Village Council Officially Endorses Construction of 80-88 Unit Housing Complex on South Broad Street

In Uncategorized on December 20, 2008 at 3:35 am

It’s official folks – by a 4-1 roll call vote (Deputy Mayor Keith D. Killion cast the lone “no” vote) taken during a sparsely attended Special Public Meeting, Village Council members endorsed the construction of a 80-88 unit housing complex on South Broad Street.

The complex will contain an as yet to be determined number of affordable housing units, which would serve to satisfy the Village’s entire outstanding COAH obligation. The proposed structure(s) could also contain up to 30,000 square feet of rentable commercial space. No on-site parking garage is envisioned at this time.

The South Broad Street location was formerly occupied by Brogan Cadillac and is currently owned by the Cancelmo family of Spring Avenue in the Village. It is expected that the Cancelmos would retain ownership of the land underneath any multi-use complex built there, and take an active role in the development process.

The address in question is located within the Orchard School district. It is rumored that Orchard School is either at or approaching maximum capacity. It is not known whether Village Council members consulted the BOE prior to endorsing the proposed housing plan.

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  1. Keith, kudos to you for not buying into the social engineering of the Corzine nanny state?

    We knew that the two Democrats, Zusy and Aronshon, would vote for this liberal nonsense. How fitting that our two RINOs made the difference in its passage.

    Mancuso and Pfund, the Republican party ought to yank your registrations and denounce any affiliation between itself and you.
    One must ask, why you two pretend to be Republicans. If you are always going to act like liberal Democrats, why not just join their party? The Republicans in NJ are wimpy enough, we don’t need you to help us be wimpier.

    By your actions, the me-too I want to be liked, Democrat-lite posturing, you have all but guaranteed that this village will be run by liberals after the next election. After all, you have given Republicans no reason to vote for you and when faced with a Democrat challenger, well funded by the Bergen County Democrat Party machine, the mushy middle and their friends on the left will vote for the real thing.

    You two fools have given our village away to the left. Merry Christmas.

  2. It is amazing to me the way the VC complains about the BOE and their run-away spending and then turns around and forces it to accommodate, perhaps 100 or more, new students at the smallest of our buildings, Orchard. Did the VC ask the BOE how they would manage to absorb these students? Is the Corzine administration going to pony up the funds to build the additional classrooms at Orchard? Both these entities, the VC and BOE, act as though they have no effect on the other. In the mean time, the tax payers get hosed with inefficiencies and poorly thought out expenditures. The days when Ridgewood could afford this kind of bloated, endlessly funded government have passed. The taxpayers are stretched to limit.

  3. That makes sense… close to downtown and probably will have senior citizen tenants…with few if any children…

    Good location …

  4. Brilliant – bring in 100-300 new residents but don’t give them anywhere to park.

  5. If it were for seniors, that would be great. But what guarantee do we have that this will be the case.

  6. There may be a lot of senior citizens among them, but rest assured that a lot of them will claim to have their grandchildren living with them so that they can attend school.

  7. All of COAH can’t be met with Senior housing. There is a limit.

  8. I think it’s time we redistrict. GW is overcrowded and all the west side elementary schools are at or near capacity. The east side of the tracks should go to east side schools.

  9. I believe Somerville is above capacity right now and think the east side schools are pretty well packed. Opening up Glen would be expensive in terms of upgrades and loss of rental income. Might require busing of students west of Rte 17.

    “The east side of the tracks should go to the east side schools”… I’m not even going to touch this statement. It wreaks.

  10. Somerville School is full and our kids are going to Orchard even though we are 2 blocks from Somerville . So much for buying a house near the school you grew up and went to-

  11. 8:47, you’re right! They always did! Until (supposedly) some mayor who lived on Walnut Street, wanted his child to go to Ridge so he re-districted the schools to suit his wishes. People on Brookmere, within walking distance of Travell, are BUSSED up to Ridge. The train tracks were the dividing line between “east” and “west”.

  12. This is insane, the council in this town are spineless – they should of said no we are not going to ruin our town.

  13. They are all in cahoots (s/p?) This is just a way to build a new school down the road.. Don’t you see it? Everything happens for a reason.. and it usually involves the blob somehow or someway.

  14. Am I missing something or isn’t this something that had to be addressed by the Village in regards to the State mandated deadline of December 31st or we would be subject to penalties and lawsuits? My guess is the entire thing gets thrown out at the state level within the next year or two by an appeals court. Corzine is slowly making McGreevey look competent.

  15. what is the process to get a senior into this facility? My mom is recently widowed and it would be great if she was next door?

  16. Great use for the East side site. Just don’t locate it on the West side.

  17. The Village Council will forever change the aesthetics of the Village of Ridgewood. Within the past year the following decisions have been made and approved by VC:

    Change in the Zoning Laws to increase the heights of buildings to accomodate “McMansions” (Spring 2008)Just look around the town and see all of the oversize houses including the one across from Willard School.

    Allowing several variance in order to construction a storage facility within the Village (Spring 2008)

    Plans to construct a garage, housing units and retail facility during the worst economic crisis to hit USA since World War II.

    Plans to construct an 80 unit housing facility on leased property on South Broad Street.

    Purchase of the Habernickal farm for $7million and failing to convert the property into something useful to the Village

    Proposed change to the Village Master Plan in order to accomodate the over height construction at Valley Hospital

    The Village of Ridgewood has a terribly tract record in constructing building within a budget and with a building and engineering department who are not up to the task. The Village Hall cost overruns to construct an excessive structure were in the range of 7 million dollars.

    It’s time to vote out the remaining Board Members who have allowed this to occur. They are David Pfund and Pat Mancuso.

    All of this activity has the Village Manager saying he is not up to the job and needs to have an assistant in order to get the work done.

    Maybe we need to get rid of the Village Manager and hire one who can oversee the Village affairs in a competent manner. We need to have the street plowed, the roads paved, the current zoning laws enforced.

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