The problem is…how does one encourage the older ones to retire?

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It is not like corporate America, where you can offer them money. There is no extra money.I am still struggling with the idea of our class sizes going up after most of us in the village just saw a tax HIKE!!! It is ludicrous. Not to mention, as a non-tenured teacher myself in the district (a specialist) of course I am sick over the possibility of losing the job that I love. Will my program be cut? Am I safe due to the specialized nature of my job? You know, they can get rid of tenured teachers as well, if the positions are eliminated.This is why I laugh when people claim that tenure gives you job security. It simply does not mean that you cannot be let go.Boy, that announcement just really ruined my Christmas.

Paradysz Matera

  1. Hey, you guys are wrong on the older teacher thing, they are the only teachers who really remember how to teach math, grammar and phonics.

    The young teachers aren’t learning that now in the schools of ed.

    Don’t trust any teachers under 40!!!

  2. Oh boy…. another non-teacher telling me how to do my job

  3. Yes! I went to RHS, and one of the “older” teachers, Ms. Crivelli, got Teacher of the Year award from Princeton University, which is given yearly to 1 teacher.

    She taught Humanities, and I didn’t see a ourse like hers neither in college nor in grad school.
    IMHO the older teachers, when not burned out, have seen everything, and dumbfounded by having to take any approach to teach a student anything. It’s
    180days x 7hrs/day x 25 students x 20+ years that makes the difference.

  4. The only ones that get the golden parachutes are the superintendants. Isnt something wrong with this picture?

  5. Tenure makes it almost impossible to get rid of a bad teacher – young or old.

  6. I just want the bad ones to retire. Age (experience) has nothing to do with it.

  7. I teach at the middle school level and 2 of my classes have 24-26 students. My others have about 18-20. I have had one as large as 31 and I know of a music class with 44.

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