages, more city hall managers and other such projects, can I get a refund for half a century of taxes?

  42. Why are all these people from out of town writing in Ridgewood Blog?

    I think that they are NOT from out of town, they say that just to cover their identity.
    Matter of fact it’s the same person claiming to be all the out of towners, Nice try JERK. You need to change your style of writing too.
    Merry Christmas.

  43. at a function on saturday night everyone who was there from out of town walked in to the house and said, “doesn’t Ridgewood plow?!” and, “you can tell when we got into Ridgewood. The streets are covered in snow!”

    municipal services have been on the decline for years. it’s horrible!

  44. 8:00 AM
    Didn’t they dirt roads then?

    Just kidding.
    You’re right, What’s the saying at the Boston Tea Party?
    No taxes with out services. Or something like that.
    How can they raise taxes and lower services?

  45. I was out doing some errands at Kings…back roads behind the HS are still horrible. This is 4 full days after a 6″ storm…!

    Forget the salt…take the sand from Graydon and throw it on the secondary roads.

    No one is going to swim at Graydon next year anyway.

  46. Anonymous said…
    I was out doing some errands at Kings…back roads behind the HS are still horrible. This is 4 full days after a 6″ storm…!

    Forget the salt…take the sand from Graydon and throw it on the secondary roads.

    No one is going to swim at Graydon next year anyway.

    10:23 AM

    What about Meadowbrook and North Van Dien? These are all secondary roads that lead to the hospital and schools. You would think that at least these would be a priority.

  47. What happened to our roads!
    There use to be great pride in how our roads were maintained in all the 30 years that my family and I have lived in Ridgewood…..
    Someone has to pay attention…..budget properly and don’t cut jobs because you cannot maitain a budget……Work on it!

  48. There use to be great pride in how our roads were maintained

    Here we go again. Back to reminiscing about the “good old days” in Rdigewood — where all the women were strong, all the men were good-looking, and all the children were above average.

  49. The town said it ran out of salt because they were working on the salt shed [in december?].Thats why it was’nt ordered.

  50. Mr.Rohl? All he did was play golf at Tuxedo Park,or sit home all day,while on the clock and using a town vehicle.

  51. I guess we’re gonna wait for Friday…that’s when the temps will hit 40 degrees.

    What a strategy.

  52. I saw the salt truck go down my street twice. Only problem, it wasnt spreading much if any. So whether the trucks are out there doing some random cleanups of the snow the dumb-a$$ homeowners thro in the street or just riding around…the salt IS NOT being applied to MY road..or at least not sufficient amounts. It should be salted until the pavement is visible. If you run out of salt, you purchase more. I dont want to hear any BS about ‘budgets’..i am sure they ‘budgeted for a regular snowfall last winter and we hardly got any…so all that money budgeted for Salt and Overtime pay should be spent this year..like NOW

  53. How come I would get a ticket if I don’t properly shovel my sidewalk for pedestrians but the town doesn’t have to properly plow and salt for drivers? Can I make a citizens arrest of the entire Village Council or should I just complain to the police so that they get tickets? After all, that’s what my neighbors would do if I didn’t clear my sidewalk…right?

  54. i wonder how many car accidents there has been in ridgewood since the storm. maybe the village should pay the car insurance deductibles until the streets are properly cleared.

  55. all towns had the same problem with the storm,it did get cold real fast.I am in glen rock on a side road and it just got clean,ed to day,take it slow and it all will be gone real soon.

  56. snow will melt.ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  57. Maybe the town SHOULD ticketed homeowners that do not clean the corners for pedestrian crossing , school kids are at high risk here.

  58. I have one question and one question only. What are all you dumb asses doing out when the roads are snow covered?

  59. My street is a main road and I have to disagree with the comments that plows were not out on the main roads. They were, however even after the snow stopped thw town was still trying to plow packed snow/ice. All the trucks I saw coming by did not contain salt. You really can’t plow roads with less than 2 inches, but Ridgewood was trying without any results. If anyone drove on Monroe towards Waldwick would know when they crossed the boarder…once the road was cleared.

    If the whole issue of “ran out of salt” is true, someone should be accountable for that. December is known to have snowy days, why would we build a salt shed during the beginning of winter if it would result in a lower salt stock pile?

    I also agree with a comment that landscaping companies or residents should not be allowed to blow/plow snow into the road, especially when the town has done their plowing routines.

  60. I had to be out and about and Westwood was the same as Ridgewood and I did notice the reluctance to use salt for some reason ? Going green or just trying to save money I am not sure but it seems stupid and dangerous and in the era of $300000 bathrooms I am not buying the cost saving stuff! It iced up fast and if you didnt plow rith away it looks like it was a big mess every where …

  61. Sand is environmentally friendly, cheap and readily availble and it provides good traction. What is the problem with using that?

  62. Oh My Gosh!
    It’s 9:30 AM on 12/24 and a plow just came down my street (Maxwell), trying to “plow” the sheet of ice that the street has become!!!!

  63. Another Vision of the DPW manager,
    ” put the trucks on the street and the people will think you’re salting.”

  64. You would never get the cops to turn on their fellow village workers but it would be interesting to get the number of reported accidents (and hit pedestrians) since Friday’s storm.

    Is 20 a reasonable guess….?

  65. i read all the comments in this section. the truth is ridgewood does not replace workers. they give supervisors more and more work load mr. spano was in charge of the sanitation dept a few years back. now he runs streets- parks and sanitation.he did a great job turning sanitation around but is not qualified to manage these other depts. its the same old story the management in the village gives supervisors more workload but does not replace foreman or superintendents to assure things get done properly.certain supers are forced to wear to many different hats. the mayor and council need to look at this problem or services in the village will never be the same. the manager says he needs an assistant yet forces all other supervisors to do two and three peoples work. practice what you preach. merry x-mas.

  66. “Maybe the town SHOULD ticketed homeowners that do not clean the corners for pedestrian crossing , school kids are at high risk here.”

    Maybe the lazy plow operators should not pile snow on the corners. It is easy for the plow to slam a mountain of snow on the corner. I don’t mind shoveling the snow, but I should not need to dig out from the plow drivers. There are other ways that they could handle it. They are lazy and not too imaginative.

    If I fell at a corner I would sue the town for creating a hazard.

  67. How does a storm “catch you by surprise” in December?

  68. 3:15 Cheistmas Eve and they are plowing my street. Merry OT!!

    Where were they Friday – Tuesday?

  69. Anybody remember Mayor Lindsey in NYC? the voters THREW HIM OUT after a LOUSY plowing job one year..perhaps we can do the same for OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS???? If they read the blog, the better get a trainload of salt on hand for the rest of the winter. and pay the OT necessary..or hire competent subcontractors to get the streets safe. and as a prior poster noted..its the homeowner’s responsibility to clean the SIDEWALK. its up to the TOWN to clear that portion of the street and not expect a homeowner to dig thru a 5 ft pile against a sidewalk. obviously the streets are a priority…but why not have employees in pickup trucks makin sure there is an area from street to curb for pedestrians to pass

  70. even today ridgdwoods LOUSY snow removal made it into the ‘letters to the editor ‘ in the record from an OUT-OF-TOWNER..maybe PJ can post it. Its right on target..for the money we spend on taxes here we are getting RIPPED OFF

  71. “its the homeowner’s responsibility to clean the SIDEWALK. its up to the TOWN to clear that portion of the street and not expect a homeowner to dig thru a 5 ft pile against a sidewalk”

    You mean that I don’t have to cut through the mountain??

  72. you are correct 625. i was out for a walk yesterday and noticed that @ a corner there wasa HUGE pile that was shaped by a PLOW RIGHT up against the corner..obviously by the town plow. dont you think these guys could at least THINK and push it a few feet away from the corner so a homeowner wouldnt be expected to do double duty? not a chance..they are not paid to THINK. What would I do? I would call the village managers office..state..’i cleaned my sidewalk per the snow removal ordinance but the dope driving the plow created a mountain in the street adjecent to my cleaned sidewalk. please send a crew to remove it’.

  73. every one stop your crying its all gone.well.yea. ok more snow is comeing you people need to stay home when it snows,half of you cant even drive in it.now that is so true.

  74. I think my plow driver did an excellent Job. By the way, he’s so cute!

    I think we all should start crying about something else now!!!!

    Maybe the temp., maybe the Giants.

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