the more people complain about the lousy drivers the better

In Uncategorized on December 20, 2008 at 6:30 pm

It is definitely the driver’s fault. That is a busy area where the kid was hit yesterday and cars should be travelling very slowly and drivers should be watching closely. And yes, the more people complain about the lousy drivers the better. Maybe all the complaining will make some people slow down when driving where pedestrian traffic is likely. INCLUDING THE MINISTER WHO ANNOUNCED THAT SHE WAS GOING TO CONTEST THE CHARGE THAT SHE HIT A CHILD IN A STROLLER IN A CROSSWALK. You should hear the scuttlebut about her at her church and and our church which is next door. People like her who blame the victim are part of the problem. A big part of the problem.


  1. I used to live in Pennington, NJ, a town 7mi from Princeton. Everyone knew Pennington in the area. If you drove 1 mi over the speed limit (25mi) you got stopped, and got a ticket. It was the kind of town where there were no fences, kids played on the front lawn an the driveway, and where drivers respected the pedestrian crossings. Maybe Ridgewood should have a zero tolerance policy, and really get people who speed. don’t get me wrong, I’m not a saint, and I drive as fast as I can as lon as I know that I don’t get in trouble,but if I had to, I follwed the rules: in my 7 years in Pennington, I never got a ticket. In this day and age, it’s unforgivable for people to drive too fast in such a congested town. We could see this as a form of revenue as well.

  2. The only reason for having ‘Crosswalks’ in Ridgewood is to help the EMS find you when you have been hit by the amazingly arrogant, incompetent, big car small ….. drivers! found round here.

  3. Where was the parent of this kid? It seems like the parent isn’t responsible for watching his/her child. Or is it just mentioning the words child or children makes someone else responsible for your kid(s).

  4. I think a more even handed approach is called for. Too much in any one direction will backfire on us. As a citizen I also am very sceptical of any situation where government looks at law enforcement and the courts as a source of revenue.

  5. “Where was the parent of this kid? It seems like the parent isn’t responsible for watching his/her child.”

    Do you work for the BOE?

    The law says you must be able to stop your car, whether a parent is there or not.

    Unbelievable that you would comment about the parents when a kid has been hit.

  6. Yes. It is the driver’s fault, but when a pedestrian and a car collide, the car always wins.

    So unless you like being “right” and dead, you better take responsibilty for your own safety or risk being removed from the gene pool.

  7. I really think we have lousy pedestrians in this town. If you can’t cross the street without getting hit by a car, stay out of the street!

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